No Fluff, Fillers or Veneer!

Veneer vs. Real Wood Originally, this article released on God’s Pen Pals. However, I’ve just encountered another situation at work with another set of veneer cabinets. Then, I discovered this 100+ year old table in my grandparents’ home and refinished it. It’s the real deal! Wood–beauty and strength–all the way Continue Reading

Be Trusted. Be Royal.

Trusted. Royal. Princess dresses. Tiaras. Light sabers. Cool armor. Little girls and boys have dreamed of being the princess, or showcasing save-the-day strength like Jedi knights, for generations. To be born into a fairy-tale style story sounds so wonderful. Or to be recognized that we were supposed to be in Continue Reading

Be a Friend of God

Presentation vs. Perspective We have had a pretty challenging last couple years. It doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult, living in the United States, loving God, trying to do the right thing. Yet, when I don’t look at the “presentation” of others–in person or through media–and I do Continue Reading

Whatever is Praiseworthy

Bee Sweet Unlike babies, community bees, immediately start work upon birth. They are born with knowledge of how to build. Amazing! And they immediately start production, working together in harmony, to build a structure that will house their labor of love–sweet honey. Together, they build hives formed in a most Continue Reading

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