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Kingdom Mind-ed!

A Moment in Time In this month of season change, there’s a window of grace in time to reconcile with King Jesus Christ, thus moving forward in our destiny. December 10-31. It’s always time to adjust our thinking and feeling … Continue reading

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What’s in a Name?

Naming is a creative power! Of superhero proportions! Father granted the powerful ability to Adam to create in His image by the use of his words to name creatures. The name of the creatures helped determine the outplay of their … Continue reading

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Light is Now! Micro-Time Here!

There’s a unique micro-time in this Christmas season as our Father (in His cosmic planning) chose Hanukkah to intersect Christmas and New Year’s. Unique and unusual time alignment. This time also intersects a window of seasonal change—the winter solstice. What … Continue reading

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Breathing Room for the Holy Spirit

  Church and Marketplace I sat there as an observer in the conference room, provided by local business owners, in my dream. In walked the pastor who had just finished his retreat. Up looked his wife, expectantly. They anticipated refreshing … Continue reading

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Be Trusted. Be Royal.

Trusted. Royal. Princess dresses. Tiaras. Light sabers. Cool armor. Little girls and boys have dreamed of being the princess, or showcasing save-the-day strength like Jedi knights, for generations. To be born into a fairy-tale style story sounds so wonderful. Or … Continue reading

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