Difference between Spirit and Soul Development

Scientific studies have shown that it is impossible for the organic brain to think or remember until six weeks after birth.  Myelination of the nerve sheaths is the technical term for the process in which the organic brain is systematically matured through the insulation of the nerves in the brain.  Continue Reading

Power of Blessing with Spirit Ministry to Children in Public School

An intensely artistic person with a gift for taking physical objects and designing a spiritual flow using color, pattern, texture, lighting and space, Linda creates an experience in her public school classroom.  Linda employs all her passion and creativity to accomplish the goal of championing children.  She views herself as Continue Reading

Let’s Wade In

About Let’s Wade In Hope Streams, a family business, has a mission to connect the generations to the Father and to each other. So that we can: Start well. Live well. Recover well. Build well. Finish well. To that end for children, tweens and teens, we’ve launched the first phase Continue Reading

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