Give Me a BREAK!

The most demanding, unpaid job, without holidays or vacations, on the planet is parenting!

It’s also the most rewarding, and yields the highest (eternal and generational) return on investment. What a whiplash! What a challenge!

Parents need a reliable, trustworthy, affordable daily babysitter. Both for our own daily sanity and for our children to learn as separate from us.

Unfortunately, many easily accessible babysitters are adding to our troubles.

What we’ve leaned on to help our children, to give ourselves some space, or simply fill the time is a root cause of their acting out.

It is. . .drumroll. . . (29)Media and technology.

Young children are highly sensitive and open in their minds, wills, emotions, and in their spirits. They are learning sponges which is wonderful, but it’s also harmful if they are filled in these spaces (minds, wills, emotions and spirits) with defilement or pointless (dare I say “stupid”) programming.

There’s the obvious witchcraft and darkness which infiltrates so much programming and is accessible on our technological devices.

May I draw your attention to a more subtle form of defilement?

By defilement, I’m referring to anything that assaults the purity of our children on any level. Adults have many layers of filters for, and thus often don’t catch, what profoundly impacts children in their precious state of innocence and God-given purity. These include, but aren’t limited to: common rudeness, unsavory language, emotionally gripping, or intense scenes.

Even when you, as the parent, are filtering their media and technology, they may still act out. That is because of how long they have spent on media/technology.

It actually impacts their brain and their spirit. The sound waves agitate their spirit, while the colors, sounds, motion, and activity grip them emotionally. Thus habits are formed, and they act out: 1. having been defiled and not having language for it 2. having spent too much time on it 3. having formed a habit or pattern which is a level of addiction.

What is a parent to do?

If your child is very young, start these good patterns for you and them now! If there’s already water under the bridge, it is redeemable.

Recognize you need time out to attend to your own needs. Breathe. As you adjust, take the time not just to do more work, but to do something that attends to your own needs, spiritual, mental, emotional and/or physical. I say “or” because you may only be able to attend to one level of needs at a time.

Repent for the defilement you allowed from these unreliable babysitters. Most, if not all, of us have allowed our children to see and hear media and take too much time on technological devices. Ask the Father to cleanse them with the Lord Jesus Christ’s precious blood, heal those places, rebuild them, and fill them with His Holy Spirit to restore them to their full purity and innocence.

Ask for the fire of God to burn up everything inside you, your children, your house that is not of Him that was allowed in through those media/technology gates, and to purify all that is Him.

Set limits for yourself and them. It’s not about rules—but about spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health for you and your children. The King James Version speaks of one of the fruit of the Spirit being “temperance,” Galatians 5:22. That’s known as “self-control” in the New International Version; it’s the ability to know when to stop, to be able to control desires and passions rather than their controlling you.

May I pray for you?

Father, I thank you for these parents and their children. Give them grace by the power of Your Holy Spirit to be connected with Your Spirit so that they have the ability to control the flow of their desires and passions rather than their desires and passions controlling them. Holy Spirit, give them grace to live with limits, and desire what it truly good, so that they can have the full abundant life that Jesus paid for, and time and energy available to be and to do what You have called them to, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Choose healthful media, just as you try to choose healthful food. Here are some healthful suggestions.

  1. Audio Bible. Sound is so important. Whether they can read or not, listening to the Bible an hour a day gives you the break you need as it simultaneously builds their spirit health and strength. I do suggest that you edit it, as some of the Scriptures are intense and our children will take those to heart in their purity and innocence just as they would the defilement on media. If you haven’t implemented this already, you will be amazed at how easily and quickly their personal spiritual growth accelerates simply from listening to the Word! An excellent side effect is that it increases their mental processing and understanding as well.
  2. Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood. The old episodes are available and are still relevant. His heart for their tender state really shines through. (Google this. Episodes are on Amazon Prime and PBSkids.)
  3. Veggie Tales, especially the early episodes (I don’t recommend “Where’s God when I’m Scared” for young children.)
  4. Let’s Wade In. Our family specifically created Let’s Wade In to address the needs for parents to have a reliable, trustworthy source to turn to in media-ville, and for children, tweens and teens to be built up in their relationship with the Father and trained to go with God, go for the gold in the race of their own lives.
  5. Engage, a course filled with experts and solid practical advice hosted by Kirk Cameron, 5 practical lessons for raising your kids in a social media generation.

For older tweens and teens, as you pray through this, and make changes on how you use media and technology, Father will help you. Sometimes, like Amy Grant sings, “It takes a little time to get the Titanic turned around.”

But, I leave you with one last thought. You pay the electric bill. The plug can mysteriously be disconnected to your Internet source at certain times of day, and you don’t have to know why when they ask. 🙂 That can begin the physical weaning process.

In the meantime, Father grant each one greater grace for we live in a time filled with greater sin. We thank You in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

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Bounce Back from “Bad” Behavior

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Even when we nurture our child’s spirit, stay tuned in, and deal with generational issues, sometimes our child has an unusual change in behavior for no apparent reason.

In John 13:10, Jesus said, “A person who has had a bath needs only to wash his feet; his whole body is clean.”   Jesus referred to the “bath” as receiving Him as Lord and Savior.  However, as we know, we can get dirty from going outside, so we frequently need to get cleaned up.  This principle of cleaning up after going outside applies spiritually as well. 

Social interaction can “transmit” spiritual dirt.  Also, once our home is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and cleansed of anything associated with witchcraft, it is possible that some “dirt” may still come in with the groceries, mail, or an object that seems innocent, and that causes the children to act out. For more information on cleansing and protecting homes from spiritual darkness, I recommend Chuck Pierce’s book Protecting Your Home from Spiritual Darkness.


For example, Andrew* really enjoyed a video game which his spiritually sensitive parents had approved.  They detected no witchcraft in it.  So, innocently enough, Andrew’s parents bought him a shirt which featured the “star” of that video game.  Shortly thereafter, Andrew and his siblings exhibited an unusual change in their behavior.  The children were drawn to play that game nonstop, acting pensive when their parents refused to let them.  Andrew and his siblings began to speak disrespectfully to their dad and blatantly refused to share toys with each other.

This behavior stood in contrast to their usual manner of relating.  The parents back-tracked the behavior change, and realized that this unusual pattern correlated to the shirt they purchased for Andrew (although it did not contain anything overtly sinful or occultic).  Conferring together, they privately spoke to Andrew about the meaning of idols, explaining that an idol can be anything to which we give our full attention and priorities.  The parents gently mentioned that a video game can be an idol (as can any thing).  They explained the change in behavior they witnessed in Andrew since purchasing the shirt.  They apologized to him for buying the shirt and threw it away, explaining to him that they had made a mistake which needed to be made right.  Together, Andrew and his parents decided to shelve that particular video game.  Quickly, Andrew and his siblings returned to normal, respectful behavior.

Another cause for a sudden change in behavior–or acting out–is social interaction.  Spending time at school, playing at a friend or family member’s house, going shopping, or out around people where there is social contact can sometimes transmit “dirt” to our children (and ourselves as well).

If your children (tweens or teens) are in a bad mood or acting out, take note. Where were they recently? If they’ve just been around people (even via social media or phone), they’ve just received “dirt” from social interactions which is the root of their acting out or up. In those cases, we can ask the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse the whole family from all social interaction, contact, and any involvement with sin and to restore peace and order to our family’s spirits and home.

In fact, we no longer wait for our children to act out from social interaction. We use a version of this prayer at least once a day.

Cleansing Prayer

“Father,  please cleanse our (name family members) eyes, ears, nose, mouth, heart, hands, senses and gates, spirit, soul and body, from all social, physical, involvement and sin. Wash us within and without with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Send Your angels to remove from us anything that will not bow its knee to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and take them under guard to His feet for His jurisdiction. Fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Thank You, amen.”

* Names have been changed.

(excerpt from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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Recover Your Family’s Peace

How do you cope with and diffuse tension and stress?

Do you release it verbally? physically? emotionally? spiritually? Or were you trained, consciously or inadvertently, to hold it inward? (Hint: This is a root cause of many physical ailments and disease.)

Just like adults, our children, teens and tweens experience tension and stress, too. In fact, due to the breakdown of families, moral virtue at large, and the influx of defilement freely available in entertainment and electronics/technology, they have much more tension and stress than did previous generations of children.

A cause of their acting out is due to their internal buildup of tension and stress.

They have worries and concerns for which they don’t have language. Some acting out is simply their untrained tension release. They’re trying to blow off the internal steam pressure, and they may look and sound like an unmanned missile fueled by a mix of hot magma, rocket fuel, adrenaline, and caffeinated energy drinks doing so!

This doesn’t help parents who are already over-worked and stressed themselves.

For parents, the first place to look is inward. Notice how you handle stress. Inward? Or outward?

My prayer for you.

Father, grace each parent. Give them understanding of how they cope with tension and stress. Give them grace and space to quickly discover healthy ways of diffusing it. Grant greater grace because sin does much abound in our times, and the safety nets previous generations had are dissolved. In our times, intervene. Heal, recalibrate, give light, grace, space, time and resources for each one to understand and to release the daily and seasonal buildup. Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Next, when you understand how you cope with and diffuse tension and stress, then you’ll be able to help your children recognize and release theirs much more easily.

Some acting out stems from bad habits formed from the years their tensions and stress built up while they simultaneously lacked training to recognize and release it in healthy ways. However, there is hope! No matter how many years it has been internally building, those bad habits can still be changed.

Once you recognize your methods of coping with and diffusing tension and stress (and adjust them as necessary with Father’s grace helping you), you’ll recognize their bad habits for what they are—slamming doors, yelling, refusing or delaying fulfilling your requests or their jobs, etc.

In this very unpleasant place, let me encourage you. The first step is to get your stress under control by adjusting your coping and diffusing methods so you have a solid place of inner stability.

In that transition time, you have to focus on yourself and let their bad habits slide.


In other words, if you are on the edge with your stress, it’s no time to deal with their bad habits. You won’t make progress for you or for them.

Father, greater grace, with speed, alignment, peace and order, for this adjustment time!

Coping with stress starts with taking breaks in the day. John Eldredge highlights the value of the one minute pause. To take one minute and pause before starting the next project, phone call, email, task, etc. Another way is to take time to disconnect from phones and media. It is amazing how quickly this increases internal peace!

Diffusing stress is to discover healthy ways that work for you personally to get it out so it does not build up and create health problems or explode and cause relational problems. Exercise is a way to release stress. However, due to health restrictions, many are limited from exercise. Listening to the Bible on audio, peaceful music or worship songs, sitting outside in the natural world and prayer are excellent ways to diffuse stress.

As you gain ground personally, then, stand in your place as parent spiritually first.

Start by committing your plans to reclaim the lost ground of training to the Father so that your plans will succeed, Proverbs 16:3. Then, repent to the Father for the unforgiveness, anger, unhealthy habits, and lack of training that you and they have. Ask to be washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Dedicate those areas of your spirit, soul and body to Father, Son and Spirit to redeem and restore.

You can water the hard ground of that place in their hearts by speaking to their spirits, without their being present, honestly, about what has happened. For example: Beloved, There is stress and tension, and more so for you because of where Father chose to place you in world history. However, there is greater grace where much sin does abound. It is healthy to cope with and diffuse stress and tension, but that didn’t happen as I would have best wanted. Now is the time to start anew and adjust. This will be an adjustment, but it is because I love you, and want you to have healthy life habits, so work with me and not against me, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, this is sealed to your spirit, by the Holy Spirit, amen.

Before you even face them head-on for the adjustment of their bad habits of coping with and diffusing stress and tension in their untrained state, ask the Father to set up a secure communication system between you so that you each can hear and understand what the other one is saying without pain or suffering.

Now is time for physical action.

If their spirit has been nurtured, they have strength in their spirit and soul. That doesn’t mean that they have perfection—or training to handle the ups and downs of life with its stressors. What it does mean is that their bad habits may be bigger and louder due to their strong will—which is exactly what Father wants them to have—the strong will—but with peace and yieldedness to His leading.

When you’ve come to peace and solidity yourself, stood in your place spiritually first, it won’t take long till they have the lightbulb flash on in their worldview that this bad habit will no longer be tolerated. They will recognize your peace, and strength to back it, that you no longer tolerate “that” bad habit of acting out in tension, and it will subside.

Once the crisis bad habit has been addressed and enforced, then you have space to talk with them about tension, stress, and to describe that is what they are feeling, and to discuss healthy ways to deal with it to diffuse it. Share with them honestly the walk that you’ve been on yourself. Acknowledge their stress and tension. Let them know that you want them to have great life skills so that they can have the good future Father has planned for them and written in their Heavenly books.

My prayer for you.

Father, thank You that You call out the generations from the beginning. You have prepared our place in our generation, and You are the restorer of the generational breach. Father, grant greater grace and mercy to restore these inner jewels of peace and strength in the parents, and greater grace and mercy to them to align with You and navigate healthy ways to cope with and diffuse stress in our rapidly changing and danger-fraught world. Hold them, each one, together through the transition. Insulate the parents’ nerves from the stress of their children, tweens and teens’ bad habits of acting out their tension, as the parents press in to resolve theirs. Grant the parents greater grace and mercy to step into their spiritual position with all the peace, confidence and strength You desire for them. Rapidly restore the generational breach—spirit, soul and body—between parents and children, tweens and teens, and restore the years eaten by locusts. Heal them, build them, fill them with Your Holy Spirit. Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Hope Streams offers spirit and soul healing/building resources. The audio version of Perfect Peace most speedily increases the inner peace in you or your family as you face healthy growth or recovery challenges.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

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Restore Your Family by Nourishment

Have you ever been so weighted by your daily loads plus each season’s particular stresses coupled with your children (tweens and teens) constant complaining? Thus, when they act up or out, you drown them out? Or don’t take much notice? Or overreact?

Let’s stop here before we get started. Deep breath. Life – and child raising – are tough. Bless your heart. Greater grace, Father!

Behavior which leads to acting up or out is influenced from many sources. Some come from inside, others outside, every person. A core essential building block which impacts behavior is food. Today, let’s start by take a deeper look at it physically and spiritually.

Food Influences

Food heals and builds the body, or weighs and breaks down the body. Nutrition that supports healthy brain, heart, digestive and immune functions from clean foods, whole foods, and non-to-low processed foods give great side effects—more cooperative and pleasant behavior. On the other hand, food that is highly processed, high in refined sugars, some dairy, most commercially processed grains, and corn sugars and starches, give negative side effects—such as temper tantrums, lack of focus and cooperation and unpleasant behaviors. The reason why is because the food releases building blocks which fuel chemical processes, or interrupts them, which impact brain function and the digestive system leading to pain, sugar rushes and crashes which fuel aggressive and depressive behavior, and various other troubles as “pieces” are missing to fuel normal, healthy, God-designed physical functions to sustain life through strong, healthy bodies.

Once children are attached to their favorite foods, there’s a soul tie in addition to physical dependency. So, they have negative reactions when the offending foods are removed.

If you have opportunity, learn how to eat for nutrition and life, and start it from Day One with your children. If you know you’ve already started poor nutrition in some areas, there is hope for change. We are proof.

Every journey of 1,000 miles starts with the first step.

1. The first step is to realize change needs to happen and to commit your plans to the Lord so they’re under his jurisdiction where He will cause them to succeed (Proverbs 16:3).

2. Soul tie prayer.

Father, I confess, repent for, reject and renounce every soul tie for comfort, strength, desire, etc. that I made to any food or drink, or connection to family or friends with food and drink. Separate me from it together with all words, thoughts and actions in those paths. Destroy it all at the Cross. Restore the broken and torn portions of my spirit, soul and body. Remove from me everything negative that flowed as a result of these soul ties. Restore everything good and right that You gave that was stolen as a result of these soul ties. I yield all these parts to You, Father, Son and Spirit. Rebuild, renew, restore, rule and reign forevermore. Give me the desire and follow-through to learn and grow, receive and develop resources to purchase and/or grow, prepare and consume healthy nutrition through food and drink. I consecrate all this was, is, and is supposed to be to You, Father, Son and Spirit. Let Your fire fall upon it, burn up the bad and purify the good. I entrust this to Your care, Lord Jesus Christ. Please accept, apply, and activate these prayers for my family (fill in names of spouse, children, grandchildren). I decree that their sins are forgiven and remitted in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please seal all this work within us by the power of the Holy Spirit. Rearguard and seal us and this progress with Your glory in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

3. Weaning process. Begin reducing their favorite poor nutrition choices in increments until they are eliminated.

Find healthy choices that they like and increase these meals. (26)

4. Fasting. For us, fasting began with me. I fasted and prayed multiple times and ways over the course of ten years. My family began to notice. Once, a massively important issue captured my attention; I told them I planned to fast and pray for it, and asked if they would join. To my surprise and delight, they opted in! This doesn’t have to be hard. It could be a Daniel fast where meats and sweets are eliminated. A protein shake fast. A bone broth fast. It could be foregoing one meal daily for a week. For a day. Or a couple meals. With a prayer focus centering on the move of God in some way in your life, your family, your church, and/or your nation.

5. Build momentum from the fast. Seize your moment! A fast naturally clears out the body’s fog and creates a space where we hunger and thirst for what nourishes. Build on the fast’s momentum by planning ahead to have nourishing food available immediately after the fast is completed. For example, chicken broth. Fresh fruit and nuts for snacks. (If you alone embark on this journey, building your momentum will be enough, because as you feel better and learn more, you introduce more good nutrition to your family!)

In addition, Father honors these fasts and does all kinds of amazing spiritual work in us. Some problems, physically and spiritually, disappear without any further effort on your part! Our work is the fast. His work is amazing signs, wonders, healings, miracles and restorations of all kinds!

6. My prayer for you.

Father, thank You for the abundance of information and available resources to heal and build our families nutritionally. Please shine Your light and make it clear, knowledge and direction by day and dreams and visions by night, what is the next step(s) nutritionally and health-wise for each family. Please cause it to be so clear that they do not miss it. Please bless and expand their efforts, as You part the sea of resistance in their families, and make the way for their families to desire healthy change and to work with the mom/dad and not against them. Give greater grace for the changes You are calling them to make so that they can live the abundant life You desire and paid for them to have—that they have health and wealth to accomplish their purposes in their generation in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

7. There is such an abundance of information that it can be overwhelming to know where to start. Here are valuable resources to assist your journey.

The Natural Life offers recipes that maximize nutrition for the whole person without going into information overload, but which serve up maximum nutrition on interchangeable ingredients.

Cultures for Health offers all kinds of starter kits for kefir, cheese, fermented veggies and kumbucha, properly prepared grains, as well as an abundance of ebooks and videos that take you simply through the whole process. Their products and knowledge of the processes involved gets you started producing your own whole foods at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them.

Dr. Z and Mama Z offer abundant strategies, recipes and classes to safely use essential oils to heal and build your health, your family’s, your home and your pets.

Hope Streams offers spirit and soul healing/building resources. The audio version of Perfect Peace (in available in two albums or as singles) most speedily increases the inner peace in you or your family as you face healthy growth or recovery challenges.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

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From Turbulent to TEAM!

Have you ever faced big stress and your children add to it by acting out?

Here you are, trying your best to hold it together, keeping the family boat of life steady in turbulent water. Randomly, it seems, they begin melting down, raging and/or being generally uncooperative. The family boat is now spinning wildly on top of the turbulent water, and your stress cortisol levels skyrocket!

Been there, done that, have the t-shirt?!

In times past, the parental model appeared to revolve around stoicism. To keep all matters of stress—family trouble, sickness to the point of death, financial difficulty, relational strain, etc.—completely quiet and out of earshot of the children to protect them.

This is honorable.

However, parents carry those heavy burdens, which consume massive amounts of energy, and could erupt into a parental outburst disproportionate to the missteps of the children.

Today, social media, which fuels much of the cultural climate, has fostered an environment where almost nothing is private. It has flipped the social relating model to full exposure without privacy. Thus, children are shielded from virtually nothing. It’s complete sensory overload, and damaging to healthy growth stages.

Neither of these models are good and healthy.

The reason children act out in various ways when you’re facing big stress is because your children sense and feel it. They don’t have language for it. But they are feeling it—and carrying it (sharing in your suffering as we do with Jesus and His people, Phil 3:10). Thus, they release the tension and concern physically (act out in some way) for which their soul and spirit do not have language.

Their soul may erupt into verbal-emotional or emotional-physical outbursts because they have no other way to process the load they feel. Their spirit may erupt their body and/or mouth in an attempt to get your attention because something is not right, and they know it. (This is excellent when their spirit is seeking to be heard, because as we lead them to intercede with us, they have ability to release solutions we did not even know Father had.)

Here is the paradigm shift. No matter how hard you try to handle your parental responsibility and shield your children from the trials you are facing, they are in the battle with you, feeling it and sharing the load. (23)

Action Steps

Take the time to center yourself so you can speak from a steady place and not a fearful one (they will follow your lead).

Use age-appropriate language (leave trauma, fear-invoking, and sordid details out).

Give them a brief overview of what is facing you (If you’re under strain and don’t know the source, just be honest on that point, and let them know it’s not their fault. Don’t dump your emotional load on them, and don’t keep it all in.).

Tell them you would value, and need, their prayers (you and your children are a micro-church).

Tell them this truth from Matthew. Open the Bible and read them Matthew 18:19-20: “Again, truly I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything they ask for, it will be done for them by my Father in heaven. For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them” (NIV). It only takes TWO to come into agreement about an issue on earth to get it resolved—with JESUS showing up to honor the agreement! That is one parent and one child. If there is more, great. If not, it’s enough. (Some situations do take more prayer pressure than one sitting. That doesn’t mean you’re not getting the breakthrough. It means there was more than one part to break through.)

Start with your thanksgiving and praise, then offer your prayer request. Ask if they have anything to add. If they do, great. If they do not, it is a good starting point! End by agreeing verbally: “In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ AMEN.” (Our AMENS are our hearty agreement on earth to His YES from Heaven, 2 Cor. 1:20).

My prayer for you:

Father thank You for these parents, children and families. Turn their hearts to You and to each other. Grace them and empower them to fulfill Your royal law to love each other by helping carry each other’s burdens. Encourage the parents that these trials are training times for their children, not just greater loads to carry parentally. Give them grace to understand where these outbursts are coming from; grace to step back emotionally; grace to redirect the tension into a holy training time and plan of action (starting with family prayer). Encourage the parents with the truth that, together with the Lord Jesus Christ, their micro-church is being heard on High and answers are breaking through. Strengthen, encourage, grace, heal and fill them, parents and children, with Your Holy Spirit, as You, Lord Jesus Christ, teach them to carry each other’s burdens and learn how to use their spiritual weapons (of prayer, faith, etc.). Thank You for personally showing up in the midst of the prayer times! In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

Crystal Wade, copyright 2018


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Genesis of Love

Greetings, highly honored ones!

Father chose you, specifically, to co-labor with Him on the highest ROI (return-on-investment) in the cosmos!

Who are these honored ones?


What is this highest ROI co-labor with Father?

The process of loving, raising and training children.

Incredibly harder, but more worthwhile, than expected is parenting. Parents are entrusted by Father with treasures (children’s spirits) in jars of clay (physical body).

The vast majority of parents deeply desire to provide the best for their children. As such, we, parents, can end up carrying loads of hyper-responsibility, guilt, frustration, fear and shame for their well-being and our role in it. With any trouble regarding the circumstances around their conception, these burdens balloon. Loads such as these greatly reduce effective parenting.

Below is a new paradigm from the Father that will release you from these.

Additionally, this new series is presented with the desire and prayer to grant direction and connection for you to partner with your Father and theirs in raising the big-spirited children. Of all the people on earth and in history, your Father chose you to love and raise them.

To build this paradigm, let’s take a closer look at King David.

Famous for defeating giants and establishing Israel’s eternal capital, David also experienced heavenly visitations and prophetic encounters. Not as widely known, David was a prophet, though referred to by Jesus (Luke 20:41-44). His powerful encounters flowed as a result of his heart to honor Father God and through his cultivation of worship. In Psalm 110, David recorded a heavenly preview of the Messiah, Jesus, initiated by Father into a new priesthood—Melchizedek’s.

If you’ve tracked with prophetic ministry over the past 14 years, you’re familiar with the interchangeable terms, “destiny books,” “books of destiny,” or “scrolls of destiny.”

This concept comes from the prophetic vision of David regarding his life, all the way to womb and before (Psalm 139). Recorded in Scripture which Paul instructs us to use for training in righteousness, we gain Father’s wisdom and view on children, and thus adjustment as parents (2 Timothy 3:16).

“My bones were not hidden from You when I was made in secret; when I was woven in the depths of the earth. Your eyes saw my embryo; and in Your book all my members were written; the days they were formed, and none was among them.” (Psalm 139:15-16 in A Literal Translation of the Bible by Jay Green, Sr., 1985).

Notice the word “secret” (Strong’s #5643 cether). It is the same word used in Psalm 91:1:  “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty” (KJV).

Secret place here is a spiritual place of spiritual meeting. In Hebrew, it means “covering, shelter, hiding place, secrecy, shelter, protection.” The secret place spoken of in Psalm 91 is in the heart of the Father.

Where does love flow from? The heart. Where is the physical genesis of babies? The heart of the parents in the physical act of intimacy. Where is the spiritual genesis of babies? The heart of the Father, Son and Spirit.

The vision David saw revealed development on two different planes. 1. the secret place and 2. the depths of earth.

For a baby’s bones to develop from cell layers through the process of transforming cartilage to soft bones, with the active use of calcium and minerals, it takes almost nine months. Soft bones are made ready for entry to the world in the last month before birth. (20)

Before bones developed in utero, Father developed David (and each baby) in the secret place of His heart. Father’s eyes considered the unformed person (embryo) which He created. He fully and intimately knew every detail of the child’s spirit, soul, body and recorded his/her days in a special book (1 Corinthians 13:4-8; 12-13; Psalm 139:16).

At this point, before placing the baby’s eternal spirit inside his/her temporal body in the womb, Father wrote (Strong’s #3789 kathab) all the days planned for that child before any of them occurred. Write here means “write, record, enroll, inscribe, decree.” And the word book (Strong’s #5612 cepher) means “book or scroll, legal document, record book.”

This is why there can be such accurate prophetic words released when a child is in the womb, or very young, because the Father is speaking to the prophet words from the child’s destiny book.

The Father revealed to David that He was fully engaged in the unfolding of David’s life in Heaven and on earth. He formed him above, planned and prepared for his life in his own personal book or scroll of destiny, and wove him skillfully on earth (DNA spirals look like weaving!).

Nothing random, wrong, or haphazard occurred with the eternal development and the placement of David in his mother’s womb, in that time of history, and in that place of geography. Nor did it occur in our child’s.

The same is true for us, as parents. We were as lovingly prepared and planned for “. . .by the power of God, who has saved us and called us to a holy life—not because of anything we have done but because of his own purpose and grace. This grace was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time, but it has now been revealed through the appearing of our Savior, Christ Jesus. . . (NIV, 2 Timothy 1:8b-10a).

Father is your parent. He is your children’s parent. And He chose you. Specifically, because He trusted you with His masterpiece. His child—and yours.

The burden of guilt, shame, hyper-responsibility, fear and frustration is lifted off your shoulders this day. You are free to partner with your Father and theirs in loving and raising these beloved children. He knows what they, and you, need at each season.

Shift gears from any negative emotions or heavy load of trying to do the best for your children for the Father, and allow Him to lead you on what needs to be done, and when.

You are His child, too. And He’s parenting you both.

(If you aren’t a parent, you are still Father’s child. . .and He would love to connect deeply with you, if you are not already deeply connected. And He may well have physical and/or spiritual children ahead for you to nurture.)

Paradigm shift: You’re not raising your children for God, to be good people, or good Christians. Father designed them and their destiny. Then, He chose you to share them with. Through this process with them, He is re-parenting you. From His loving, tender knowledge, He is giving you wisdom from Heaven on how to parent (nurture, guide and train) them with their spirit needs.

My prayer for you:

Father, thank You Your truth that sets us free! Thank You for lifting these heavy burdens off Your beloved parents. Cause them to feel the release and freedom. Give them grace to connect with You, as Father. Give them grace to receive Your process of parenting in their lives, and in the lives of the children You’ve blessed them with. Align and adjust them now. Give them freedom to synchronize with the flow of Your days of destiny for them and their children in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

— Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

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The Power of ONE

Is it possible for one life to create a ripple effect large enough to change a nation, releasing a glory tsunami through history and geography? What about starting in a hard and lonely place as a teenager?


Grab a cup of coffee or tea—and a child, tween or teen if you have one–and join us for the rest of the story on Let’s Wade In! Don’t miss any of this four-part short series!

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Divine Interruption — Time to MARCH

The Lord divinely interrupted our regularly scheduled programming (Hope Streams newsletter) to the Whatever Is series with two weeks of focused prayer and action for March.

March is a month of season change. In fact, March is named after the Roman god of war. For centuries, the dark kingdom has worked to defile times and seasons—key times through the years are strategically targeted, one of those being the windows of seasonal change (March, June, September and December).

In fact, March lines up (for the most part) with the Hebrew month Adar. Adar is the month Haman chose by a form of divination for an attempt to annihilate the Jews in Queen Esther’s day.

What does this mean for us?

  1. This time is super important. When the dark kingdom attempts to strategically target anything, time included, it’s super valuable to the kingdom of light.
  2. Be aware. This is a time when trouble can increase. Sickness, devouring, etc. However, that is not the end. The end is the VICTORY of the battle just as Esther and the Jews won—“thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ” (1 Cor. 15:57).

A powerful, but incredibly underestimated, way that the kingdom of light (Father) and the kingdom of darkness works is through: 1. words 2. the power of agreement of words and 3. the authority of agreement of words by those in systems.

The following strategic prayer before the Heavenly Court is offered below as a gift to assist you in securing VICTORY.

The Father’s best to you,

Crystal and Stephen Wade


Background on Systems – MARCHING into this Moment for Justice!

Systems are set up by man to take the place of God. For instance, the healthcare system interrupts the flow of life between us and God as Healer. (Of course, there are times to visit the doctor/hospital, etc.) Religious systems, such as churches, can appoint themselves as mediator between man and God, and also as judge as to whether or not man (individuals) can hear or did hear from God.

Life Flow and Seasons of Change

Systems interrupt the life flow between man and God.

One example is when Father taps us on the shoulder and we leave a system (work, school, church, government agency, etc.). There is an amount of toxicity released by what those within the system think and/or speak about us. When those words are coupled with the authority of the system, it hits us with a greater force.

Father has times and seasons for His children to move in and out of places.

Unfortunately, people do not necessarily recognize those! And so, we have to deal with the aftermath.

We can be wounded, when we leave a system, or shortly thereafter. And so, we may consciously or unconsciously agree with what has been spoken against us.

This is a form of prison. The prison will keep us trapped from marching forward.

Systems Can Shrink Room Available

What happens is this: Our calling may be represented by 500 acres of land. All that is within that land is ours, though it may not all be developed yet. Those toxic words, backed with the police force of the system, build fences around us. Over time, these fences reduce the size of available operations we have.

So, we may be created to operate in 500 acres, which is our sphere and our God-given resources, and yet through the people-and-system-loosed-assignments are shrunk to 50 acres operating space available to us. With lions prowling the surface (demonic enforcing the words agreed and released by agreement and authority of systems), we don’t venture beyond the restriction of the illegitimate fence when the whole landscape is legally ours from Father.

This is a form of restriction. The restriction will keep us trapped from marching forward into expansion.

Do a Clean Sweep

This is an opportune moment in time to appeal to the Heavenly Justice System.

The Lord revealed that this is the time to do a clean sweep. He also revealed the good news that as we are healed (personal preparation below is key), the fence will be easily removed and we can MARCH forward with greater freedom. (It would be harder to break through that illegal 50 acre coercion fence if we still felt or agreed that we were at fault or were clinging to their words of illegitimacy.)

Clear and Present Danger – and Good News

Think of your children. Words are being spoken to, and about, them every day at school. This is creating a force field around them that can block their growth at best and imprison them at worst. Many times we try to encourage our children, building them up from the toxic words they’ve ingested, when we need to go higher ground–clean out the spiritual space with forgiveness and then go up to Heaven’s Court.

Work is another example.

These fences, and prisons, which have been built through wrong words by people, agreement, and with authority backed by systems stay in effect, operating from the second heaven where they are powered by the demonic, until we prepare and then go to Heaven’s Court.

These fences and prisons (spiritual structures) have the ability to block our breakthroughs from breaking through.

Father never spoke negative things about us that people, people in agreement, or people in authority of systems did.

We have to recognize that this is a huge issue. And then, prepare our hearts so that we can take our case to the Heavenly Court with purity and thus receive power from on High.

Important Note

This is a prayer guide. Spend as much time as necessary on the forgiveness part (1. Forgiving (a release of an offense or injury against you) is an act of the will, so you may not feel any better, but it is important to truly purpose that your words are true. 2. Then, ask the Lord to apply His light of healing to your wounds and memories.) This is important to clear obstacles on your end before going to the Heavenly Court in order to petition the Father to clear obstacles on your behalf.

You have the legal authority to pray for yourself, and your immediate family (which includes adult children/spouses and grandchildren!). If you have no immediate family, adjust the wording to pray for yourself.


Personal Preparation

Father, thank You for the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which covers my sin and gives me access to You. I confess, repent for, reject and renounce every word I have wrongly spoken about people, personally and generationally to the core to Adam—about myself, my family, people at work, people at church, (fill in the blank).

I confess, repent for, reject and renounce every word I have wrongly spoken in agreement with others about people, personally and generationally to the core to Adam–about myself, my family, people at work, people at church, (fill in the blank).

I confess, repent for, reject and renounce every word I have wrongly spoken in agreement with others in the authority of systems about people, personally and generationally to the core to Adam–about myself, my family, people at work, people at church, (fill in the blank).

Separate me from the sin, and destroy it at the cross. Wash me clean with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and sprinkle Your blood on my conscience to purify it to the core to Adam.

Please saturate every wound and memory in me with Your light and glory to the core to Adam to heal them.

Father, please set a shield over my heart, mind and mouth so that I speak Your words of life, truth, love and grace, and not death–even when its necessary to speak correction and warning.

Father, please open the books and destroy the power of every word I wrongly spoke, wrongly agreed with, and wrongly operated in systems’ authority with against myself and every other person affected, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

Father, please open Your books and release the multiplied power of Your blessing to each of these to restore, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

I forgive and release all those who have spoken against me and my family from, personally and generationally to the core to Adam:

– family systems

– church systems

– business systems

– school systems

– friends networks systems

– government systems

– medical systems

– (fill in the blank as led)

I break my agreement with any of the words they spoke, agreed with, or released through authority of the systems, any of the assignments, curses, or judgments that were sent to me and my family, and I shut the door to them, and ask the Lord to seal it, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

I agree with the truth that the Father has spoken over me and my family that we are His children, given the right to be called the sons of God, that we are prospering and being in health even as our soul prospers, that we are kingdom agents, and have full range of motion (and add the words He has given you personally.) I open the door to this truth in my life, and ask the Lord to secure it, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

Father, restore and do much more, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

Prayer before Heavenly Court

Father, please cover me in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You for Your throne of grace and mercy made available through the pure and innocent life of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for Your amazing grace.

Praise You, O Righteous Judge! You always judge fairly. Praise You, O Magnificent Ruler of the Universe who are wise in all Your ways!

I request entrance to the Courts of Heaven, and enter with my attorney, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Forgiveness is released from You to me, and from me and my family to those who have injured me and my family, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, please open the books. It is my case presented to You, now, with the petition that You judge all words that people have thought, written or spoken about me and my family, be that individually, in agreement with others, and/or from the authority of systems, and to destroy the power and authority of any words that are not right according to Your knowledge of truth about me and my family as written in Your books, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

Righteous Judge, judge and destroy the unholy power and authority of their words, agreements, and authority from the systems, against me and my family, and all that we are, and have, and are supposed to have, together with all the assignments, curses, and judgments that went with them, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, cut off all agreements people, personally, in agreement, and in authority of systems, have entered into regarding me and my family that were not of You, personally and generationally to the core to Adam.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, raise Your shield of honor over me and my family to shield and deflect the words by the people, empowered with force from the systems. Cause us to recognize these honor moments and agree with them rather than defaulting to false humility which deflects the power of the shield of honor.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, You sent me and my family to the earth with missions to complete, the good works You prepared in advance for us to do in Christ Jesus. With the former prisons and restrictions, we have been hindered, blocked, and delayed from operating fully in our personhood, place, position, and God-given power to be the person You created us to be and do the work You created us to do. As a result, the Lord Jesus Christ is not receiving His portion of the harvest through us.

I appeal to the Heavenly Court through the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to recompense me and my family for the damages caused by every prison, infraction and illegal fence built on and around me and my inheritance, with back damages for all the years that these unauthorized structures were erected on my God-given property which is my inheritance in Christ, and His inheritance in me and my family.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, dispatch Your Holy Angels to release me and my family from every prison structure erected, and then destroy the prison, remove the squatters from my land, together with their illegal police force, and their unrighteous structures (fences) that have been blocked me and my family from growing and expanding, and then destroy the structures.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, dispatch Your Holy Angels to recover, restore, and rebuild all that should have been in and through me and my family. Set up a rearguard over it so it is protected and shielded.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, dispatch Your Holy Angels to return to me and my family full recompense, and to seal our righteous spiritual boundaries with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and within these newly secured borders, release all that is ours now, all that was blocked and delayed, and for however long, with full back damages.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, I hand my case over to my attorney, the Lord Jesus Christ, to adjust and file addendums, as He sees fit, before filing.

Righteous Judge of the Universe, as You render judgment with assistance on my and my family behalf, set up Your rearguard over it.

Thank You, Righteous Judge of the Universe, that it Your good pleasure to release justice and righteous to me and my family, and to secure our boundaries as You have apportioned them, and align with You to secure them in their rightful and free position, with full room to move and grow, according to Your boundaries for me and my family because You sent Your Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to preach good news of release to those in prison, and good news of expansion of Your Kingdom.

Thank You for hearing my case, and for Your judgment and release on our behalf. In the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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Engage Prayer Shield NOW

Heavenly Father does not perpetrate crimes against children and schools (or anywhere else, that’s the work of His ancient enemy).

What Causes the Breach

Our national walls have been breached.  Just like our national foundation has been built on sand, in many places.

To be clear, what is considered sin, rebellion and iniquity in the Father’s sight (not people’s opinions) perpetrated physically creates the kingdom of the Father’s ancient enemy on earth, even in schools, businesses, etc. The physical sin provides the access point for the Father’s ancient enemy to rule spiritually. The physical crimes, including bloodshed, are physical expression of the fruit of that spiritual kingdom’s rule.

There’s hope–this can, and is, being unraveled through prayer, fasting and repentance.

However, this is the reason behind the crimes we are experiencing. It is not the lack of laws, or the lack of enforcement, or even broken families. And it is definitely not the Father’s work, or lack of concern or protection.

How to Move Forward from Trauma

What that means is—the security we expect for our families, our schools, our children, is not available in the ways we used to depend on.

Where does that leave us?

With the ball in our court, actually.

Our children and teens are looking to us, the parents, grandparents, and adults in their lives for comfort, guidance and hope.

So, if you, as the adult in their lives, feel traumatized, I’d like to offer the resource below to help get to solid ground. Peace of Protection. It will bring comfort and strength to your heart. They really are taking many of their cues from you.

Next, don’t depend on the schools, churches, etc. for the safety and protection of your family. While safety and protection should be there, we are not left powerless nor defenseless.

In fact, there is even GREATER GRACE for our Heavenly Father’s protection NOW because greater sin is at work, Romans 5:20.

However, we can no longer take the protection of our families for granted. We have to take action. The good news is that Father is with us! He wants our families safe and protected.

Strategy for Protecting Your Family

Again, get to solid ground emotionally.

Next, daily confession of sin removes the access points of the Father’s ancient enemy to our lives and families. [sample prayer for family] “Father, I confess every sin we have done today on purpose or on accident. I confess every darkness we took in. I confess every anger we held and release every unforgiveness we have. Separate us from it, and destroy it at the Cross. Wash us with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please sprinkle Your blood on our conscience to remove the guilt. We give You these places, Lord Jesus Christ, to rule in us. We receive Your Holy Spirit to fill us.”

Then, daily speak out loud: “Father please apply the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over me, my husband/wife, son, daughter (fill in their names).”

Daily use Psalm 91, the prayer of protection. (On the days that I don’t get to pray out all the usual Scriptures for my family, I decree this: “I call into activation the prayers I pray daily for my family, and command them activated on earth and in our lives in this time, space, place and dimension as it is in Heaven.”) (1)


Prayer Shield in REAL Time

I’d like to encourage you with a true story. I have a friend who’s a reporter by trade, and who has spent the majority of her reporting career in an internationally volatile place. Her mom DAILY puts up a prayer shield around the family, even though they’re separated by miles. Once a mom, always a mom!!!

Several times, my friend complained to me that when she arrived on scene, that the “action” had stopped.

I laughed, and told her, “Your mom’s prayer shield works!”

Please hear this. The Prayer Shield Team for the family is her mom. It. Works.

NO “arrow” (BULLET) flying by day comes near her! (Ps. 91:5)

Would you pray with me for the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones in the shootings?

Father, thank You for the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which is SO powerful, for Your Word which is SO powerful, and for the prayers of the moms, dads, grandparents, children, the prayers of Your people, which are SO powerful.

Thank You for giving us greater grace in times of greater sin.

Father, we lift up the families and friends of all who have lost in the school shootings, and other shootings, and we ask that You would comfort their hearts. Give them greater grace. Carry them through, and bring them to a place of solidity, comfort, strength, and life in You.

Give wisdom and strength to moms, dads, grandparents, and those concerned to engage with You to protect our families, schools, churches, businesses, etc. in our day.

Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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Growing Family

Diagnosed with chronic hypertension during her second pregnancy, Ashli refused to accept that diagnosis as a life sentence.  As learners, Ashli and Aaron Newman determined to implement generational cleansing and personal life lessons into raising their children.  The couple desired to raise their children in love and truth, doing all they knew to position their children to walk in their individual destinies.

Every family receives and bequeaths two streams—a toxic waste dump from the generational iniquity in their ancestral lines and a goldmine of generational blessings from the righteousness of their forefathers.  After their second daughter Micah arrived, Aaron and Ashli rigorously pursued generational cleansing while honoring the faith of their fathers.  Iniquity and rebellion* open doors to satan’s work in a family.  Those doors stay open until someone in the family recognizes that point of entrance, confesses and renounces those sins, thereby shutting the doors.  When those doors are closed and the family intentionally builds the opposite virtue (ex.:  using leadership positions to manipulate, control, or oppress people vs. using leadership positions to be life-giving and equipping), then the doors are open to God’s blessing. (12)

As the couple initiated this family cleansing process, they sensed a link existed between Ashli’s physical symptoms of high blood pressure and the spiritual iniquity in their family line dealing with freemasonry.  Agreeing in prayer with a mature intercessor, Aaron and Ashli prayed and repented for their family’s involvement in freemasonry, working to shut the doors to the enemy’s work in their generations.  In addition, Ashli made changes in her diet.  She started taking supplements one year before her third pregnancy, standing on the promise that “by His stripes, we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5, KJV).   The couple addressed spiritual and physical causes for the chronic hypertension, but discovered that the emotional aspect needed to be addressed as well.  They distanced themselves emotionally from certain relationships which continuously generated turmoil.  When they discovered they were expecting their third child, Aaron and Ashli determined to nurture the baby’s spirit and to create a safe, worshipful atmosphere for the baby’s development.  Therefore, for the first four months of pregnancy, they shared their joyous news with only one intercessor (an elder) they trusted to bless the baby on a weekly basis.

Every Saturday morning, the elder called to bless the baby.  Delightful girls, their daughters Bryce and Micah are as different in personality as night and day.  Micah is very independent and likes to have time by herself while Bryce prefers company.  Therefore, it was noteworthy that Micah consistently walked into the room when the elder called to bless the baby, sat quietly during the blessing, and left silently when the call ended.  Ashli noted that her own spirit leapt in anticipation of the weekly blessing calls.  While the elder called specifically to bless the baby’s spirit in the womb, she also extended those prayers for the whole family.  It worked.  Two weeks into the pregnancy, the doctor took Ashli off the chronic hyper-tension medications because “she did not need them anymore.”  In addition to the elder’s weekly blessings, Aaron daily blessed his two daughters’ and the baby’s spirits in the evenings.  In the mornings, Ashli read Scripture to them.

Their son Noah arrived during the summer, healthy and strong.  In spite of health issues with her previous pregnancies, Ashli gained strength and health during her third pregnancy through a balanced approach to dealing with spiritual, emotional, and physical roots which can combine to cause illness.  However, the couple did not stop with removal of potentially negative elements in their family.  Intentionally, they determined to rebuild righteous lifestyles and attitudes in order to position themselves and their children to accomplish the specific destiny for which God designed them.  Aaron and Ashli purposed to build life and virtue into their family using blessing, Scripture, emotional adjustments, and implementing truths God specifically showed them.  In other words, they committed to staying teachable, while learning new ways of living and relating, when necessary, to maximize a healthy family environment.

As they intentionally nurtured Noah’s spirit in the womb and continue to grow all three of their children’s spirits, they noticed that Noah’s interactions with people are different than most other children’s.  Furrowing his eyebrows and staring intently, Noah studies certain people.  Other people, he responds and connects to without reservations.  As parents, Aaron and Ashli follow Noah’s lead on interacting with people.  If he wants to connect, they let him.  When he does not, they do not press him.

From birth, Noah’s spirit exhibited an unusually high level of dominion.  Taking Noah to his two week old routine check-up, Aaron and Ashli noticed the chaos in the doctor’s office and realized to their chagrin they left home without praying.  At that point, baby Noah began vigorously scrunching up his forehead.  Then, he relaxed.  Immediately, peace reigned in the room.  At that time, they considered the possibility that Noah’s nurtured spirit took dominion of the chaos and imposed peace into the room.  Since that first check-up, the Newmans have never entered that office with the level of chaos which was routine before Noah arrived.  In this situation and others, it has proven consistent that Noah’s spirit exercised dominion to bring peace into his environment.  It is God’s will for His children to exercise dominion by imposing peace into their environment and situations instead of being tossed and turned by external chaos.

Aaron and Ashli parent intentionally.  They are excited about learning and implementing new tools to grow their children, positioning them to be strong and whole in their spirits, souls, and bodies.  It is their goal to raise their children in the training and love of God so that when it is time, the children can enter their life’s calling with confidence, strength, and purpose.  Tearing down generational iniquity, rebuilding righteous ways of living and relating to God, ourselves, and others while continuing to nurture our children’s spirits during their growing up years widens and deepens the streams of generational blessing from which they can draw to accomplish their destiny.

*For more details on iniquity which opens the door to generational curses in families, please see Appendix B.

(excerpt from “Blessing in Action” in Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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