What is the effect of current television programs on my kids’ relationship with God?

Question: What is the effect of current television programs on my kids’ relationship with God?

Answer: What we feed our children’s bodies builds them with solid nutrition for the long haul, or not. It works the same with what we feed, or allow to be fed to, our children’s souls. (It works the same with adults.) Consumption of food (or media/technology) creates a desire which grows an appetite for a particular “meal.” These either increase our children’s desire and appetite for relationship with their Heavenly Father and heavenly realities, or decrease them.

Unfortunately, the days of wholesome television programming, and a hefty fine for unsavory language in movies, have passed.

As wonderful as it would seem to return to those days because society’s values were better, in general, than they are now, they weren’t all Kingdom-centered.

No matter what era of television programming is being watched (one option is to watch older series of television programming such as Mr. Rodger’s Neighborhood for younger children, and the majority of The Andy Griffith Show and Leave it to Beaver shows for older children and families), an important consideration is:

What length of time are they watching?

Pediatric doctor Barton D. Schmitt, MD, advises limiting television watching (including video games) to two hours a day or less. Click here to read those excellent guiding principles.

There are days, for instance, when someone in the family doesn’t feel well, and television watching spikes.  Also, if you need a break because of the 24/7 job parenting is, click here to read more about acknowledging your need to care for yourself and “feed” them well while navigating these waters.

Children are open and absorbent; the younger they are, the more open and absorbent. In addition to the content of the television programs, or entertainment from any source (phone Apps, YouTube, movies, video games, every media form), the frequency and intensity that flows from the words and sounds on the programming affect your child.

Sound creates.

By the sound of His voice and the directed intent of His focused planning, our Heavenly Father created the world. He created us in His image, and we create, be that intentionally or not.

Sound contained in the content, and the duration, of the programming are vibrating your child at the molecular level. Your child’s biology reverberates to the frequency released in the songs, words and sound in the programming.

Children and TV

Real Time

Joanna* had carefully chosen a non-violent, non-witchcraft video game for her son. He enjoyed playing it, and the action involved seemed a better choice than passive television viewing. Yet, every time he ended a section, or Joanna told him to get off, his agitation and irritation level was higher than when he started, and it was reducing the quality of their family interactions. Joanna and her husband banned video games for a time to sort the matter. One element that came to light was the nature of the video game played to the child’s (human’s!) desire to complete a goal. When he “failed” the level, he was compelled to keep playing until he “beat” the level. Human nature. The young boy was in a lose-lose situation, and his biology showed it by increased blood pressure and flushed cheeks. The time limit Joanna set for the video game did not allow him to “beat the level,” and once he beat a level, he didn’t want to turn off the game as the dopamine levels were flowing, and his biology was reverberating to the sound of the video game and to the euphoria of winning—even though it was a video game that was non-offensive to God.

The solution was found in the brakes applied by the parents—grounding from video games. When the boy realized: 1. he had to apply self-control to finish a level and turn the game off, and that 2. his mom Joanna was sympathetic to the frustration he felt when it took longer than his allotted time limit to “beat a level,” 3. they came to a solution. The time-out from the video game allowed the family to dissect the negative, and implement a solution based on trust. Over a decade later, Joanna cites that process as the time in which her son learned to apply self-limits still in evidence today.

Foundation of Life Laid in Childhood

Programs both engage and lull the senses. Without parental oversight and engagement, children will watch (or play) longer than is healthy, and they will lose that time of creativity, play, exploration, discovery, learning, connectivity and growth that would naturally occur in earlier historical times before the advent of media technology.

This not only affects their relationship with our Heavenly Father now, but as the foundation of life is laid in the childhood years (if you or your children know you have deficits there, there’s hope as it’s redeemable!), it will affect them later as illustrated by the law of inertia which states “an object at rest stays at rest, or an object in motion stays in motion unless acted on by unbalanced force.” They’ll stay in the patterns they developed in childhood (including tween and teen years).

Our objective in their childhood years is to keep the ball rolling—our children—in motion with their Heavenly Father. It takes our intentional direction of television, and media oversight, as part of the plan to achieve that goal.

What types of programming are they watching?

The eyes are such an important gateway—inward to our hearts and outward to the created world.

What goes in through the eyes (and ears) goes to our souls, then to our hearts, and either builds or dirties them.

King David’s House

King David addressed the relationship between our Heavenly Father and the eyes in this way, “I will be careful to lead a blameless life—when will you come to me? I will walk in my house with a blameless heart. I will set before my eyes no vile thing,” Psalm 101:2-3.

David was expecting the Lord to visit him at his house. This is no isolated event for David alone, the Lord dwells among His people, including your home and family. In anticipation of the Lord’s presence, David prepared himself by being intentional about what he looked at—before the days of sex, drugs, violence bombarding us from almost every angle as well as silly and unproductive programming on media/technology.

Parents are Gatekeepers

Solomon relays this instruction that he’d received from his father David. “Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life,” Proverbs 4:23.

Parents are gatekeepers of their children’s hearts and gates for many years. What is seen by the eyes and heard by the ears goes into the heart (the intersection of our spirits and souls).

Jesus said, it’s what comes out of the heart, through the mouth, that defiles our own souls and others, Matthew 15:10-20.

What is in others’ hearts (writers, producers, businesses, etc.) is coming out through the “mouth” of media/technology and either building up your child’s heart (some of which intentionally draw them to the Father and some of which don’t) or dirtying it.

What goes into the soul affects desire—the wants and don’t wants!–even if the spirit has been nurtured. Also, what is set before the eye and ear gates which go into the soul and heart (the younger the child, the increased intensity) affects behavior. Children are created by our Heavenly Father to learn and grow with openness quickly. It’s one of the things He loves about them, and which Jesus complimented, Mark 10:15. They learn what they watch, and emulate the behavior they see and hear.

Our children’s lives are interconnected, as are ours. One aspect affects the whole. In other words, every item watched, eaten, heard, seen, learned, understood and digested impacts the whole spirit, soul and body. Each choice—to watch, to listen, to eat—will either build positively or negatively; the accumulation of those individual choices affect how our children view and relate to their Heavenly Father, themselves and others.

The good news is that it’s never too late to change choices! Each good choice moves your child closer to the abundant life with the good future that our Heavenly Father planned for him/her!

It is wisdom to provide intentional oversight to the: 1. content 2. sound and 3. length of media/technology for your child because it has the capacity to build their hearts, and thus their lives, closer to our Heavenly Father, or to set them into patterns that will be more difficult to break later.

My Prayer for You

Father, thank You for Your good plans for every parent, caregiver, and child. Please grant every parent and caregiver great grace to implement intentional choice and to impose limits for media and technology for their children, wisely and boldly, in the face of a culture that flows according to the law of sin and death. Father, grant these great expectation that their choices to be choosey and set limits is creating a space wherein You’ll be delighted to visit them, their homes, their children just as You did David. Father, lead, guide and direct them to media and technology that will build their children up in virtue and life, and draw their hearts to Yours, according to Your specific plans for their destinies. Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Your Questions

Email us your specific question about specialized concepts for nurturing the spirits of your children and assisting their growth so that they can go with God, and go for the gold in the race of their own life, and we’ll put yours in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

*Names have been changed.

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What are the Spiritual Implications of Karate?

Greetings and blessings, friends!

Today we’re launching an amazing new venture for parents (and caregivers) offered in love for YOUR abundant life! It’s the Living Hope Blog’s Honored Parents Q&A (questions and answers).

In the years since we launched spirit ministry for babies and children, we’ve counseled and co-labored with numerous families as they’ve nurtured their children’s spirits. To put it mildly, it’s a treacherous world we live in—with a wide range of evil and cleverly disguised ploys that attempt to pull us off track and wreak havoc in our children’s lives. Additionally, there’s our own stress and our children’s larger reactions to life because they’re healthy from all that spirit nurture we poured in them! On the good side, there are so many glorious moments and building opportunities that we have with these dearly beloved children to discuss as well.

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If you have a specific question about specialized concepts for children, email us and we’ll put yours in the queue.

Question:  What are the spiritual implications of karate?

Answer:  Let’s start with some background.

Ancient civilizations portrayed their hierarchy very clearly; there were no hidden landmines to navigate, it was simple and straight-forward. Religion was central. If you’re familiar with the seven mountain revelation (church/religion, family, education, government/law, media/technology, arts, business/finance), the mountain that governed their entire way of life was religion.

All institutions (marriage, family, civil government, business, and religious government) in the culture received life from and gave life to their central religion. In other words, each action was tied to an idol connected to a demonic force behind it.

Behind every transaction was the acknowledgement of their god, or specific god to that institution. Consider Egypt. Each of the ten plagues that our Heavenly Father rained down on Egypt targeted judgment on ten specific gods, or deities.

If you flip this equation to all life flowing from the Mountain of Heavenly Father, the Heavenly Mount Zion, then civilizations on earth would be Heaven on earth.  So, as usual, Father’s ancient enemy flipped and twisted Father’s design.

Modern civilization with its Western-based mindset has created so many schisms. On top of the schisms, the Father’s ancient enemy has hidden ancient evil in cleverly disguised ploys in order to trap and imprison us, our children, and our generations by deception.

Where did violence enter the picture?

When Father created mankind, they were completely pure, all the way to the core. The first act of disobedience opened the door for sin as an entity to enter man (and thus their seed until Christ, The Seed, came). From complete purity to the open door of sin as an entity, in only a few generations, through the hybrid DNA of the fallen angels and their own death-sin nature inherited from Adam, violence and war entered the earth through mankind (Genesis 6:1-5).

There is no violence where the Father dwells in pure light. The only violence is against His ancient enemy as He sits in judgment.

Spiritual implications

Fast forward to the martial arts, martial refers to the act of war, and arts affirms its connection to the mountain of religion which is still alive and active in the earth. What we would dismiss as inconsequential, due to the schisms in Western-based thought-life  (such as specific movements, bows, etc.), are actually specifically targeted to connect physical gates (eyes, ears, nose, mouth, hands, feet) to ancient evil with the intent of releasing and expanding it.

Karate falls in this category. It is, unfortunately, an open door to the Father’s ancient enemy, cleverly disguised as self-defense in our culture.

For further information and an extensive discussion on this subject, please see Kanaan Ministries’ PDF on the subject (Karate is cited on p. 19-20).

What’s a parent to do?

Is self-defense wrong? To the pure, all things are pure. To be pure, it’s so important for our children’s destiny: 1. to locate and close doors to evil and 2. to dedicate all that we are and have to our Heavenly Father that we may be pure—and live abundantly and with freedom from all forms of stealing, killing and destruction.

If you (or anyone in your generations) or your children have participated with the martial arts, now that you can see their connection to religion (backed by false gods and demonic powers) as the ruling mountain that connects to ancient pagan civilizations, clean house by repenting. For your reference, detailed descriptions that will help you do a deep clean on your spiritual home (your family) is outlined in Kanaan Ministries’ resource above.

When you’ve finished with that, pray and ask Father to prepare the way to speak with your family about the subject. Then, tell your children you’re sorry for allowing this open door to Father’s ancient enemy to be opened in their lives.

It’s not easy now, but it won’t get easier by waiting or avoiding the subject. Any access to your child by the Father’s ancient enemy will show up over time, and may do so in a way you don’t expect—including their health and wealth—and your future grandchildren.


A resource that accelerates your family’s freedom from all forms of idolatry (the martial arts connects to the mountain of false religion which is idolatry) is Katie Souza’s Kingdom of the Son. Her teaching is easy to understand. She explains how idols imprint on our souls and connect them with demonic forces. If the teaching is out of your family’s budget, get the soaking disc alone (Kingdom of the Son MP3 or Disc #7). Play it for your family at night (preferably on CD players to avoid EMF exposure). Have it playing in the house while they’re gone. Listen yourself as often as you can. I can attest that this anointed soaking expedites cleaning our spiritual houses and healing our souls by welcoming the Lord Jesus Christ in to do His great, transformative work.


Go with God go for the gold in the race of your life. Ask Father to open opportunities that are clean and pure for your children’s self-defense training and/or sports outlet, and then dedicate that activity to the Heavenly Father. (There is archery and weight lifting, for example.)

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019


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Oh, Brother!

Jacob and Esau. Joseph and his brothers. Brothers. Friendship and feuds.

Quickly, even a game gone awry can erupt into a family war! What wouldn’t cause a flicker of an eyelid with another person can erupt into war because of one dynamic. Family history.

Family Feuds and Family History

I’ve worked hard to affirm and solidify each of my sons in their distinct personhood with their own tastes and personality as separate from their brothers. As hard as I’ve worked and as much as I’ve poured, I’ve missed the mark many times in helping them learn and respect the boundary and territory lines of their brother.

A few years ago, my husband found a great deal on a family vehicle and asked me to meet him at the car dealership. There, we spoke with the salesman who drew our attention to a pair of impressive, large statues of bulls locking horns and head-butting each other! Stationed at the entrance of the dealership, these bulls commemorated the owner and his brother, and their struggle through the years. They both ended up owning car dealerships on top of their family history! The salesman smiled about it, and it seemed that they had reconciled their boundary and territory differences while commemorating the struggle.

God-given DNA

The Father has imprinted in the hearts of men a God-given, eternal drive to rule. In the Garden, the mandate came. This side of Eden the struggle for boundaries and territory leadership is real. And those can well erupt into family war which surface during the growing up years. Father’s imprint of territory expansion in the hearts of men starts at the beginning of their earth existence–in the womb. Therefore, the struggle for territory and boundaries starts as babies and little boys. Jacob and Esau started their power-play for their God-given territory rights in the womb (Genesis 25:21-26).

However, for parents, recognizing that the drive for boundaries and territory (and expanding them) is part of boys’ God-given DNA helps with the adjustment. If “family wars” are addressed in the growing up years, then they grow into men who respect and regard their own and others’ boundaries and territories. A very satisfactory side-effect for parents who stay present through these feuds, helping them learn respect and honor in the midst as the parents protect their boundaries, is their teen and young adult (and beyond) sons have a good relationship with each other.

After a family war eruption, I asked my son who wasn’t in the fray to pray for his brothers and me. The very evening he prayed, reconciliation happened. I had to facilitate it, but it flowed.


Feud Led to Extinction or Solidification

There’s enough room, really, for everyone. Father takes it personally when brother-family-feuds turn into roots of bitterness. Esau and his sons were not able to move past the root of bitterness that blinded them to the God-sanctioned boundary and territory that Father deeded to his brother Jacob. Father even protected Esau’s boundaries and territory (as well as cousins’ Moab and Ammon) by forbidding Israel to go through Esau’s territory as a travel route on the way to Canaan (or to pay for food and water) as He was helping Jacob get into his.

Families on the earth don’t have all the resources, and sometimes brothers do get shorted, so to speak. However, Father has ALL the resources as well as the commitment and desire to help each one become solidified in the gifts and area–with boundaries and territory intact and respected–that He has given them and that He wants them to have.

Esau’s family just could not get past their root of bitterness and perceived downgrade. As a result, their family was wiped off the face of the earth. That’s a big exclamation point from the Father who causes families to have perpetual memory and inheritance on the earth when they honor Him.

Joseph walked in the prophetic foreshadow of the Lord Jesus Christ as he released his anger and bitterness and forgave his brothers.That act solidified the brothers into the framework of a nation.

Microcosm of Family to Macrocosm of Nation

The microcosm of the family through the generations does impact the macrocosm of our nations.

Father revealed to me that many uprisings we are seeing in our nations are a result of roots of bitterness and nurtured anger, together with jealousy and pride, over the real or perceived disadvantages they’ve received from their brothers over boundaries and territories. What we need is reconciliation and honor.

Heaven Comes Down!

However, there’s great news! Agreeing in prayer with our Lord Jesus Christ, the older brother of whom Joseph is prophetic, releases brothers to reconcile.

When brothers work together, respecting each others’ boundaries and territories, the priestly anointing and blessings flow from Heaven. As the Father’s house is taken care of by the priestly anointing, those blessings from Heaven impact nations. This is no small thing.

As the Father created men and women in the Lord Jesus Christ with the position of firstborn sons, women can also feel this struggle, and women can also be a major part of the solution (Galatians 3:26-29).

It’s time to clean out some roots so the anointing of the Holy Spirit and the blessings of Heaven have room to flow. May the amazing healing be commemorated!

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!” Psalm 133

Would you pray with me?

Cleaning Our House First

Father, thank You that You are the One who’ve imprinted the leadership drive in the hearts of men (and women). You are the One who blessed and tasked men (and women) to rule and to expand.

Father, I confess that I’ve carried anger, unforgiveness, fear, jealousy and pride, offense and bitterness (from unreleased anger all the way through the final stage of murder) against “brothers” in my family and in Your Family, personally and generationally. I ask Your forgiveness and release it from my core to You at the Cross. Please separate me from the sin and destroy it at the Cross. Wash me with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to the core to Adam. Sprinkle Your blood on my conscience to the core to Adam. I shut every door and gate I opened to the enemy to the core to Adam.

I dedicate every door and gate in me to You, Father, Son and Spirit to the core to Adam. Please saturate them with Your Blood to the core to Adam. Lift up and open up, come in King of Glory, Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle! Lift up and open up, come in King of Glory, Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle! Come in and saturate all the wounds and memories with Your glory and light to the core to Adam. Wash me with the water of Your Word to the core to Adam. Separate me from everything that’s not from You, Father, and deal with it.

I consecrate all these places in me to You, Father, Son and Spirit, to the core to Adam. Rule and reign, Lord Jesus Christ. Restore and do much more! Cause me to live at peace and at one in myself and bring this wholeness to the table in relating to brothers. Grace me to carry unity with You in myself and have power to relate to my brothers in peace and respect. Release Your precious oil and restore the priestly anointing in me together with Your blessings from Heaven. Please seal this within me to the core to Adam with the power of Your Holy Spirit in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Stepping into our Priestly Office

It’s forbidden for any warfare to cross the blood line of the Lord Jesus Christ around me and my family. Blind the eyes of the enemy and deafen their ears, and hide us in the secret place. I come to You, Father, in the name and covered with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

On behalf of my family and Your Family, I confess that we’ve carried anger, unforgiveness, fear, jealousy and pride, offense and bitterness (from unreleased anger all the way through the final stage of murder) against our “brothers” in our family and Your Family, personally and generationally. I ask Your forgiveness and command it released from our core to You at the Cross. Please separate us from the sin and destroy it at the Cross. Wash us with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to the core to Adam. Sprinkle Your blood on our conscience to the core to Adam. We shut every door and gate that were opened to the enemy to the core to Adam.

We dedicate every door and gate in those places to You, Father, Son and Spirit to the core to Adam. Please saturate them with Your Blood to the core to Adam. Lift up and open up, come in King of Glory, Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle! Lift up and open up, come in King of Glory, Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle! Come in and saturate all the wounds and memories with Your glory and light to the core to Adam. Wash us with the water of Your Word to the core to Adam. Separate us from everything that’s not from You, Father, and deal with it.

We consecrate all these places in us to You, Father, Son and Spirit, to the core to Adam. Rule and reign, Lord Jesus Christ. Restore and do much more! Cause us to live at peace and at one in ourselves and bring this wholeness to the table in relating to brothers. Grace us to carry unity with You in ourselves and have power to relate to our brothers in peace and respect. Release Your precious oil and restore the priestly anointing in our family and Your Family, together with Your blessings from Heaven. Please seal this within us by the power of Your Holy Spirit.

I lay this burden down at Your feet. Please take it off me, and resupply my strength, energy, virtue and peace in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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Babies on Board: MAN the Cannons!

“A baby is one of God’s greatest miracles,” inscribed a friend in her card welcoming our first son into the world.

They absolutely are.

All our Heavenly Father’s hopes and dreams—and the answers to the prayers of multitudes through the generations—are wrapped up inside the spirits of babies. With love and nurture, and many times without much of either, babies grow and become children, tweens, teens and adults who positively impact the world.

In fact, babies alone scare the Father’s ancient enemy as their indistinguishable cries and sounds of praise remove the avenger of blood and a variety of foes set against their families and beyond (Psalm 8:2). Further, our Heavenly Father’s ancient enemy knows more than we do (even as believers) about the value of babies, and their eternal treasures, which is why he’s run a campaign to steal, kill and destroy them.

Abortion is not a political issue.

At its human root, it’s fear and pride, and their multitude of woundings. Father, forgive us. At its demonic root, it’s child sacrifice. Father, deliver us.

There was always a war over the babies—and I’m speaking in larger terms than Moses’ time, Jesus’ time, and the time since the gate opened in the USA to abortion through Roe v. Wade.

Every single baby from Cain onward entered earth through a battle zone in his/her mother’s womb.

Baby on Board

(Please note, if you’re expecting or wanting to expect a child, the baby can be shielded from the battle by dedication to the Father, praise, prayer, spirit nurture, your awareness, and maintaining privacy in public places such as social media. If this message prompts your spirit that you or your child have suffered damage through the battle, start with Jim and Pat Banks’ Healing Trauma Prayer. Also, our spirit blessings through Hope Streams are available to build and to heal.)

Yes, the war starts at conception.

Our babies have been fighting in the womb.

By virtue of your existence, you did, too. You may still have some battle wounds from that time that are affecting your life now. Yet, I congratulate you and your parents that you made it.

Now, at this pivotal moment in time, we face a battle to man the cannons to defend those who cannot yet speak for themselves (in our language.) Their language is heard on High, and Father has heard it all. God help us.

Choose Life – Speed Justice

“I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live and that you may love the LORD your God, listen to His voice, and hold fast to Him.” Deuteronomy 30:19 [bold, mine]

Today, you can speed justice by:

  1. Recognize every baby is facing a battle.
  2. Repent for aligning with lies, their refuge, death and hell (This simple, heartfelt prayer from the heart of many believers will clean up large portions of the toxic mega-load humans at large have been dumping into the spiritual atmosphere that keeps the stronghold of abortion and others running. Also, this prayer will start the revelation process of where lies you didn’t know you’d agreed with were running the computer software of your spirit, soul and body and creating havoc.)
  3. Ask Heavenly Father to clean out all that was released in and through you (and your family) as a result of personal and generational aligning with lies, their refuge, death and hell.
  4. By the grace of God, determine to choose life.
  5. Ask Father to pump His life in and through you, and establish it.

Together, we ask You, Father, to set up Your shield around every baby in the womb. We’re asking that You give greater grace, more angels, Your strength, and all that is necessary in Heaven and on earth for their life preserved and abundant—which is an expression of YOUR life—in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Be ready, Friends. Father is on the move on behalf of His little ones—the very ones who are the answers to our prayers. Recognize the battle and man your cannon with spiritual action.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019




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SURPRISED by Father’s Compassionate Intervention

Fatigued by a battle I didn’t know I was in, the only reaction I could manage was to keep putting one foot in front of the other. My son and I remained grid-locked in an impasse over an issue with his education.

Further, I was completely alone in terms of God and people. On one hand, that’s not true because the Lord Jesus Christ promised to be with me to the end of this age, and I did have people who loved me praying for me. On the other hand, I thought that this education/school concern fell in the realm of my responsibility, not God’s, so it never crossed my mind to pray about it. I didn’t understand, at that time, that any situation which faces and concerns us, faces and concerns our Heavenly Father. Regarding people, several real factors prevented me from being able to communicate the deep and continuous angst of this battle-disguised-as-a-situation-in-the-clothes-of-education.

With complete awareness that this incessant, unresolved conflict over the education issue was eroding our relationship, I felt completely powerless and hopeless to change it, dreading where this would take us in his future teen years.

The only reaction I accomplished was to keep showing up every day—and occasionally cry.

Somewhere in the midst of this disruptive, pain-filled time, I received a promise from the Father through a prophet friend that He would intervene, that He would change our interactions, and that He would grant solutions.

What hope! What surprise!

hopestreams.net (12)

Father then reached ‘round the world and scheduled a visit from two lovely women with mothering and worship/intercession gifts. In the midst of a demanding traveling schedule, they stopped by to visit. I came to honor and celebrate them, but ended up pouring out my heart over the contentious, continual stress and struggle with my son because they made it a safe place and due to the preparation (unbeknownst to me) of the Holy Spirit.

They listened, prayed for me, and then one woman had a simple word of knowledge that provided me direction to make a change. That simple change, which I received by faith from Holy Spirit through her, started ripples which changed EVERYTHING.

The battle we didn’t know we were in–ended. Father, true to His word, intervened also with my son and began adjusting emotional perspectives and thought patterns in him as well. That change point marked the beginning of healing our relationship.

I learned, once out of duress, that my son and I were in a battle for a purpose. However, we honestly did not have the strength to make it out with our own weapons at the time.

In His gracious goodness, Father saw our unarticulated pain and suffering, and moved with His famous compassion, intervened. He set our feet on a firm place and restored us.

Beloved, Holy Spirit reminded me of this testimony of Father’s goodness and compassion to share with you today because it’s His intent to intervene for you, too.

My Prayer for You

Father, thank You for Your gracious goodness and famous compassion to notice our trials, battles, and afflictions even when we don’t understand that we are in one. Father, search out the stress, duress, strain, and battles of Your beloved sons and daughters, and do for them what You did for me. See their affliction, send Your word, lift them up, arrange help—reaching around the world to schedule the perfect help and perfect ministry connection for their personal situation, help them recognize and implement any direction You release. RESTORE and do much more. Father, send as many angels as necessary to clear out their space and to minister to them, and bring Your will to bear on these battles to end them and establish Your sons and daughters, and their families, in Your magnificent, good plans in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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Grace of Unity for LIFE

“New York City in the 19th Century probably surpassed all others in political corruption and depraved popular culture; often the two were bound up together. One aspect of that depravity related to the extent and popularity of abortion, especially among the wealthier inhabitants” (Bill Potter, “Leslie Printice Leads Anti-Abortion Rally, 1846, landmarkevents.org).

Change Your Day, Change Your Life,

Change Your City, Change Your Nation

Leslie Printice, recently widowed, was stirred to action when the Holy Spirit moved on the passionate truth-based words of her pastor. In that unlikely time, as an unlikely activist, Leslie singularly stood against the kingpin woman who spearheaded the abortion industry in New York City. In addition to opposing abortion, Leslie “established prayer networks, sidewalk counseling shifts, and alternative care programs with Christian doctors” (landmarkevents.org).

Though she did not live to see the complete fruit of her work, her work laid the foundation for a future governor, Theodore Roosevelt, to set tougher legislation and enforcement in the abortion arena.

Day of Mourning

You’ll remember the hideous display in NYC which the current governor sanctioned to “celebrate” late-term abortions.

Excellent activist Elizabeth Johnston has called for and organized a solemn assembly on February 23, 2019, in response to the depravity in New York, whose roots go way back in the soil of America.

For years, men and women of integrity and intercession, such as Lou Engle with The Call and Nita Johnson with World for Jesus (and many others) have been leading corporate repentance, prayer and fasting for our nation (nations) and abortion. There is much seed in the ground.

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NOW Strategy in Vision

It’s time now for the corporate body of Christ to engage.

In 2016, Victoria Boyson penned a vision she’d received of the spirit of abortion and the triumph of intercession over it. In that vision is a strategy. Click here to read.

I’m inviting you to join corporately and to spend some time this week repenting, based on the strategy Father laid out to Victoria in that vision. And to join, in spirit at least, the Day of Mourning organized by Elizabeth Johnston in our times. She has asked the nation (and this is a body of Christ issue) to: 1. Wear black 2. Don’t shop. 3. Close business. 4. Repent for abortion.

Grace of Unity for LIFE from Father

Here is good news.

There is grace from our Father for unity for life in this time portal.

We’re in the month of Adar, a time for overturning curses! At the Superbowl 2019, Father gave a sign. Regardless of our personal football preferences, the Father uses physical things to give spiritual signs or markers.

The Patriots won 13 over the Rams 3.

A patriot is “one who loves his country and supports its authority and interests” (Webster’s Dictionary). One who loves his/her country loves its sons and daughters, knowing that the best interest of the country is to have healthy generations to come.

The rams are part of sacrifice in the Old Testament and point to the finished work of Christ on the cross, as both the symbolic ram caught in the thicket to affirm Abraham’s faith, and the literal lamb slain from the foundation of the world whose blood bought men and women from every tribe and tongue as the redeemed.

What Father spoke to my spirit was this: “The patriots, brought to unity because of the blood of the Lamb, are “brothers” (though both genders are completely included in this) in the land spoken of in Psalm 133. Their coming together in agreement and harmony release a great grace. They have been given a GRACE of unity for LIFE in this NOW time from Father according to Psalm 133.”

“How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity! It is like precious oil poured on the head, running down on the beard, running down on Aaron’s beard, down upon the collar of his robes. It is as if the dew of Hermon were falling on Mount Zion. For there the LORD bestows his blessing, even life forevermore” (NIV, Psalm 133).

In light of His precious grace extension to us, I’m inviting you to enter into His grace of unity for LIFE in this NOW time.

Prayer Strategy to Repent, Remove, Restore!

Sample below. Read it first. As you move into prayer, pause and add what the Holy Spirit reminds you of.

This needs to be prayed first personally, then it can be applied to your family, the body of Christ, and after that, your nation for maximum impact (see Family Application below).

Father, blind the eyes of the enemy, deafen their ears, hide me in the secret place. Please cover me with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You that I can come to Your throne 24/7. I give You praise and thanks and honor and glory for sending Your Son to overcome and to give me His triumph.

I confess, repent for, reject and renounce every personal and generational agreement with death and desolation.

–         Every idolatry

–         Every bloodshed

–         Every broken covenant

–         Every immorality

–         Every political mindset and expression, including distraction and dissension

–         Every death type, including abortion

–         Every law based mentality, including sin and death

–         Every stubbornness, disobedience, rebellion, control and manipulation, witchcraft and divination

–         Every desolation of generations

I confess this personally and generationally, all that I know, and what I don’t.

Every thought pattern and belief system

Every agreement with darkness

Every judgment I made

Every vow I made

I receive Your forgiveness and extend it to my family to the core to Adam, to myself, to my present family, and to everyone else I’ve injured.

I command all this sin on every level uprooted out of me and sent to the Cross.

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I take His authority over every spirit of the law, of sin and death, of fear and punishment, of every judgment, pride, shame, blame, accusation, condemnation, political spirit, all idolatry, bloodshed, broken covenants, and immorality, every spirit of abortion, every stubborn, disobedient, rebellious, controlling and manipulative, witchcraft and divination spirit, and every other dark spirit, defilement, darkness, deception, and their operatives and minions, named and unnamed to the core to Adam. You are bound, uprooted, and sent to the Cross with violence if necessary by the angels.

I am washed clean with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, and His blood is sprinkled on my conscience to the core to Adam.

Holy Spirit, go deep, and remove the roots, fruits, and side-effects. Fortify me with Your power and make me excellent like the Lord Jesus Christ as You change me by Your power into His image. Lord Jesus Christ, rise up within me with healing in Your wings and beams, and light therapy my wounds and memories until I am completely healed. I give You freedom. Father, I relinquish my mind and heart for You to heal. Please deliver, heal, redeem, restore, reintegrate, and rebuild me to the core to Adam. I give You freedom to do Your deep work–as far and wide and deep and high as this goes. Please seal all this in me by the power of the Holy Spirit, and rearguard and seal me and this work, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ. I release it all to You, amen.

Family Application

Don’t forget to apply this to your family! Remove the spiritual virus.

Father, please receive, apply, and activate these prayers on behalf of . . . (your close family: father, mother, husband, wife, sons, daughters). I confess their sins in these matters. Please wash it out of them, out of existence, and off their records. I decree in accordance with the Lord Jesus Christ that their sins are forgiven and their debts are released. Please activate all this in them and on their behalf. Seal it within by the power of the Holy Spirit and rearguard and seal them, and all the progress made to this point, with Your glory in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.


In the supremacy of the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I decree that the spirit of abortion shall stand alone. I decree that the spirit of desolation shall not morph into any other form. I decree that life and blessing cover our land, our children, and our generations in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ by His blood, and according to the will of the Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, amen.

End Well by Removing Burdens and Realigning

Father, I lay all this down. Please take it off me, bring my spirit, soul and body (and family) into alignment with You, and replenish me (us).

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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Destiny Calls YOUR Name in December!

All time is not created equal.

An opportunity awaits you, and it’s better than a Christmas present.  May you recognize this opportune moment, which is a kairos time, and move forward with the King as your heart prepares Him room.

Get ready – it’s Destiny Time!

The Spiritual Charge in Time

When God created the world, He set apart the seventh day as holy. He specified certain times—the evening time, the seventh day, the lunar beginning of each month, and cyclical feasts that were charged with His presence. These “times” are invitations to come into His presence and they have a higher spiritual charge than other days.

In a negative sense, Halloween is a spiritually charged time, as the statistical increase for crime and hospitalizations attest.

Genesis speaks of God creating the sun, moon, and stars to mark the times and seasons. The season change marks an increase in the “charge” in time.

Windows of Seasonal Change

There are four windows of seasonal change each year.  There is a measure of grace on each season change, and an opportunity to partner with God to move forward.

March 10-31 – reconciliation with people

June 10-30 – reconciliation with land

September 10-30 – reconciliation to God as Father

December 10-31 – reconciliation with the Lord Jesus Christ as King, and forward movement with personal destiny (in harmony with Jesus as King over your life)

Yes, Turbulence; YES Grace and Flow

Extra grace and ease of flow exist as opportunities in these times.  Conversely, there is also turbulence, as subcontractors for the Father’s ancient enemy have centuries invested in work to defile these times.  The point of the turbulence is to turn us away from the opportunity to meet with Father, Lord Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit and to receive His grace and flow to experience a lurch forward in our lives.

Creative Work in Your Heart

Many of you carry a creative and/or redemptive work in your heart.  A book.  A series of articles.  A word of healing grace. A creative song or painting or artwork. A ministry, etc. 

Some of you have carried it so long, experiencing many dead ends and disappointments that you have said in your heart, “It is too late.”

Dear one, it is not too late.  You are just in time!

The Body of Christ, and the world, needs what our Heavenly Father placed in your heart. I bless your heart and ask Father to help you bring it forth!

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The Lord Jesus Christ KING of Destiny!

Listen with your spirit to the Word of the Lord Jesus Christ:  “Now is the time to settle yourself.  To quiet yourself from the hustle and bustle of the holiday rush.  To set aside time to meet with Me, the Lord Jesus Christ, as King.  As you sit quietly with Me, in the early mornings, in the late nights, however you are prompted, I will remind you of things I’ve promised you.  When I remind you, write it down.  Spend time purposefully listening, waiting, writing.  If you do, you will experience greater forward propulsion than you have known.  There’s a reason these things are in your heart.  There’s a reason for all the time you have had to wait.  I AM now ready to draw these things out, for the time to prepare the place for My people to eat from My table is at hand.”

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018


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Pure JOY!

Joy is an essential fruit of the Holy Spirit.

A world in seeming 24/7 crisis, personal distress, diligent labor, and troubles facing family and friends make joy appear irrelevant at best, unattainable at worst.


When a baby is loved and wanted, then raised in a positive environment, his or her cluster of pleasure neurons forms naturally in the organic brain. Faced with negatives that come in life, he or she can face it and rebound quickly.

As spirit ministry is added to this mix, not only does the baby have the extreme head start of an intentional love-base in the family, but he/she also has the specific nurture of joy in the spirit which then actively directs his/her soul to rebound as he/she grows.

Baby Boy’s Pure Joy over Trial

I’ve invested in spirit ministry for fifteen years. During that time, countless babies, children, teens and adults have received spirit ministry focusing on joy.

A dear baby boy was born with a hole in his heart, and though much prayer and faith were exerted for healing, he still had to endure a surgery before he turned one year old. The Lord directed me to create a specific joy blessing which his mom spoke to him more than once before the surgery. He literally giggled to my surprise and hers, as she spoke to him about the upcoming surgery, having taken to his spiritual heart the truth to “count it pure joy when you face trials of many kinds,” James 1:2. His parents had invested heavily in nurturing his spirit in the womb, and it was with pure faith he received the direction/blessing from the Lord about this specific trial which he recovered from well.

Romantic Blossom tree over nature background in Spring season

Why it’s Prime Time for Babies

It is much easier to minister to babies in the womb and get positive results than with some teenagers, and most adults, because they have so few layers of resistance to work through. (There is hope for teenagers and adults! We’ve just got to approach it with relentless hammer on the rock. The hammer being the word of God and the rock being the resistance. The easiest, gentlest way to apply the hammer to those rocks of resistance is to listen at night to specific portions of Scripture and/or anointed spirit ministry.)

Another reason that it’s easier to build an expansive joy base in the spirits of babies in the womb, and young children, is science that backs the word of God (the kingdom of heaven belongs to these, Mark 10:14). There are different percentages given, but at this government site, it’s said that about 60% of the adult body is composed of water. However, babies are born with about 78% water which drops to about 65% by the time they turn one year of age (Water.usgs.gov).

Sound travels faster in water. In calm water, it sounds amplified as sound skims the surface because water cools the sound and slows it down.

What does that mean?

Sound waves permeate the body’s watered cells, penetrating to the cellular level, faster than sound waves in air only.

At night or during naps, when the baby is in a state of calm, sound is amplified.

During those times (in the womb, as early in life as possible, in a state of calm), playing joy spirit ministry and selected Scripture quickly builds the Kingdom of God in that child, affirming to him/her what the Father placed in his/her eternal spirit. Without layers of resistance, the child’s spirit and organic cells absorb the Spirit-led word and reverberate to that frequency. This investment causes them to grow strong, quickly, in spirit!

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit,” Romans 14:17 [bold mine].

Teens and Adults

Most of us didn’t have this head start in life for an expansive joy base. Thus, we’re working from the bottom up (our spirits back to Father) instead of from the top down (His Spirit to ours).

It’s true that there are more layers of resistance for teens and adults to spirit growth, and joy base expansion, than for babies and children.

The good news is with the Father that each day is a new opportunity for a fresh start!

It’s also true that the Kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. And He wants you to have an expanded joy base so that you can move through the troubles and trials of your own life, the traumas and troubles of your family, and the world around you, and get back to joy. As you get back to that place of joy, you can move forward with strength and energy.

We’re pleased to announce the official release of the Pure Joy audio joy soaking album. It’s based on the book by Crystal Wade and Arthur Burk. It’s imparted here by Crystal Wade and accompanied by the anointed worship music of Brenda Taylor. Click here for Pure Joy, available in instant digital download as singles or in an downloadable album (two parts).

Invest in your children, grandchildren, or those to whom you’re ministering.

Personally, use this album to move forward refreshed and energized, as your joy base is expanded, so you can recover quickly and move forward on your path which is eternally significant.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

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SECRET to Move from Accidental to Intentional Parenting

Traditional parenting methods tell us to start training and to start it with the child.

May I share some hard-won wisdom with you?

Repeatedly, as I found myself up against a brick wall trying to get my children to embrace His ways, obey, and grow with the ever-present concern that I only have a few years to accomplish this before they’re launched, the Holy Spirit whispered this secret to me: “Start with you.”

It’s backwards from conventional wisdom, much of our learned relating patterns passed down in our generations, and many parenting models.

However, it’s Father’s first order, based on the plank-eye principle in Matthew 7:4: “How can you say to your brother [son or daughter], “Let me take the speck out of your eye, when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? First, take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s [son’s or daughter’s] eye.”

What happens is we, parents, accidentally train our children.

Many bad habits are the result of generational family patterns fueled by dark spirits. Here, as parents, we’re trying to survive daily with what’s going on in our lives and our wounded areas. We thought we were making it through the day, keeping them safe and entertained in the effort “to get them raised,” in my grandmother’s words! The children, however, took it as training. We accidentally train our children in unhealthy patterns in our attempt to make it through the day.

The good news is there is hope!

Each day is opportunity to begin anew and train, or build, intentionally.

How does this work?

The Holy Spirit trained me that “the log” has to be pulled out of me first. Our children and teens follow our lead.

There is a time for spanking and grounding. However, as I was learning from the Holy Spirit, on many occasions that would normally call for such actions, He led me to separate myself and them. I prayed and repented for the anger, frustration, fear, rebellion, whatever it was at the time, in the first person. Then, I asked Him to apply it to my children.

A few times, later, opportunities opened to talk with them, peacefully, about core issues such as noticing why my son became angry and how to handle it. Or, how he could change his words or actions to get a different result.

Many other times, the repentance work I did, starting with myself, not them, gave room for the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts and the situation resolved itself without any further work on my part. Relief!

The Heavenly Father is your Father as well as your children’s. He’s sent His Holy Spirit to help you in the daily work and pressure of raising and training your children. He wanted you to be their parent—and He has wise reasons for why you are their parent. As the parent, He has given you the task of making things better for the next generation. To them, He has given the task of building it bigger.

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This simple order change of facing behavioral and training problems with repentance (me first!) works!

Build with YOU First!

On the opposite side of the spectrum, this also works with building. If you’re working to build a pattern of thankfulness, respect, patience, or follow-through, etc., start with you first. Pray, decree, and practice so this good building is established in you.

As you’re working on you, practice it with them. Model to your children thankfulness by sharing with them what you are thankful for about the Father, about them, about other things, often. Instead of trying to train them in a pattern, start with you. Then, do it to them–show respect, speak thankfulness, tell them you’re working to follow through or be patient. It works!

May Father grace you to shift gears with this secret, simple, but powerful tool from accidental parenting/training to intentional building.


Please see these blogs for further assistance.

Recover Your Family’s Peace. Discover how to practically recover your own peace so you have “margins” to meet your children’s needs.

Can’t Train THIS Dragon?  Can’t Train THIS Dragon, 2 Recognize and remove strongholds that block good training/building.

My prayer for you

Father, thank You for Your great wisdom and goodness for placing these parents, grandparents and caregivers with these specific children. I lift them up before You, and ask that You would give them grace and space to have room and resources to take care of themselves personally. Please give them greater grace and angelic assistance as greater sin does abound in our times. Please cause them to remember the order of the plank-eye principle when a behavioral or training problem or trouble arises in their children. Please direct their children to obey when the parents call for separation, and anoint the parents’ time and thoughts to be able to pray repentance through in the first person, and apply it to their children (and spouse). Please cause them to experience great joy in You as they see their work of trust and repentance causing great fruit by clearing out the space in their children’s hearts so that the Holy Spirit can direct them in Your paths which are full of life without pain and suffering for the parents, grandparents and caregivers. Bring these families into alignment with Your righteous order that releases abundant life! Grace them to build intentionally on the Rock of Christ Jesus. Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

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PURE Revolution!

What is pure and holy to our Heavenly Father is targeted for destruction by His ancient enemy.

With light from above, we can see where the true battle lies, as darkness has shrouded it on earth, in the air waves and sound bites.

The battle is not between men and women, boys and girls.

The battle is over Father’s value of life, gender, and the physical act of intimacy. Each of which, at their core and in their essence, is pure and holy.

Within the revolution that Father started, of which Victoria Boyson has written, He has initiated a gender revolution which is multi-faceted. 

The cultural revolution of the ‘60s promised, but could not deliver true freedom. However, Father’s revolution is bringing/will bring true freedom that we have never seen before. We will be in awe of the sparkling goodness, beauty, faithfulness, strength, power and authority of men, women, boys and girls.

I grieve over the pain and loss of the girls and boys, women and men, who have endured sexual abuse.

I grieve over the pain and loss of the men and women, boys and girls, who have been falsely accused.

To great disgrace, these have been going on for years, but they are NOW being brought to light as evidence of Father’s revolution advancing.

To that end, may the light, grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ be upon us to aim our prayers, words and actions in the direction that will, instead of making the situation worse, yield the results that we desire.


Would you join me in His pure revolution?

“Father, cover us with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, blind the eyes of the enemy, deafen their ears and hide us in the secret place.

Thank You for Your pure and holy gifts and deposits of life—the life of each person You created. Thank You for Your pure and holy gifts and deposits of gender—each specific gender that You created with great wisdom and goodness.

Thank You for Your pure and holy gifts and deposits of physical intimacy which You graciously gave to marriage between one man and one woman.

Father, we confess we have taken Your good and gracious gifts and walked in agreement with darkness and destruction over them. Through agreement with darkness of all kinds, we have allowed doors and gates of violence to open, and abuse, destruction and accusation to flow through. By Your redemption and will, cause these doors to be shut supernaturally. Please forgive us, wash us clean with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ to the core to Adam. Rebuild these places! Fill them with Your Holy Spirit! Supernaturally make them holy and honorable again, filled with Your light, presence and glory!

We command the doors and gates to OPEN UP for the King of Glory to come in, the Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle! We ask that the King of Glory open up the doors and gates for supernatural deliverance, healing, comfort, justice, restoration, recompense, Your revolution and HONOR. In short, COME YOUR KINGDOM BE DONE YOUR WILL ON EARTH, FATHER, as it is in Heaven, with HONOR TO YOUR NAME!

Father, we ask for Your supernatural deliverance, healing, comfort, Your justice, restoration and recompense for each one who has suffered sexual abuse to manifest as You drop the gavel and release Your angels to facilitate it—paid for by the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, we ask for Your supernatural deliverance, healing, comfort, Your justice, restoration and recompense for each one who has suffered abuse, dishonor, cursing of any kind to their personhood and gender to manifest as You drop the gavel and release Your angels to facilitate it—paid for by the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, we ask for Your supernatural deliverance, healing, comfort, Your justice, restoration and recompense for each one who has suffered false accusation over these acts of violence to manifest as You drop the gavel and release Your angels to facilitate it—paid for by the finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Father, give greater grace in place of these greater sins. Father, cause the tide to turn TODAY with great grace for reconciliation to Your Revolution that will set to right the wrongs and grant the true freedom and restoration which we desire.

We lay these grievous burdens down at Your feet, please take them off us and bring our spirits, souls and bodies into alignment and harmony with You as You re-energize us.

Restore and do much more, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

Victoria Boyson’s book, “Revolution: The White Horse Rider” gives an eagle eye perspective (Heaven’s viewpoint) on Father’s revolution.

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