SURPRISED by Father’s Compassionate Intervention

Fatigued by a battle I didn’t know I was in, the only reaction I could manage was to keep putting one foot in front of the other. My son and I remained grid-locked in an impasse over an issue with his education.

Further, I was completely alone in terms of God and people. On one hand, that’s not true because the Lord Jesus Christ promised to be with me to the end of this age, and I did have people who loved me praying for me. On the other hand, I thought that this education/school concern fell in the realm of my responsibility, not God’s, so it never crossed my mind to pray about it. I didn’t understand, at that time, that any situation which faces and concerns us, faces and concerns our Heavenly Father. Regarding people, several real factors prevented me from being able to communicate the deep and continuous angst of this battle-disguised-as-a-situation-in-the-clothes-of-education.

With complete awareness that this incessant, unresolved conflict over the education issue was eroding our relationship, I felt completely powerless and hopeless to change it, dreading where this would take us in his future teen years.

The only reaction I accomplished was to keep showing up every day—and occasionally cry.

Somewhere in the midst of this disruptive, pain-filled time, I received a promise from the Father through a prophet friend that He would intervene, that He would change our interactions, and that He would grant solutions.

What hope! What surprise! (12)

Father then reached ‘round the world and scheduled a visit from two lovely women with mothering and worship/intercession gifts. In the midst of a demanding traveling schedule, they stopped by to visit. I came to honor and celebrate them, but ended up pouring out my heart over the contentious, continual stress and struggle with my son because they made it a safe place and due to the preparation (unbeknownst to me) of the Holy Spirit.

They listened, prayed for me, and then one woman had a simple word of knowledge that provided me direction to make a change. That simple change, which I received by faith from Holy Spirit through her, started ripples which changed EVERYTHING.

The battle we didn’t know we were in–ended. Father, true to His word, intervened also with my son and began adjusting emotional perspectives and thought patterns in him as well. That change point marked the beginning of healing our relationship.

I learned, once out of duress, that my son and I were in a battle for a purpose. However, we honestly did not have the strength to make it out with our own weapons at the time.

In His gracious goodness, Father saw our unarticulated pain and suffering, and moved with His famous compassion, intervened. He set our feet on a firm place and restored us.

Beloved, Holy Spirit reminded me of this testimony of Father’s goodness and compassion to share with you today because it’s His intent to intervene for you, too.

My Prayer for You

Father, thank You for Your gracious goodness and famous compassion to notice our trials, battles, and afflictions even when we don’t understand that we are in one. Father, search out the stress, duress, strain, and battles of Your beloved sons and daughters, and do for them what You did for me. See their affliction, send Your word, lift them up, arrange help—reaching around the world to schedule the perfect help and perfect ministry connection for their personal situation, help them recognize and implement any direction You release. RESTORE and do much more. Father, send as many angels as necessary to clear out their space and to minister to them, and bring Your will to bear on these battles to end them and establish Your sons and daughters, and their families, in Your magnificent, good plans in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

About thelivinghopeblog

Crystal and Stephen Wade, owners of Hope Streams, received a commission from the Father to connect the generations to Him and to each other so that they can: Start well. Live well. Recover well. Build well. Finish well. As part of that commission, they release materials to assist people of all ages in connecting to The Perfect Parent. The couple carries the Father's passion to position the next generation to be grounded in His truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. To that end, their family launched Let’s Wade In, a media portal, which is both a community for children, tweens and teens to be mentored and a tool for parents and caregivers to anchor students in truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. They have three wonderful sons.
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