Hope’s Arrival!

Hope newsletter

It started with great joy and anticipation.

As this pregnancy progressed, I experienced a continuous assault emotionally and physically that spiked from the chronic pain with which I’d been living. Pain was constant.

Anyone who has experienced a chronic condition understands the hopelessness that comes as a result.

When my beloved baby arrived, I was almost shocked because the chronic pain obscured my view of the pregnancy.  

Babies are Father’s little love bombs in disguise! Their arrival brings so much healing, life and love to the parents and grandparents. That’s His plan, and it’s life-changing when Father’s design is received and welcomed.

This baby carried hope—which was why mine was assaulted during the pregnancy.

I have to add here that physical and spiritual pregnancies are highly contested. Warfare comes with them. In order to reduce as much of that as possible for the health of the mother and baby, do not speak about them, or limit details, except to those who can be trusted. You are literally birthing Heaven on earth, and that’s an act of war to Father’s ancient enemy. Shield, defend and nurture your precious gift from Heaven. Hint: Do not share on social media and many group situations (or extremely limit and handle with much prayer). Pray over when/where/who you share with. Trusted = extremely few.

If you realize this, but others around you don’t, then entrust the pregnancy to the Lord Jesus Christ, and agree with Him for His words alone to stand over this baby/promise. Pray daily for His strength and shield on the mother/baby, person/promise. Daily apply the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over the pregnancy. You and He are a winning majority.

Father sent restoration of hope to me with the advent of my baby. It began with his arrival, and grew exponentially, changing my life.

Hope’s arrival is always contested and warred against, Beloved.

On another plane, the challenges of the year 2020 have caused enough pain to obscure the view of hope which is being birthed on earth in a variety of ways. In fact, one of the toughest battles is for hope. Because, Beloved, hope changes everything.

Darkness always comes before dawn, and attempts to obscure hope. There will always, always be hope because it is eternal, 1 Corinthians 13:13. When events and circumstances scream darkness and pain, the point is to steal your hope. By the grace of God, I decree it will not happen! Your hope is secure. Your hope is arriving!

If you are expecting a baby right now, you are birthing great hope.
If you are expecting a promise from Father right now, a spiritual birth, you are birthing a great hope.

My prayer for you

Father, thank You for hope’s arrival! Father, for every person who is expecting a physical baby or spiritual one, please shield, defend and nurture them on every level—spirit, soul and body. Secure their hope by Your intervention and grace, Father. Let Your light shine in through every level of pain, surgically removing it, washing those places with Your blood, and filling them with Your Holy Spirit, and light the fires of joy and anticipation. Nourish their life with Your rivers of water of life. Strengthen, fortify, nourish and satisfy their souls. Send warring angels to fight on their behalf, and ministering angels to minister to and for them. Give them strength and grace for healthy labor and delivery in Your Presence. Seal the pregnancies and births with Your Holy Spirit, and rearguard them with Your glory. Do more than I can ask, think or imagine, as You safeguard these precious arrivals of hope from Heaven on earth in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.


Hope Streams’ publishes a weekly newsletter which is more frequent than this blog! I have released several hope blessings there (and will do so again) as well as through Hope Streams’ podcast. We’d love to have you, click here!

Crystal Wade, copyright 2020

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How do I pray for my child who’s experiencing a generational pattern that I’ve been delivered from?

Question:  How would you begin praying for one of your children whom you see being affected by something like generational anguish, sorry, angst, and suffering? I’m asking as I was delivered from this generational pattern but see it still operating in the life of my child.

Answer:  First, well done on overcoming a generational pattern and then recognizing it in your child! All of us are affected by generational patterns (together with traumas and iniquities), but by and large, most don’t recognize and continue to stay in it.

The great news is that because you’ve overcome this “mountain,” it will be more like “hiking” to bring your children out of this old place and into His new place. It is much easier!

Prayer Guide

Go to Father in a focused time of prayer. (He will show you different aspects to address as you make time to meet Him.)

Confess your family’s sins in these matters, and those committed from these traumas. (The reason you want to pray for your whole family (spouse and all your children) is because generational patterns are family viruses. Everyone is “infected” to some degree though they may not present “symptoms” as this one child.)

Ask the Father to wash those places to the core to Adam with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, sprinkle His blood on their conscience, wash them with His water, pour His healing oil into the wounds, fill them with His Holy Spirit, and rebuild them.

Ask that what you prayed through, worked through, overcame to be instated on their behalf.

Decree that their sins are forgiven, their debts are released.

Ask the Father to seal all this by the power of His Holy Spirit and rearguard it with His glory, and shield them while they heal, releasing as many angels as it takes to war for and minister to them.


After you’ve worked through this on the spiritual level for your family, using the above as a prayer guide, there will be a release. You will feel a load lifted from your spirit and also in your family’s atmosphere. Yay!

Then, comes the time of your partnership with the Holy Spirit in the rebuild process. Patterns, especially generational ones, are deeply ingrained in the brain and behavior process. You will notice good forward motion after the intercession work, but there will still be a time of keeping your antennae up for those brain and behavior responses in your child which need to be adjusted and re-aligned that you’ll recognize, having climbed that mountain and overcome it yourself.

Apply love and truth in various ways.

1.Defensive application. When your child “flares” up, decree quietly (or in other room), “Your sins are forgiven and your debts are released.” Bless him/her as you call him/her into alignment with Father’s purposes. As he/she calms, take that opportunity to move to reconciliation. That’s your “moment” to show mercy, which is love, and speak whatever Holy Spirit gives you, which is truth. That “moment” of recovery is rebuilding—those brain and behavior responses are being adjusted and re-aligned by your spirit-first response.

2.Offensive application. Pray and dedicate your plan of a special time with your child to the Father, asking for extra grace, time, energy and a holy communication between you two. Do something kind with time that speaks your child’s language. A drive, a walk, a coffee date, something and someplace with just you two. Pour out the love and goodness on this child. As you sense the openness and timing of Holy Spirit, ask if your child feels this way or that way (you’ll know what to ask)? Share your understanding of that particular trouble, and about the “mountain” you climbed and overcame with respect to age-appropriateness. Let your child know you are praying for him/her, and this didn’t start with him/her, but he/she will overcome. Your child knows the burden and trouble this is, but it feels so personal that he/she has already made vows and judgments in these matters against him/herself. Sometimes, a huge forward motion comes in being heard, understood, and discovering that it was beyond them (as in, not originating in them, and thus so personal, because it already feels super personal). Always, you are on his/her side, even when one or both of you is tired and/or fussy!

Gold Medalist

Your child (family) is in a privileged position because you’re an overcomer and are using your Gold Medalist skills to assist their training. Everyone is called by Father to overcome specifics from their generations—and then to move into much more, including their own destiny and inheritance. He’s called us to be more than overcomers, Romans 8. This starts by overcoming specifics we’ve received from our generations. The younger the overcoming starts, the higher and faster our children go into their destiny! Your child is overcoming young, thanks to you, and will be rocketed forward, thanks to Father!


Daily Cleanser is a turbo-booster for individuals and families. Even children sin, and the sin junks up and starts patterns that become more difficult to break, or adjust, later. Playing the Daily Cleanser nightly, or weekly, for your family makes a huge difference. After listening nightly, children, teens and adults awaken refreshed. What seemed to be a mountain that couldn’t be overcome yesterday begins to shrink to the molehill it is today!

Crystal Wade, copyright 2020

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Kingdom Kids – The New Normal!

Children create headlines, leading adults in prayer and focus during this worldwide trial. They much more easily receive Father’s messages of hope!

This is a major part of the new normal.

Father’s new normal encompasses a return to His ways. We’ve entered the Kingdom Age, and this is the change that many prophetic voices have heralded, and the newness your spirit has sensed. (Note: Kat Kerr shared that we crossed into the Kingdom Age in 2012.)

Extreme good changes are in motion. The Kingdom Age is preparing the way for the culmination of time—and we will see organic life restoration and protection from harm as the Mountain of God rises to its position of imminence. There, “a little child will lead them,” both animals and people! (Isaiah 11:6).

Children (tweens and teens) easily receive what seems to be difficult for adults. This is a reality. Children have purity and clarity in their faith.  Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these,” (Matthew 19:14).

Children are leaders in the Kingdom.

It’s good and right for us to listen and take to heart the dreams, encouragements, words and visions that our children – and other children are voicing.

In the midst of this wonderful new normal, I’m sounding a clear call to protect them.

Father’s ancient enemy hates children because they are “seed,” and His seed crushed the serpent’s head. The serpent attempts to strike due to spite.

Protect Your Kingdom Kids

1.Take to heart what your child is voicing. Write it down privately and consider it, as Jesus’ mother did during his growing up years.

2.Pray and wait for confirmation, if you sense what your child voiced should be shared. Sharing on social media creates a set of challenges that have to be addressed with wisdom and strong boundaries.

3.Know this – in the case that Father confirms your child’s dream, etc. is to be shared, or if your tween or teen receives confirmation to “speak” publically – their voice is powerful.

4.Know also that the Father’s ancient enemy plans to stop them. When they step out, you’re now on the battlefield. Add to your daily prayers: “Father, cover them in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and no warfare can cross the bloodline around them. Lead them not into temptation, deliver them from evil. Holy Spirit, seal Your work in them. Father, rearguard and seal them with Your glory.”

5.Entrust your children to the Father’s care. He takes it to heart when you place what you value in His care, and He is able to protect and guard them beyond your ability to do so (2 Timothy 1:12). This does not exempt you from praying, but it does take an added burden off your shoulders.

6.Speak honor. Raise the honor shield over them. Honor is a shield against jealousy—and jealousy is an issue from Father’s ancient enemy which has amassed much fuel through social media. One way the honor shield is raised entails speaking the good that is true about your child to your child and about them.

7.Keep your family spiritually clean. Daily communion helps you stay in daily repentance. This creates a significant adjustment in the spiritual atmosphere in your home—which impacts your children.

8.Keep your antennae up. Whether it’s “a” moment, or “their” moment, to step forward at Father’s leading, it’s advancing the Kingdom. Thus, it’s opposed. Don’t shake off any uneasiness about a certain friend, an opportunity, activity, etc. Take it to the Father to determine where the uneasiness is coming from. Often, Father guides you in protecting them by causing you to feel uneasy. He’ll cause you to have peace and confidence – even if it’s a faith jump – when it’s His path for your child.

What a joy to be chosen to live in this Kingdom Age and to parent Kingdom Kids!

With this call comes specific dangers that we must be aware of. As they take their place, we must stand in our place on the wall covering their backs, and together, we’re honored to advance the Kingdom.


The Daily Cleanser is an excellent way to keep your Kingdom Kids clean in a dirty world (physical copy also available). Even if they’re blessed to be surrounded by your love and worship 24/7, there’s still spiritual “dirt” going to the store, school, with friends, etc. The inner “dirt” (responses, vows, etc.) and outer “dirt” (from people, places and things) build up a film that prevents them from hearing from Father as easily over time.

Pop this audio in overnight, or before bed, and awaken spiritually clean.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2020

Kingdom Kids

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Your Children, His Kingdom!

Jesus said that adults must become as little children to enter the Kingdom. Since He exhorted us to get wisdom, He wasn’t referring to the foolishness or lack of training children can exhibit.

He was referring to their open spirit, receptivity, trust, belief and faith.

When does a child enter the Kingdom?

At the earliest possible age—which varies from child to child.

From the time we knew we were expecting our children, my husband prayed, “Father, cause them to come to know Your Son as Savior at the earliest possible time.” We didn’t know what time that would be.

To our surprise, they’d all made personal decisions of faith in Jesus as Savior by age six. Some, at age three.

How do they enter the Kingdom?

Through faith.

How do they get that faith?


How do they hear?

If you have the opportunity, speak love and truth (together) to them in the womb. Play certain portions of Scripture, worship and spirit blessings. Bless them while they are in the womb.

When they arrive, continue! Because they soon are on the move, how you accomplish these change, and that’s fine, just continue with adjusting for their stages.

At the earliest possible time, have them listen personally to certain portions of Scripture. Engage in an interesting way to memorize Scripture. Some churches participate in AWANAs which is a weekly children’s program based on Scripture memorization. The Cubbies group focuses on children 3-4 years old; its mascot is a little Bear and his adventure stories and weekly Scripture.

You don’t have to go to certain places to memorize Scripture, or be in particular programs.

But, find a fun, sing-songy way to get Scripture in them.

Night is such a pivotal time. Playing certain portions (and I say certain portions because they do not to hear “In the last time there will be awful days,” etc. at night!) at night just saturates their spirit with Scripture and builds their faith without any work on you!

What happens then?

The Holy Spirit activates their spirit with faith and reminds them of the Scripture they’ve heard. He also speaks to them directly.

Why do parents need to know this?

Because Jesus said do not hinder the children in coming to Me.

1.Parents can hinder their children? Yes! How? By putting “our stuff,” or our religious affiliations’ “stuff,” or our “family stuff” on them.

Some churches have many protocols for how and when a person can be saved and/or baptized.

When your child begins talking to you about being concerned about hell, about sin, about Jesus, THAT is their appointed time of salvation.

Your only job as parent is to work with the Holy Spirit and not hinder your child. How? Pray simply with them after you’ve simply explained that “all have sinned,” that “Jesus took the sin for us,” and that “you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and you will be saved.”

That’s it!

Be prepared that it may be much earlier than you expected. But, it’s no surprise to the Father who is calling them by His Spirit and quickening their faith as He reminds them of the Scripture they’ve heard!

2.Parents can hinder their children by publicizing what’s private.

Our children speak from their spirits so many times. It’s precious. It’s golden treasure on earth. What is our response as parents?

Our model is Mary.

1.She had time for Jesus – which we have to be intentional about because of the crazy-busy expectation of life in our current age. Be intentional, it’s worth it.

2.She recognized those moments. Anna and Simeon. The wise men. The angelic-led escape. The boy Jesus teaching in the Temple and his unusual response to her.

3.She kept her heart open. She listened. She recognized and noted those treasures. She most likely had some conversations with Him about treasures.

4.She kept it private. She treasured these things in her heart. Not on social media. Or in family or church gatherings.

The Kingdom

The Kingdom is coming to you through your child-like attributes (open spirit, receptivity, trust, belief and faith). The Kingdom is coming to you, the King is speaking to you, through your child.

It may not look like you expected, but it is literally coming to you.

It’s our joy and honor as parents to be ready to welcome our children, and His Kingship and Kingdom through them! May the King and His Kingdom be welcomed in your home and through your children!

By Crystal Wade, 2020



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Do Not Send Me from This Place UNLESS Your Presence Goes with Me!

We sold our house at the direction of our Heavenly Father—with no place to go and no further plans in sight. It sold quickly and at full value, too! My dad had been promoted, unexpectedly, to his home in Heaven just months before. In a turn of events, my husband now traveled. There, I found myself with two small children and a health issue facing packing, moving, and no idea of where we were going next.

I trusted the Father about His direction; He’d made it very clear what we were facing and the fact that we needed to sell and move. But, neither my husband nor I had any idea of where to go. Thankfully, our friend advocated our case with his friend and a rental house was opened for us. Last minute, miracle provision!

We moved in to the rental house, still with no idea of which way to go. The house was situated in the midst of beautiful trees in a relatively quiet neighborhood, nice! However, within yards, it backed up to a stadium hosting football games. The area turned out to be a sound portal, and I am super sensitive to sound. The first night we were there, we walked in and felt a spirit of rage.

Let me back up a moment. . .before we left our home that my dad built us, I cried and cried to the Father to not send us, or have us leave our safe, beautiful home, unless He sent His Presence with us. Prior to that time, I had my dad to depend on. For any major decision we faced, his confidence, peace, wisdom and prayers (and my mom’s) could be trusted—and were given in our native English language. I did not have to decode, or translate, his answer between earth language and Heaven language (which takes some learning and growing). I knew when our home sold that He’d answered my prayer, and was not sending us without His personal Presence to us.

Thankfully, I had that confidence of His Presence to take with me to this place of uncertainty. As shaky as I felt, we started to pray (and after some heavy losses, weren’t exactly in full faith confidence). Yet, almost immediately, the spirit of rage cleared the room. That was encouraging—and confidence building!

In the eleven month transition we lived there, I learned a lot (to put it mildly). Every home, apartment, dwelling of any kind, and the land, where we live is an actual assignment. We are called to walk and talk with Father. Through this relationship, His kingdom is expanded in our hearts and lives—and through us, to our family. Through us, it’s expanded to the physical dwelling we live, and to the land.

Some dwellings and land have a higher defiled presence than others. All have a history of both good and bad. Good, because God was here first, and bad, because we, humans, fall short of His glory, and it’s imprinted on the dwelling/land.

We discovered that prior to us, people had moved in and out of that rental property with rapid turnover, staying only a few months at a time. I could see why!

Father taught me there about things that are attached to the land, and how they could be handled. He showed me His Presence was with me personally, as He had been with my dad. He answered my prayer to give me a focus that would help me rise above the grief and uncertainty—and through that time, He downloaded revelation that became a prayer that circled the globe. I am still astounded, just thinking of all that He packed in that transition time. From there, He revealed that every season, no matter if we live in the same place or move frequently, is a transition.

Then, He drew our attention back to a piece of land that was personally safe to our family, and made the way where there was—literally—not even a path, to move. When we moved, the atmosphere of our rental house had totally shifted. After we left, people moved and stayed there; the rapid turnover was gone. We’d asked that His Presence would be there, too, and impact the people after us, and that prayer was answered.

Beloved, I share this testimony today to raise a new memorial in my heart of Father’s love and faithfulness in the midst of uncertainty and grief–and for your encouragement. Father is hearing your prayers, even if you cannot get them into words. In each dwelling you reside, and in each land that you live, there are unique assignments. These assignment do have an element of battle. However, with Father, His enemy cannot win and you cannot lose. Each assignment is yours to walk with the Father and with Him, fill those places with His Presence—and He is with you to do it! He will build you, reveal to you, expand the Kingdom in and through you, and He’ll cause you to leave a deposit of His Presence for those who come after you. He will reveal each step of the way, and do immeasurably more than you can ask or imagine, and this is my prayer for you.

Crystal Wade, 2020

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My young son has been asking me how Jesus could be God and how He existed before He was born?

Question: My young son has been asking me how Jesus could be God and how He existed before He was born. As I started trying to explain, it all sounded so weird to me, too! I don’t know what to tell him! Any ideas or resources you can recommend?

Answer: Let’s start by celebrating the fact that your son’s big spirit is engaged, aware, and highly active! That’s exactly what we want, as we work with our Heavenly Father to raise these big-spirited children He’s given us.

Next, please be aware that because Father tasked parents with making it better for our children, and the children with building it bigger, that our children are actually ahead of us in many ways. That’s Father original design and intent. It’s good. Recognize this, and be aware there will be many times your son’s questions, observations and wisdom are beyond you. Don’t stress! It’s 100% normal in Father’s design. Even though conventional thought is for parents to be ahead of and train their children in all things, that’s just not how Father designed it. They will be ahead of us in many areas.

In fact, our families are micro-churches, and as such, we learn from our children as well as teach them. Further, they minister to us, and we minister to them! By the grace of God, take a breath, and savor their wisdom and observations. [hint: Write those precious words and observations down and savor them privately like Mary, the mother of Jesus, did.]

Here are some principles from Scripture you can share with him.

Heaven and earth are two different worlds. Heaven is forever.

To come to earth, you have to come as a baby. The time is different in Heaven and on earth. Scripture says one day in Heaven with the Lord is like 1,000 years on earth (2 Peter 3:8).

They are two different places, two different times.

But Father wanted to have a family that was different, different than the angels He already had, so that’s why Jesus came.

He stepped in to earth as a baby, like you, in a different time, in this world, to give his life (his blood) to forgive sins, so that Father would have his family that lasts forever, and is different from the angels.


I love Todd Burpo’s book for children, based on his son Colton’s experience with the Lord in Heaven while he was so sick. It is really easy to understand and will give your son a warm and true picture of the Heavenly Father, the Lord, and the Holy Spirit in the atmosphere of Heaven. This book also talks about Jesus coming to bring the Father’s family back to Him. Click here for his book available on Amazon.


Each question is thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed. We appreciate your patience and grace with the time it takes to answer your questions. Send yours here and we’ll get it in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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What is the Biblical worldview for law enforcement type jobs and training? (Part 4)

Question: What is the Biblical view for law enforcement jobs and training? (Part 4)

My husband is on a special task force which responds to emergency crisis situations. They train regularly in defense tactics and other violent training in/with active shooter scenarios. It’s similar to other law enforcement agencies and military who train this way. What is the Biblical view for these type jobs and training? It can be gruesome and it does take a toll on a person’s view of people, compassion and mercy, etc. In a world filled with evil that seeks to run rampant, such safeguards are necessary, but I would like to know the Biblical standard for these, especially in shaping how our son views and understands his dad’s job.

Answer:  Below is a real time story of a retired police officer who worked “on the streets” for over twenty years.

Real Time

Harold*, a devoted man of God, served his career on the police force in metropolitan areas. Harold remained keenly aware of the discrepancy between the underbelly of crime and human corruption he witnessed daily–and the quality and purity of life he desired with his Heavenly Father and his family.

He knew it was going to take intentional focus to remain connected to his Heavenly Father in real time so that the crime, violence and corruption he encountered daily did not sully, enter or jade him.

Now retired, he lives with his family in a peaceful country town, and communes with his Heavenly Father while keeping spiritual watch on the wall. He did achieve his goal of staying close to God and family while keeping separate from crime and corruption.

Here’s how he did it in his words.

1. Daily cleansing

“I found it helpful to pray a cleansing prayer addressing work situations that were traumatic or crazy (for lack of a better word), like the prayer you (Crystal) had written and sent us. In fact, I used a variation of one of your prayers for years.”

Note: We now have an expanded soaking version of this multi-purposed and effective prayer. Click here for the Daily Cleanser Soak.

2. Touch

“Whenever a work situation became physical or I had to touch someone, I always prayed forbidding any defilement from transferring. I was also always aware of the light and presence of God in me. I knew that my touch would release the One who is greater. So I would strategically use touch against the demonic.”

3. Courts

“Often I would go to Father’s Heavenly Courts in prayers regarding situations in my job.”

Note: There are many accusations hurled against us and our families; these find their roots in Father’s ancient enemy, as he’s called the accuser of the brethren. Not only do law enforcement workers have to deal with the corrupt side of human nature, but the nature of their job places them in a cross-fire of accusations and judgments collectively from the public, and those who attempt to use their jobs for political purposes.

These kinds of personal and collective accusations and/or judgments cause difficulty in the life and family of those who work in these fields. The remedy is: 1. Stay close to God 2. Daily cleanse and personal repentance 3. Confidently exercise your authority 4. Don’t delay (after any necessary personal repentance) in taking any potential accusatory situation to your Heavenly Father’s Heavenly Courts.


4. Dreams

“Even now, some years later, occasionally I will have a dream that is troublesome relating to my old job. I take these as Papa’s light showing me specifics that I need cleansing in.”

Note: Pay attention to your dreams now and in the future about your job. Handle them with prayer, and ask for Father’s wisdom and revelation on anything that physically needs to be addressed.

The End


Each question is thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed. We appreciate your patience and grace with the time it takes to answer your questions. Send yours here and we’ll get it in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

*Names have been changed.

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What is the Biblical view for law enforcement type jobs and training? (Part 3)

Question: What is the Biblical view for law enforcement jobs and training? (Part 3)

My husband is on a special task force which responds to emergency crisis situations. They train regularly in defense tactics and other violent training in/with active shooter scenarios. It’s similar to other law enforcement agencies and military who train this way. What is the Biblical view for these type jobs and training? It can be gruesome and it does take a toll on a person’s view of people, compassion and mercy, etc. In a world filled with evil that seeks to run rampant, such safeguards are necessary, but I would like to know the Biblical standard for these, especially in shaping how our son views and understands his dad’s job.

Answer:  In addition to Joshua’s keys for success in shifting from violence in training or campaigns to peace and rest in home and family life is the Father’s protocol for cleansing. Father’s record in Scripture gives us a protocol we can follow today to cleanse from the dirty work necessary in law enforcement style jobs.


Part of Father’s cleansing protocol for soldiers included a special water of cleansing. This water was sprinkled with hyssop on soldiers—and anyone who had been around a dead body—and on their tents, clothes, plunder, and anyone or anything that had touched death on the third and seventh day while they remained separate from the community for seven days.

Sprinkling and separation (discussed in Part 2) were keys to immunity from any spiritual or physical dirt passed on by bloodshed and death.

To understand the importance of the third and seventh day cleansing protocol, let’s take a brief overview of the seven redemptive gifts.

Seven Gifts

Arthur Burk’s The Redemptive Gifts of Individuals teaching is heavily drawn from Scripture and expansively field tested. It’s based on the list of seven gifts in Romans 12:6-8. It’s different than the ministry gifts of the Spirit in 1 Corinthians 12:4-11, or the 5-fold offices in Ephesians 4:11-12.

Here’s the short overview that appeared on the back of the tape-set teaching (yes, tape!).

The Seven Redemptive Gifts of Individuals – Arthur Burk

The prophet has to win the battle over the Edomite Curse (sacrificing relationships) in order to use his gift with authority. He resonates to the principle of design and provides the foundation for all the other gifts. The prophet’s vision of God’s design for each of the other gifts gives people with those gifts the motivation to possess their inheritance. (Elijah, John the Baptist)

The servant has the highest authority of all the gifts in the area of spiritual warfare. He is specifically gifted in bringing emotional and spiritual healing to the extended family, in praying for those in authority, and in turning away premature death. (Esther, Joseph)

The teacher provides the necessary balance to the impulsiveness of the prophet and exhorter, but the teacher must win the battle over selective responsibility to be effective in his gifting. (Levi, Isaiah)

The exhorter is God’s most common choice when He needs a world changer. Tragically, the exhorter seems to fall short of his calling more than some of the gifts. His greatest contribution to the Body is to reveal the nature and purposes of God. (Moses, Jeremiah, Paul)

The giver gives far more important things than money. He has a high anointing for blessing, especially giving generational blessings. The giver’s independent spirit is a part of God’s design that is frequently misunderstood and criticized by others. (Abraham)

The ruler is God’s empire builder. Under God’s direction, he significantly expands the hegemony of the Kingdom of God. However, failure to seek God’s plan for his life will cause the ruler to accomplish many good things, but still die with a sense of futility. (Solomon)

The mercy is the crown jewel of God’s creation. His primary domain is worship. Although the gift of mercy is usually put to work at many tasks, he is primarily designed to be and not to do. Once he is released to be what God has designed him to be, the things that he does will have a whole different flavor to them. (David)

Expansive Spirits

What Father unfolded in subsequent years is that, while each person has a core design of one of the seven redemptive gifts, all seven are present in each person’s spirit. Our spirits are formed of light, in the image of Father (Proverbs 20:27). Light breaks down into seven colors—and it’s very amazing to consider that our spirits are formed to engage with the seven-fold Spirit of God (Isaiah 11:2-3).

Spiritually speaking, unclean spirits with their specific darkness transferred from the bloodshed/death and landed on the Teacher and Mercy portions of the soldiers’ spirits (or anyone who encountered bloodshed or a dead body). Physically speaking, the water of cleansing’s properties were specially formulated to wipe out germs’ incubation on the third and seventh day.

That is why Father had Moses prepare a special water of cleansing and apply it with hyssop as it is an antiseptic. He was ensuring that the men were spiritually and physically cleaned, and had the time to emotionally process and disengage from war before returning home to their families in peace.

Cleansing Prayer

Prayer and Scripture release the Holy Spirit to do His deep cleansing, restorative work. This is the water of cleansing in our day. For your reference, we do have a product called the Daily Cleanser Soak which is great to soak the family in overnight or to listen to on the drive home, and which does address cleansing of the Teacher and Mercy portions and any contact with death.

As the spouse, you can pray cleansing for him/her. It’s great if he/she will do it, but if for whatever reason that’s not possible, because of your position with the Father in Christ and because of your marriage covenant, you can.

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Here’s how hyssop helps biologically cleanse. Hyssop is a monoterpene, and as such, reprograms miswritten information in cellular memory (Stewart, 29). Its fragrance releases swallowed emotions, spiritually cleans past sin, immorality and evil spirits (Stewart, 52). Hyssop was used in two ways with the water of cleansing: 1. in the preparation of the actual water and 2. in its application as its branch was used to sprinkle the water of cleansing on the persons, homes, furnishings, plunder, and equipment of soldiers and those encountering a dead body (Numbers 19:6-22; 31:19-24).

“Hyssop is about 50% ketones, which act like phenols and cleanse receptor sites. Hyssop also contains 5-10% sesquiterpenes that delete addictions, compulsions, and other ungodly directives from the DNA. Hyssop is also 20-30% monoterpenes which reprogram the DNA to restore God’s image.

Thus, hyssop oil, directed by our sincere intent to “create a clean heart and restore a right spirit within ourselves” can “blot out our transgressions” and erase sinful tendencies (negative emotions) stored in cellular memory, thus releasing and cleansing the root cause of wrong action” (Stewart, 210).

Using Hyssop

It’s good to recognize the biological healing and cleansing properties of hyssop. It is potent, so a few drops in a diffuser overnight works well. To keep clean air in your home, it’s not advisable to have essential oils diffused night and day. Every so often, as you’re impressed, works well. It does cause irritation to skin, so if you apply it topically, dilute in a carrier oil (for a roll-on applicator, use 6-12 drops in 1 ounce of a carrier oil like almond or fractionated coconut oil). It can then be rolled over pulse points and palms to assist cleansing, or applied to soles of feet before sleeping.

. . .to be continued.


Daily Cleanser Soak – Crystal Wade, Hope Streams

Healing Trauma Prayer — Jim and Pat Banks, House of Healing


Each question is thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed. We appreciate your patience and grace with the time it takes to answer your questions. Send yours here and we’ll get it in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

Source: Stewart, David, Ph.D. Healing Oils of the Bible. 7th printing, Care Publications, 2010.

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What is the Biblical view for law enforcement type jobs and training? (Part 2)

Question: What is the Biblical view for law enforcement jobs and training? (Part 2)

My husband is on a special task force which responds to emergency crisis situations. They train regularly in defense tactics and other violent training in/with active shooter scenarios. It’s similar to other law enforcement agencies and military who train this way. What is the Biblical view for these type jobs and training? It can be gruesome and it does take a toll on a person’s view of people, compassion and mercy, etc. In a world filled with evil that seeks to run rampant, such safeguards are necessary, but I would like to know the Biblical standard for these, especially in shaping how our son views and understands his dad’s job.

Answer:  There is an aspect of every believer’s life on earth that has to do with war because our Heavenly Father has an ancient enemy who was defeated at the Cross, but we have to learn and grow with our Heavenly Father. This growth on our part with Him empowers us to enforce Christ’s victory and His enemy’s defeat.

Father Teaches Warfare

“These are the nations the LORD left to test all those Israelites who had not experienced any of the wars in Canaan (he did this only to teach warfare to the descendants of the Israelites who had not had previous battle experience),” Judges 3:1-2.

The Apostle Paul describes real spirit armor for the believer in Ephesians 6:10-18 with the intent to use it in the spiritual war we’re in.

The point is—Father trains us for warfare regardless of our physical occupation.

However, some occupations (such as law enforcement of any kind) face a more sinister, more consistent view of human corruption, darkness and/or death situations—and it does take a toll on them personally, and on their view of people, together with compassion and mercy.

In order to not become jaded, losing our sense of compassion, mercy and goodness, it takes intentionality to shift gears, to cleanse from the daily (or specific) tasks, and to focus on the goodness, truth and grace of God.

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Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

Time Out

Billy Graham, the great evangelist, traveled all over the world during his team’s evangelistic crusades and rallies which reached millions. Especially when his traveling schedule intensified, he initiated a routine which began his journey home. He checked himself into a medical clinic where he was evaluated, and specifically attended for several days before returning home.

A spiritual warrior calling and a physical one face many similarities in the essential and complete engagement of the spirit, soul and body, in the strain, and in the need to cleanse before reengaging with civilian life.

Our Heavenly Father gave Moses the protocol for shifting the soldiers out of warfare mode, through spiritual and physical cleansing from their work, with time to prepare them to reengage with their families before returning home. This applies to those in special task forces as well as law enforcement as their work is similar to soldiers.

After battle, Israeli soldiers underwent seven days of cleansing routines, and separation from both the battlefield and home.

Separation before Reengagement

It’s not feasible to spend seven days after every “campaign” in life today. However, the key point to note is that there is some time necessary for the men and women in law enforcement type occupations to discharge and disengage from their alert-level and the violence they encountered before reengaging with their families.

For some, that may be going to the gym before going home, or taking extra time on the drive home to pray and/or mentally and emotionally decompress, or having the understanding from their families that they need space and grace when they return home to decompress before reengaging in family life.

Spouses of those in law enforcement can aid this process by: 1. understanding this is a real need 2. leading the family to respect it and 3. praying for their cleansing and shifting between “war and peace” from that demanding work back to family life.

Joshua’s Keys to Success

Military commander Joshua lost only two battles of the scores he fought. He was highly successful as a spiritual leader and a military leader. At the beginning of his career, the Father told him how to be successful. Let My word be in your mouth and thoughts in the morning and evening, Joshua 1:8. What we think about, or watch or read, before going to bed, and upon awakening, sets the tone for our sleep and our day.

I recommend playing the Bible on CD or MP3 for your family at night. It’s spirit nutrition. I do advise to be mindful of which portions you chose to play overnight for best restfulness and for young children (Ephesians 1, Colossians 1, and Proverbs are really good picks).

Further, Joshua personally shifted well from war to rest, then worship. He’d learned this practice those years under Moses’ leadership in the wilderness. When Joshua became commander, he led the nation of Israel to do the same. After war, cleanse, then downshift to rest. After rest, upshift to worship and remembrance of the goodness of God and the victories He gave. These intentional shifts are powerful.  They kept Joshua from becoming hardened and jaded by the battles he fought and the atrocities of the practices of the pagan nations that he saw.

Joshua kept excellent, intentional records of Father’s intervention. He wrote down Scripture as it had been given to Moses in his own handwriting. He wrote records, and he led public recitation of the victories of God, His commands, and His commission to the nation. These were all ways that he meditated, remembered, and built his neurological pathways. The personal handwriting cemented the word of God inside the brain of Joshua which directed his neurological pathways, as it will for anyone who will intentionally listen and record. He truly was the successful spiritual and military leader that Father wanted him to be—and his “how to” is recorded right here for us to emulate.

. . .to be continued.


Each question is thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed. We appreciate your patience and grace with the time it takes to answer your questions. Send yours here and we’ll get it in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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What is the Biblical view for law enforcement type jobs and training? (Part 1)

Question: What is the Biblical view for law enforcement jobs and training?

My husband is on a special task force which responds to emergency crisis situations. They train regularly in defense tactics and other violent training in/with active shooter scenarios. It’s similar to other law enforcement agencies and military who train this way. What is the Biblical view for these type jobs and training? It can be gruesome and it does take a toll on a person’s view of people, compassion and mercy, etc. In a world filled with evil that seeks to run rampant, such safeguards are necessary, but I would like to know the Biblical standard for these, especially in shaping how our son views and understands his dad’s job.

Answer: Knowledge of good and evil, and the war that goes with them, was not our Heavenly Father’s original design for the earth and mankind (think Garden of Eden before The Fall). However, in His sovereign omniscience, He planned for this eventuality.

Our Heavenly Father – War and Peace

Moses led Israel in a song of praise after the Heavenly Father had dealt with the nation of Egypt, and then it’s military at the Red Sea. He sang, “The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name,” Exodus 15:3. In the King James Version, the verse reads “the Lord is a man of war.”

Our Heavenly Father is also peace. War and peace are another set of His virtues that appear to be polar opposites, but are balanced in His amazingly good character. For instance, if an emergency crisis situation occurred, your husband would spring to action as a man of war. Yet, as a good dad, with your children, he’s a man of peace.

That’s how our Heavenly Father is.

Angelic Warriors

There are angels whose calling is to war and to protect. For instance, Michael, an arch-angel or “chief (angelic) prince,” has the ability to break through resistance over nations, Daniel 10:13.

Warrior Calling

Our Heavenly Father imbued boys with a drive to protect, and while they don’t all have a warrior calling, they do have a spirit instinct which guides them physically to protect their families and territory. He also gave a drive to protect to girls for their families and/or spheres. The best examples of men in Scripture who shifted well between their worship calling and their warrior calling were military commander Joshua and King David.

Staying Clean While Walking through “Dirt”

Joshua shifted well by the investment of his priorities and time. He’d spent possibly more time than Moses at the Tabernacle, where the Glory of God dwelled, before he ever set out on a military campaign. Once he started the military operations, he followed the revealed word of God, sought personal instruction from the Heavenly Father, redirected the military and civilians to return to rest and to the presence of God (Gilgal and Shiloh) after campaigns, and took to heart the Lord’s command to have good success by focusing on His Word night and day by speaking it, meditating on it, and writing it, Joshua 1:8; 8:32.

King David had spent so much time alone as a shepherd in the desert with his Heavenly Father before Samuel anointed him king that that prioritized relationship held him together and strengthened him while he was on the run for more than a decade for his life. His history with God kept him when his occupation morphed from shepherding to warring for survival and later for victory. Our Heavenly Father marked it down on the eternal record that David is a man after His own heart—worshipper and warrior that he was. However, bloodshed did affect him, and because of the blood that was on his hands, he was not allowed to build his worshipping heart’s desire—a Temple where the Glory of God would dwell.

Law Enforcement, Solutions on the Ground

In our moment of history, lawlessness is an issue that must be faced. Our Heavenly Father always has the solutions before the problems come, and His plan to anoint and appoint certain men and women to physical occupations in law enforcement, with their personal resolve and potent angels, is part of that solution.

www.hopestreams.net (41)

These men and women, like your husband, who our Heavenly Father called and appointed to be in different fields of law enforcement, specialty task forces and/or military, with that warrior mode of operation, have a high and worthy calling. They are flowing in sync with the Father’s man of war nature in a historical season of elevated conflict, confronting the forces of darkness and evil, and enforcing peace and protection for society. Walking with Father and living with integrity in these times, as Joshua and David did in theirs, is revealing Father’s nature and enforcing His will in the heavens and on earth; further, they will receive their eternal reward.

Your son may not share the same calling, but he can definitely have respect and honor for his dad and the important work he’s doing.

Father’s Valuable Cleansing Protocol

Our Heavenly Father relayed to Moses how to cleanse and reintegrate soldiers (help them shift from war to peace) after military campaigns. In order to protect the peace and purity of the police, soldiers, and special task force operatives’ own souls, and from that place, their families’, there are some key Scriptural protocol and real time experience that is valuable to know.

. . .to be continued.


Each question is thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed. We appreciate your patience and grace with the time it takes to answer your questions. Send yours here and we’ll get it in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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