Pulse Time – Creative Flow (Part 2)

Most jobs are linear.  School is linear with cyclical interactions.  Some jobs, like filming a movie, are pulse.  While each parent and child has a way God wired him or her to respond to time, each of us must interact in all the different modes of time.  It is helpful Continue Reading

Pulse Time – Creative Flow (Part 1)

Observations have shown that God imprinted different time responses which reflect His nature in the human spirit. They are: linear, cyclical and pulse. Great creative geniuses throughout history most often functioned in relation to time as pulse. Everyone has creativity; everyone has a time when they go into “pulse.” But Continue Reading

Untying the Knot of Sound Frustration

Jack and Jody* had a first-born son with a sound calling who approached life with intensity.  In addition, he had the intercessory calling of burden bearing.  (The birth order of first born and only child will intensify just about everything!)  They tried to keep little Billy at peace, but their Continue Reading

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