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I don’t have a green thumb. I did once. . .but that was a painting accident and a different story (big smile). Over the years, I have attempted planting trees, flower beds and a few gardens–with some success.  My grandmother, … Continue reading

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Super Model

It seems like all the rules for what matters, and what makes one acceptable, change in the teen years. Beautiful hand-drawn artwork is exchanged for beauty derived from makeup and magazines. The fast and strong boys vie for top position … Continue reading

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Be Trusted. Be Royal.

Trusted. Royal. Princess dresses. Tiaras. Light sabers. Cool armor. Little girls and boys have dreamed of being the princess, or showcasing save-the-day strength like Jedi knights, for generations. To be born into a fairy-tale style story sounds so wonderful. Or … Continue reading

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Be a Friend of God

Presentation vs. Perspective We have had a pretty challenging last couple years. It doesn’t seem like it should be so difficult, living in the United States, loving God, trying to do the right thing. Yet, when I don’t look at … Continue reading

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