Untying the Knot of Sound Frustration

Jack and Jody* had a first-born son with a sound calling who approached life with intensity.  In addition, he had the intercessory calling of burden bearing.  (The birth order of first born and only child will intensify just about everything!)  They tried to keep little Billy at peace, but their best efforts seemed to fail when their second-born child consumed the remainder of their time and energy.  Billy was frequently distressed as intense sound, and keen perception of burdens agitated him, which, in turn, distressed his stressed parents.

Often, Jack and Jody told Billy stories of his infancy and young childhood, as he enjoyed them.  Invariably, these stories included mention of his intensive wiggles and loud noises.  While they did not intentionally do so, they were communicating their frustration to Billy.


When they learned that Billy had a sound and motion calling from God by design, Jack and Jody changed their approach.  In fact, the couple apologized to Billy for inadvertently speaking against the sound and motion design God had placed inside him.  Then, Jack and Jody verbally recognized, acknowledged, dedicated, blessed and released Billy’s sound and motion callings.  They were surprised to see tears glitter in his eyes.  At that moment, they understood that their ignorance and frustration had been communicated to Billy and further affected his behavior.  Since that time of blessing Billy’s God-given design, the whole family’s frustration level has subsided.  In addition, when they ask Billy to “tone it down” because “our ears are sensitive like yours,” he responds and calmly adjusts his decibel level.  This contrasts with his former habit of screaming in frustration or escalating in anger.

(excerpt from “Spirit Components–Keys to Healing and Blessing” from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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