Engage Prayer Shield NOW

Heavenly Father does not perpetrate crimes against children and schools (or anywhere else, that’s the work of His ancient enemy).

What Causes the Breach

Our national walls have been breached.  Just like our national foundation has been built on sand, in many places.

To be clear, what is considered sin, rebellion and iniquity in the Father’s sight (not people’s opinions) perpetrated physically creates the kingdom of the Father’s ancient enemy on earth, even in schools, businesses, etc. The physical sin provides the access point for the Father’s ancient enemy to rule spiritually. The physical crimes, including bloodshed, are physical expression of the fruit of that spiritual kingdom’s rule.

There’s hope–this can, and is, being unraveled through prayer, fasting and repentance.

However, this is the reason behind the crimes we are experiencing. It is not the lack of laws, or the lack of enforcement, or even broken families. And it is definitely not the Father’s work, or lack of concern or protection.

How to Move Forward from Trauma

What that means is—the security we expect for our families, our schools, our children, is not available in the ways we used to depend on.

Where does that leave us?

With the ball in our court, actually.

Our children and teens are looking to us, the parents, grandparents, and adults in their lives for comfort, guidance and hope.

So, if you, as the adult in their lives, feel traumatized, I’d like to offer the resource below to help get to solid ground. Peace of Protection. It will bring comfort and strength to your heart. They really are taking many of their cues from you.

Next, don’t depend on the schools, churches, etc. for the safety and protection of your family. While safety and protection should be there, we are not left powerless nor defenseless.

In fact, there is even GREATER GRACE for our Heavenly Father’s protection NOW because greater sin is at work, Romans 5:20.

However, we can no longer take the protection of our families for granted. We have to take action. The good news is that Father is with us! He wants our families safe and protected.

Strategy for Protecting Your Family

Again, get to solid ground emotionally.

Next, daily confession of sin removes the access points of the Father’s ancient enemy to our lives and families. [sample prayer for family] “Father, I confess every sin we have done today on purpose or on accident. I confess every darkness we took in. I confess every anger we held and release every unforgiveness we have. Separate us from it, and destroy it at the Cross. Wash us with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Please sprinkle Your blood on our conscience to remove the guilt. We give You these places, Lord Jesus Christ, to rule in us. We receive Your Holy Spirit to fill us.”

Then, daily speak out loud: “Father please apply the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ over me, my husband/wife, son, daughter (fill in their names).”

Daily use Psalm 91, the prayer of protection. (On the days that I don’t get to pray out all the usual Scriptures for my family, I decree this: “I call into activation the prayers I pray daily for my family, and command them activated on earth and in our lives in this time, space, place and dimension as it is in Heaven.”)

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Prayer Shield in REAL Time

I’d like to encourage you with a true story. I have a friend who’s a reporter by trade, and who has spent the majority of her reporting career in an internationally volatile place. Her mom DAILY puts up a prayer shield around the family, even though they’re separated by miles. Once a mom, always a mom!!!

Several times, my friend complained to me that when she arrived on scene, that the “action” had stopped.

I laughed, and told her, “Your mom’s prayer shield works!”

Please hear this. The Prayer Shield Team for the family is her mom. It. Works.

NO “arrow” (BULLET) flying by day comes near her! (Ps. 91:5)

Would you pray with me for the families and friends of those who have lost loved ones in the shootings?

Father, thank You for the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ which is SO powerful, for Your Word which is SO powerful, and for the prayers of the moms, dads, grandparents, children, the prayers of Your people, which are SO powerful.

Thank You for giving us greater grace in times of greater sin.

Father, we lift up the families and friends of all who have lost in the school shootings, and other shootings, and we ask that You would comfort their hearts. Give them greater grace. Carry them through, and bring them to a place of solidity, comfort, strength, and life in You.

Give wisdom and strength to moms, dads, grandparents, and those concerned to engage with You to protect our families, schools, churches, businesses, etc. in our day.

Restore and do much more in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

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Growing Family

Diagnosed with chronic hypertension during her second pregnancy, Ashli refused to accept that diagnosis as a life sentence.  As learners, Ashli and Aaron Newman determined to implement generational cleansing and personal life lessons into raising their children.  The couple desired to raise their children in love and truth, doing all they knew to position their children to walk in their individual destinies.

Every family receives and bequeaths two streams—a toxic waste dump from the generational iniquity in their ancestral lines and a goldmine of generational blessings from the righteousness of their forefathers.  After their second daughter Micah arrived, Aaron and Ashli rigorously pursued generational cleansing while honoring the faith of their fathers.  Iniquity and rebellion* open doors to satan’s work in a family.  Those doors stay open until someone in the family recognizes that point of entrance, confesses and renounces those sins, thereby shutting the doors.  When those doors are closed and the family intentionally builds the opposite virtue (ex.:  using leadership positions to manipulate, control, or oppress people vs. using leadership positions to be life-giving and equipping), then the doors are open to God’s blessing.

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As the couple initiated this family cleansing process, they sensed a link existed between Ashli’s physical symptoms of high blood pressure and the spiritual iniquity in their family line dealing with freemasonry.  Agreeing in prayer with a mature intercessor, Aaron and Ashli prayed and repented for their family’s involvement in freemasonry, working to shut the doors to the enemy’s work in their generations.  In addition, Ashli made changes in her diet.  She started taking supplements one year before her third pregnancy, standing on the promise that “by His stripes, we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5, KJV).   The couple addressed spiritual and physical causes for the chronic hypertension, but discovered that the emotional aspect needed to be addressed as well.  They distanced themselves emotionally from certain relationships which continuously generated turmoil.  When they discovered they were expecting their third child, Aaron and Ashli determined to nurture the baby’s spirit and to create a safe, worshipful atmosphere for the baby’s development.  Therefore, for the first four months of pregnancy, they shared their joyous news with only one intercessor (an elder) they trusted to bless the baby on a weekly basis.

Every Saturday morning, the elder called to bless the baby.  Delightful girls, their daughters Bryce and Micah are as different in personality as night and day.  Micah is very independent and likes to have time by herself while Bryce prefers company.  Therefore, it was noteworthy that Micah consistently walked into the room when the elder called to bless the baby, sat quietly during the blessing, and left silently when the call ended.  Ashli noted that her own spirit leapt in anticipation of the weekly blessing calls.  While the elder called specifically to bless the baby’s spirit in the womb, she also extended those prayers for the whole family.  It worked.  Two weeks into the pregnancy, the doctor took Ashli off the chronic hyper-tension medications because “she did not need them anymore.”  In addition to the elder’s weekly blessings, Aaron daily blessed his two daughters’ and the baby’s spirits in the evenings.  In the mornings, Ashli read Scripture to them.

Their son Noah arrived during the summer, healthy and strong.  In spite of health issues with her previous pregnancies, Ashli gained strength and health during her third pregnancy through a balanced approach to dealing with spiritual, emotional, and physical roots which can combine to cause illness.  However, the couple did not stop with removal of potentially negative elements in their family.  Intentionally, they determined to rebuild righteous lifestyles and attitudes in order to position themselves and their children to accomplish the specific destiny for which God designed them.  Aaron and Ashli purposed to build life and virtue into their family using blessing, Scripture, emotional adjustments, and implementing truths God specifically showed them.  In other words, they committed to staying teachable, while learning new ways of living and relating, when necessary, to maximize a healthy family environment.

As they intentionally nurtured Noah’s spirit in the womb and continue to grow all three of their children’s spirits, they noticed that Noah’s interactions with people are different than most other children’s.  Furrowing his eyebrows and staring intently, Noah studies certain people.  Other people, he responds and connects to without reservations.  As parents, Aaron and Ashli follow Noah’s lead on interacting with people.  If he wants to connect, they let him.  When he does not, they do not press him.

From birth, Noah’s spirit exhibited an unusually high level of dominion.  Taking Noah to his two week old routine check-up, Aaron and Ashli noticed the chaos in the doctor’s office and realized to their chagrin they left home without praying.  At that point, baby Noah began vigorously scrunching up his forehead.  Then, he relaxed.  Immediately, peace reigned in the room.  At that time, they considered the possibility that Noah’s nurtured spirit took dominion of the chaos and imposed peace into the room.  Since that first check-up, the Newmans have never entered that office with the level of chaos which was routine before Noah arrived.  In this situation and others, it has proven consistent that Noah’s spirit exercised dominion to bring peace into his environment.  It is God’s will for His children to exercise dominion by imposing peace into their environment and situations instead of being tossed and turned by external chaos.

Aaron and Ashli parent intentionally.  They are excited about learning and implementing new tools to grow their children, positioning them to be strong and whole in their spirits, souls, and bodies.  It is their goal to raise their children in the training and love of God so that when it is time, the children can enter their life’s calling with confidence, strength, and purpose.  Tearing down generational iniquity, rebuilding righteous ways of living and relating to God, ourselves, and others while continuing to nurture our children’s spirits during their growing up years widens and deepens the streams of generational blessing from which they can draw to accomplish their destiny.

*For more details on iniquity which opens the door to generational curses in families, please see Appendix B.

(excerpt from “Blessing in Action” in Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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Kingdom Mind-ed!

A Moment in Time

In this month of season change, there’s a window of grace in time to reconcile with King Jesus Christ, thus moving forward in our destiny. December 10-31. It’s always time to adjust our thinking and feeling to our Father’s ways. However, this article is released to assist in this window of grace in time!

Kingdom Mind-ed

“The kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

“For the kingdom of God is not a matter of eating and drinking, but of righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit because anyone who serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and approved by men.”  Romans 14:17-18

Jesus stood in front of his disciples and said some confusing words. He told them that the kingdom of God was inside them (not outside in the city).

The reason this confused them rested on the fact that Jesus was saying the opposite of what they had been taught to believe. By reputable sources, might I add.

It may be easy, from our historical vantage point, to dismiss the crisis that Jesus’ teachings often threw the disciples into.  Yet, the fact that they stayed with Jesus is credit to their spirit-centered faith. This was true faith because their minds did not understand, and were confused by, many things he taught.

Big Faith

Social and religious life in ancient Israel pivoted around the synagogues (satellites of religious training) and Temple (central hub).

Pre-cross meant pre-Holy Spirit for most (there were exceptions). It’s important to keep in mind that the Holy Spirit is the One who helps us understand.

In ancient Israel, pre-Holy Spirit, teachers studied the Scriptures to understand the Father and the way He wanted them to live.

They ran into a snag, however, trying to reconcile the wildly contrary Scriptures about Messiah.  Some verses spoke of a suffering servant. Others described a triumphant king. They couldn’t reconcile the verses. So, the conclusion they arrived upon was two different persons–a suffering servant like Joseph and a triumphant king like David.

Roman national oppression of sovereign Israel created a spiritual atmosphere of expectancy for Messiah, one like King David, to appear.

Enter Jesus.

All systems on go! cheered the disciples. They were filled with expectancy based on the arrival of Jesus and the teachings of their elders.

That honest misinterpretation of Scripture created a neurological thought pattern that did not have the capacity to understand the plain words of God in person.


Neuropaths are groups of nerves dedicated to a thought pattern. It’s literally like a road, or a path, in the brain. Thoughts form patterns, or neuropaths, in our brains which look like trees. The negative groups look like black, ugly trees. The positive ones look like green, beautiful trees.

The Father hard-wired us for love, wrote neuroscientist Dr. Caroline Leaf. We have to learn negative patterns such as fear.

So where are some places we learn them?

From our primary caregivers

From our interpretation of things that happen to us

From our education

From the institution we align with [religion “a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.” (Webster’s Dictionary) Religion is a system of beliefs; evolutionists, for instance, hold to a system of beliefs.]

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So, back to the Kingdom. Jesus told the disciples to go inward in their relationship with the Father like He was modeling. He said that the Kingdom of God was inside them.  Their neuropaths did not compute that information byte because their thought patterns were trained to believe that Messiah would come and restore the physical Kingdom on the outside like David did. (And He will. That time is ahead of us. But, first, He had to suffer.)

After Jesus suffered just like He told them, they still did not possess the mental capacity to understand His words. Having already sent eye-witnesses of His resurrection, their minds (hearts also have a mind!) did not have the ability to believe what they heard. He physically had to enter the room in person, teach them, and then open their minds, so that they had the capacity to understand.

The good news is that the disciples’ minds did get in gear with the faith in their spirits!

But this very process gives us insight into how they, and we, can actually block the work and will of the Father by the training we received in whatever belief system we learned from.

The Apostle Paul expanded our knowledge of what the kingdom of God looks like on the inside–righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. These are invisible roots, thought patterns, that govern the growth and expansion of the visible tree.

Where Do We Go from Here?

This window of grace in time is a key opportunity to adjust thought patterns (dedicated neuro-paths) to the truth-light of Jesus.

Beyond this time, we stand on the cusp of the third great awakening.  The Father always saves the best for last.

He’s ready for His Kingdom to be firmly solidified in our hearts and minds. From that point, as believers, we will join hands with other believers, following the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and His Kingdom will be seen among us.  As in, not just the invisible root system, but the actual visible tree with nice big fruit.

There’s been a long preparation season for this time. Father wants His Kingdom to be visible in the culture, and to transform the culture. The disciples did this. The reformers did this.

That’s where we are, again!

Here’s a startling thought.  We can block the Father’s work in our lives. We ourselves (neuropaths) can be the biggest barrier to His work!

We don’t want to come to this moment in time and to miss it because of long-standing thought patterns (be those in our heads or hearts) which have the ability to block the will and work of the Father.  The good news is that HE doesn’t want us to miss it, either!

He will get the job done. It’s time. But, we want to make ourselves ready so we can move with Him as the Kingdom moves out of our hearts and into visibility.

It’s time for the collective Kingdom within to make tangible verifiable impact on cultures with righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

Prayer Response

“Father, thank You that I can come to Your throne in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank You that it is Your will that Your righteousness, peace and joy be my heart-beat and my gift to bring to the table with other believers to effect Your Kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven.

Please shine Your light and reveal the thought patterns, the neuropaths, that I have been trained in from my caregivers, my own misinterpretations, and my heritage of knowledge from religious, educational, etc. entities. I don’t even know where they all are! But, I invite You in to my mind and the mind of my heart to reveal and remove blockages, and adjust me into alignment with You, Your will, Your ways, Your work, and the way these look, specifically, in my generation. Help me be solid in Your truth, but adjustable by Your Holy Spirit. Grant me grace and mercy to face and release the thought (and heart thought) patterns that need to be known. Please flush out the toxic ones in me which aren’t necessary to be known, and the ones that block Your work and will from being accomplished in and through me. I want to work with You and not against You.

Please touch my mind (and the mind of my heart) like Jesus did the disciples and open it, so I can understand what You have already been working towards my grasping. I ask that You would tenderly guard this adjustment process as it works its healing change through my whole being. Help me to quickly recognize and work with Your voice of adjustment through dreams, others, Your Word, Your Spirit, and any pure source You choose to speak through. I want to be adjusted and aligned with Your work and will for my particular time in history. I want to work with You and not against You, so that Your Kingdom is expanded on earth as it is in Heaven, and my life has maximum impact on earth, for eternity. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.”

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2017

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Courage. Honor. Sacrifice.

In honor and salute to our soldiers and their families.

Grace at Dinner

“For what we are about to receive, Lord, make us truly thankful,” he prayed the same prayer every family meal time.

Disconcerting to me as a child. What did that mean? Dustbowl. Lack. Subsistence farming. Starvation?

In understanding the boy comes better understanding of the man.

Times like These

His parents married in 1929—the year the Stock Market crashed. He arrived in 1930, and grew up in town, but with much time spent with his hard-working farming grandparents and uncle who had maintained land in that region for generations. Now, in addition to the unrelenting hard work of the farm, they faced the effects of the Great Depression.

My grandfather, Jack Potter, joined the U.S. Air Force just as World War II came to a close, married my Mima, Eileen Crystal, and started their family on the soil of transition in America and the world.

Times like these make or break people. Families. Nations.

Turbulent Waters

On January 23, 1968, the navy intelligence ship, U.S.S. Pueblo sailed international waters.  It was attacked in those waters by North Korean naval and air forces, commandeered, and almost one hundred prisoners taken, at the beginning of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s tumultuous tenure.  This, a major event in the Cold War, had the potential to spark another war of global proportions, and everyone—at home and abroad–remained very tense. Hardly had there been breathing room between two world wars, and an economic depression.

Chief Master Sergeant Jack Potter deployed, covertly and quickly, with no time to emotionally prepare his four children and what could be told them? to reinstate communications in the wake of the strike on the U.S.S. Pueblo. His wife, my Mima, was on standby should she receive orders to emergency evacuate their family from Japan.

Jack Potter, Air Force

What the Gift Cost

By the grace of God and their combined skill, he returned home.

It had been the custom they grew up on—deal with the day, and not speak of extraneous things. And so, no one ever did. Speak of it.

They—the Greatest Generation–and the generations before them. Did. Not. Speak. Of. The. Sacrifice.



They did it. They modeled it. They worked to make things better for their children, as God called parents to do.

However, the children. . .and the grandchildren. Did. Not. Know. The Cost. Of THE Gift.

In our families. In our nations.

21 gun salute. Flag, meticulously, reverently, folded. Intentional fold by meaningful fold. Current servicemen and women handed it, respectfully and with honor, to my uncle at Jack Potter’s funeral, just days after 9-1-1.

Soldiers and Families, Missionaries

There, my friend, who served as a missionary for 18 years, hugged the necks of Jack’s son and daughters and thanked them.

Thank you. Thank you for your sacrifices for our nation. You are missionaries yourselves. Soldiers, and their families are. It’s the same life of sacrifice,” etched her words in my mind as they rang in my spirit.

This weekend we honor our veterans.

May we be graced to understand so we can well honor their work—their sacrifice—and their families’ sacrifice—by upholding the freedoms they fought to secure–and battled to keep secure.

Freedom is wonderful. But, freedom has a price. That price is sacrifice. May that sacrifice be met with due response. Thankfulness. Respect. Honor. Prayer. Giving.

Would you pray with me?

Father, thank You. Thank You. For Jesus. For our soldiers and their families in each of our nations. Cause us to know. Cause us to be truly thankful for what we have received. By courage, honor and sacrifice. And give us Your strength to protect the freedom, built on the foundation of sacrifice, so that the generations to come have these gifts that the generations before us sacrificed to give—freedom for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Father, restore, restore, restore! Release honor, life, hope, health, harvests and rewards to the families of soldiers who are no longer on earth–and all the soldiers and their families who are serving, or have served. Let Your amazing grace and healing love flow to them, and to all current servicemen and servicewomen, and their families. Release to them rewards, harvests, breakthrough and recompense and even more through the power of Your grace! Restore, and do much more, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, The Soldier who secured freedom for all, for all time, amen.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2016

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Coffee for Real

I travel a lot for work. In the car, I try to listen to Christian music stations on the radio because I like the music and there are (usually) good encouraging messages to keep you focused on what’s real and what matters in life.

But I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head because some of the commercials, songs and artist interviews portray Christianity like it’s a coffee boutique. Quaint with pretty packaging, clean, and can I say it? Superficial.

Rural or Suburban?

While it’s true that Father God can find you anywhere, and different things can remind us of God, it’s been my experience that the spiritual life is frontier. More rural than suburban. It’s been my experience that it takes a pioneering spirit in your relationship with Father God.

We all have things going on in our lives. We all have experienced—or are experiencing–sorrows, griefs and wounds. No amount of Christian, Bible verse lattes (churchy sayings) are going to make it better.

These require us to be real with ourselves and with Father God.

This means we have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty as we search for the roots–on our knees in pursuit of the heart of Father God who wants us healed and whole. Life is like the weather (not just chocolate!) and it takes a daily relationship with Father God to make it through the day.

It seems that we try to live behind a facade, pretending that life is perfect, sunshine and roses every day, if you are a Christian. But it’s not. Even when we have a relationship with Father God, there are real troubles that we face. Could we put down the facades and be real? To ourselves and to Father God. (By the way, that practice would help us be real with others, too.)

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The Journey of the Bean

Now, about coffee. I like it.  And yes, I occasionally go to coffee shops; most atmospheres are good there, and the smell of coffee is great.

Have you considered the journey of the coffee bean?

It’s grown in tropical “frontier” areas, picked and dried before it travels halfway around the world to get roasted, ground and bathed in hot water.

Sometimes our lives feel the same way, so we can be real (like the coffee bean!) about that and quit pretending that our lives are the perfect cup. At least not yet, for we must allow Christ to fulfill His work in our lives, to receive His forgiveness, love, re-interpretations of life in those areas of woundedness, counsel and guidance through His Word and the Holy Spirit.

It’s not church culture Father God is after—it is about the real person in real life—each of us.

Just take a look at the disciples, they were not polished men, but they were real. They learned as they went, didn’t always make the right choices, or have the right responses. But they did walk with Christ, followed, learned, adjusted, and changed the world.

Real GOOD Desires

One final thought. Part of being real is to pursue the godly desires within you. Some church culture has handed down the tradition of “the sinner worm” theology as truth.

This means—and has spoken way too loudly to our youth—that every desire is sinful, and must be crucified daily as part of our flesh.

It’s true that some of our desires are sinful in nature, and those must be crucified. However, there are other desires placed there by Father God that are not sinful–and these need to be cultivated. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in which to pursue.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a coffee shop where people can be real and experience the realness of Father God.

Prayer Response

Father, thank You for the permission to take off the facade and be real. Please shine Your soft light in and bathe me in Your love—which I open the doors in my spirit and soul to receive. Please cause me to see what You want me to see about myself and about You. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

About the Author

Stephen Wade grew up in Texas, but has traveled throughout North America in his work in insurance.  Having served as a youth pastor, he holds a deep desire to see the next generations anchored in truth and love, walking in freedom.  Stephen sees the beauty in Creation and captures it on film; he also possesses an innate ability to perceive the hidden value in aged and broken furniture, machinery, etc., and under his careful attention, restoration is worked.


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Superpowers for Parents!

Did you know that parents have a superpower that can help their children stay on the path of Father’s perfect will?

Children, as fully functional humans with eternal spirits, have the ability to make decisions from the moment they are placed in the womb. The ability to make decisions, or vows, is a function of the mind, will and emotions. That right to choose is so precious to the Father that He paid for us to have it through the blood of His Son, Jesus.

However, children (and even adults at times) don’t always have all the information they need to make the best choice or vow.

The evil one capitalizes on this and accosts them both in the womb and in early childhood with thoughts and emotions in an attempt to overpower them.

This is one key reason to flood their spirits with spirit blessings*, words of love and affirmation, the Word, and worship in the womb—and afterwards. The Father has already light-scribed their spirit with eternity, their missions, and more, but they need to hear from us, Earth-side, the truth and love about Father and themselves so they are equipped to not receive and agree with the evil one’s input.

In the Old Testament, Moses commanded the men on behalf of the Lord to keep their word—their vows—period. The Father set Israel apart from the other nations, and the commands they were to keep would reflect Father’s character among the nations. Keeping your word is exactly what the Father does. So, the men were commanded to keep theirs.

However, the Father made provision for daughters and wives. He said:

“When a young woman still living in her father’s household makes a vow to the Lord or obligates herself by a pledge and her father hears about her vow or pledge but says nothing to her, then all her vows and every pledge by which she obligated herself will stand. But if her father forbids her when he hears about it, none of her vows or the pledges by which she obligated herself will stand; the Lord will release her because her father has forbidden her.” Numbers 30:3-5

The Father commanded the men to keep their word. He also backed the men to release their daughters, children and wives from keeping a word or vow, as the men would be required to back their family’s word. The Father backed the men on this release because keeping one’s word is serious business.

Fast forward to Jesus’ instruction on this matter.

“All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.” Matthew 5:37.

Jesus pinpointed the reason that oaths (which can be the same, and also a little different from vows) didn’t need to be made. The evil one uses our every infraction (and not keeping one’s word is a big one) to cause trouble, difficulty and to bring punishment on us.

Praise be to Father for rescuing us from the trouble our mouths (and hearts) can get us into!

“If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.” 1 John 1:9

Our children in the womb and in early childhood are spiritual beings first and, as such, they are experiencing the spiritual realm, whether we know about it or not. With the limited information they have, they are making choices. These choices are decisions or vows. They can be as simple as: I will not be a burden. I will never do that. I will always do this. I am bad. I am unlovable.

The vows may be simple, but they are powerful.

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These vows, then, become the computer program running the course of our children’s lives.

Angry Moments Make Vows – Use Superpower, Parents!

Have you ever had an argument with your child? Have you ever ended the day on a bad note when the sun went down on your anger? Have you ever sent your child to his/her room to “think about it”?

Most likely, we ALL have!

In those moments, too, many times, they are making vows in their anger.

If we asked our children, what vows did you make?, they wouldn’t be able to tell us because this is happening, often, at a deep inner level, beyond the ability to communicate.

Enter our parent superpower!

We go to Father on behalf of our children and ask forgiveness, nullifying their vows.

No Dad? No Problem!

If there’s no dad available, no problem!

“So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” Galatians 3:26-28

The Father honors us, each one, as if we were His firstborn Son with rights and privileges! He honors a mother’s right as a firstborn Son in Christ (though she is distinctively female) to ask forgiveness for her children’s vows and nullify them!

Since we don’t know what all vows our children have made, we can exercise our parental superpower daily or weekly to help keep them on the path of Father’s perfect will for their lives.

This saves us a lot of trouble in the long run!

Removing Vows Release Miracle Growth!

Bill and Judy’s son Alex** made vows in his childhood about the transition to the teenage stage unbeknownst to them. Alex, as he entered his pre-teen years, noticed that his friend rapidly progressed physically while he did not. One day while hanging out in the kitchen as his mom prepared their meal, he quietly said, “I think I made a vow.” She stopped and asked him some questions. Sure enough, he’s reacted to the negatives he’d heard about teenagers as a child and made a vow refusing to become one for a really good reason. He didn’t want to be, or have, that kind of negative response that he’d witnessed. In order to achieve that noble objective, he vowed to not be a teenager. When the time came that he physically needed and wanted to transition physically and emotionally into the stage of teenage-hood, he was in a bind, blocked by his vow.

Together, they prayed to break the vow. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness to forgive and cleanse us when we confess our sins!

That day began a release. Alex felt the shift in his spirit. Within a short time, a couple weeks, he noticed growth. He sported a whisker or two!, increased muscle mass, and made forward progress in his height.

The miracle release was visibly noticeable to Alex!

The vow he’d made as a child blocked the growth he wanted as a pre-teen. How many vows that our children made, and forgot, are blocking their growth and development on some level?

Teenage or Adult Children? Go Back in Time!

What if you have children who are teenagers or adults and you’re just now discovering this root cause and superpower?

Praise the Father, there’s hope!

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” Hebrews 13:8 He’s the same Word who was with God in the beginning and through whom all things hold together. He redeems today, yesterday and forever.

So use the prayer below, and ask Him to take it back in time to when your children (adult though they may be) made these vows.  You will be able to pray into that past time yourself with the Lord because you are seated with Him in your spirit in heavenly places–and He moves freely through time. Apply your parental superpower to the Father in prayer.

YOU are Father’s Beloved Child!

What about you?

All of us were infants and children at one time. You have a Perfect Parent–the Heavenly Father–who is twice your father. He is Father by creating you, and Father by redeeming you. So, go to Him, confessing your vows known and unknown. Pray through the following prayer for yourself.

It’s worth it! You will feel space clear around you and in you which increases your strength and breathing room. It will also accelerate redeeming time so you can walk with more ease and flow on the path of Father’s perfect will for your life.

Father has granted parents superpowers! Let’s use them!

Prayer Strategy

Father, thank You for the blood of Your Son, Jesus Christ my Lord, who cleanses me. Thank You for giving me the right to be a firstborn Son with privileges! Thank You that I can come boldly to Your throne to receive mercy and grace.

Please wash me and my family with the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ.

I confess every sin I and my children did today (name the time if you know it; for instance, in the womb, this week, this season of life, all through their time and timing) on purpose or on accident. I confess every darkness we took in. I confess every word we said that we shouldn’t have said. I confess every vow we made, at any time, that was out of alignment with Your perfect will for me and my children. Shine Your light for me to see specifically any vows, hidden in darkness, that You want me (for myself or my children) to know in order to be released and made new in You.

I take Christ’s power and authority over me and my children (name them) and release this all to You. Destroy it at the Cross. Wash us clean to the core to the Garden with Your blood, and sprinkle Your blood on our conscience to cleanse it.

I shut every door and gate we opened to the enemy to the core to the Garden. I dedicate the doors and gates in us to You, Lord Jesus Christ. Please saturate them with Your blood. Lift up and open up, come in King of Glory, Lord strong and mighty, mighty in battle. Saturate our wounds and memories with Your light, love and life to the core to the Garden.

I dedicate all these places in us to You, Lord Jesus Christ. Rebuild, renew, restore, rule and reign forevermore. Holy Spirit, take out the trash, cleanse and heal us to the core, rebuild, restore and do much more. Father, take Your big sword and separate our soul and spirit, joint and marrow, cleanse, heal and restore us, and Adonai Kadesh (Lord Sanctify, set apart) us to Yourself. Download Your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, self-control, grace and mercy, freedom and purity to our core. We receive it with thanksgiving and bind it to our core. Please seal this in us by the power of Your Holy Spirit, in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

*spirit blessing resources available at Hope Streams, click here

**names have been changed.

copyright by Crystal Wade, 2017

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Living Hope for Children with Special Needs

I’m pleased to welcome my friend, Nicole Jansezian, to our blog community porch today. She’s living real hope in real time with her oldest son who is a V.I.P. A Very Important Person who happens to have Down’s Syndrome. 

Revolutionary Theology: Therapy for the Spirit

by Nicole Jansezian

Having a child with special needs revolutionized my theology. It had to.

Dark Clouds

I remember sitting uncomfortably, my husband and I, outside the NICU. Our first child, Daniel, was less than 24 hours old. The head doctor of the NICU and a social worker broke the news to us that Daniel had Down syndrome. And then they proceeded to explain how this would dramatically change our lives and how we should “readjust” (lower) any expectations we originally had for Daniel.

Depressed and defeated, we went along with their report.

And with that we entered what I call “the dark cloud period.” Despair and hopelessness clouded those first few months. Nevertheless, we functioned as we were expected to and saw all the requisite doctors and therapists, underwent evaluations and even had some hospital stays.

All along I wondered, we had blessed Daniel from the moment we knew of him in the womb. So how could this happen?

Spirit is NOT Handicapped!

Slowly, and with much grace, we emerged from the dark cloud. Our eyes began to focus better. And then we observed something interesting: Daniel was getting physical, speech and occupational therapy — all designed to jumpstart his physical and cognitive responses and abilities. His body and his mind were excellently cared for by professionals who know their work. But wasn’t Daniel also and firstly spirit? And yet he wasn’t receiving therapy to nurture his spirit to excel and lead the way (1 Thes. 5:23).

And then it dawned on me: Daniel’s spirit is not handicapped!

Scripture Strategy Dawns

Suddenly, therapy sessions that once pointed out Daniel’s weaknesses, thus sending me into a spiral of despair, became my strategy. If a therapist pointed out a problem, I went to Scripture to find the counteracting solution.

This first happened when a physical therapist noted that at a couple months old, Daniel heavily favored his left side. This would lead to a domino effect of developmental delays. I felt the tug of depression beckoning me downward. Why can’t my baby use both sides equally? Why is his right side weaker? Gently, the Lord pointed out that this was the enemy showing his cards. And because of his brazenness, we knew the battle plan!

What is God’s strategy about our right side? “Your right hand, Lord, was majestic in power. Your right hand, Lord, shattered the enemy” (Exodus 15:6). And, “With (the Lord) at my right hand, I will not be shaken” (Psalm 16:8).

Light Therapy

As we came up against more milestones that Daniel should’ve been meeting, we mapped out spirit “therapy” to run parallel with his regular therapies. Standing: “…you may be able to stand your ground.” (Ephesians 6:13) Walking: “Rise up and walk.” (John 5:8). Now we are on a therapy course for listening and understanding.

Daniel, like all of us, is created in the image of God. All Scriptures apply to all of us. Daniel is not ineligible for some of them just because he has a chromosomal disorder. Does Daniel not have the mind of Christ because he faces mental challenges? No way. The doctors told us that Daniel would be last among his typical peers. But the Bible says otherwise: “The Lord will make you the head, not the tail” (Deuteronomy 28:13).

Light Therapy for the Spirit (1)

Who Will Parents Choose to Believe?

It is vital for Daniel’s development that we as his parents choose to believe the report of the Lord and then bless our son accordingly so he can internalize God’s word for him. Yes, we encounter despair and doubts, and we always question if we are doing enough. More often than not.

But our perspective is changing: When we look at someone from the spirit first, ignoring their outward appearance, inabilities or even their superb capabilities, we can see them for what they are truly capable. Suddenly, someone who cannot speak has much to say. Someone who cannot walk can soar in the spirit.

Life in Spirit!

Many spirits are neglected or wounded because we put more stock in the body and mind. If our spirits are nurtured though, we are limitless, “for God gives the Spirit without limit” (John 3:34). To us all.

Daniel is now 7 years old, and while we can’t claim he’s been the first to do something or break any records, we can say that his spirit speaks loudly and articulately – even without words.  The director of the day care Daniel attended a few years ago once told me, “I don’t know what it is about Daniel, he just has such a light in him.”

Yes, he does.

A Letter from Nicole for Parents of Children with DS

Congratulations on your pregnancy and upcoming baby! I remember that after our oldest son Daniel was born (he’s 7 now), it was a few weeks before any medical professional congratulated us on our new, and first, baby. Finally when someone in the medical world enthusiastically and genuinely said congratulations, it stood out so starkly and at that moment I realized it had been missing. That’s where the medical field gets it all wrong and it makes me so mad in retrospect — how dare they NOT congratulate us on our child. I was dragged along with their bad and dismal attitude. I just want to say to you: There is nothing wrong with your baby or with you! Don’t let anyone make you feel bad!

I can imagine the range of emotions you are experiencing. We had our own. I called it “the dark cloud period” and it lasted several months. Now I think, if I knew then what I know now, I would’ve enjoyed those first moments rather than allow stress and depression to overwhelm me. Easier said than done, but in retrospect I feel I was robbed of precious time with my son as a pure and innocent baby — with no labels.

While life is not easy and will be wrought with challenges, there’s so much more hope out there than is offered to us by doctors. I’ve joined a few parent-led groups on Facebook that have been so helpful. They are: The Down Syndrome Action Plan and Trisomy 21 Research. Feel free to join those now and start learning what you can do. Also here’s a great place to start: http://dsdaytoday.blogspot.co.il/p/start-here.html. This blog is by a mother who is one of the leaders in alternative therapies and supplementation.

From now you can start supplementing by taking: choline, DHA, Vitamin C, EGCG, Gotu Kola and antioxidants. Complete list and explanation here: http://dsdaytoday.blogspot.co.il/2013/03/prenatal-supplementation.html

There is a company called Nutrivene that makes vitamins specifically targeted to the biochemical differences in people with T21: https://www.nutrivene.com/index.php. I think they also have a prenatal or tell you what to take while pregnant.

Also, if you do buy into this philosophy, this is what can give you the most hope: While all of our bodies and minds have limits (we’re not all Olympic athletes or nuclear physicists), our spirits know NO LIMITS! Treat your baby, relate to your baby through his or her spirit first. They will soar!

As hard and shocking as this all is — and believe me I know! — I hope that unlike my husband and I, that you can get to enjoy this time in your lives and celebrate your baby. It’s so hard, but you are going to be this baby’s biggest advocates, spirit, soul and body.

Daniel, my son, in his own words: www.thebabyblogsbydaniel.com

About the Author

On his blog, The Baby Blogs by Daniel, he recounts his adventures from his home in Jerusalem, Israel. Aside from working on Daniel’s blog, Nicole Jansezian has worked for Shalva, an amazing center for special needs children in Jerusalem where Daniel received all his original therapies. Nicole has been featured on House of Destiny with Kim Clement–as Daniel introduced Kim to Shalva. Nicole’s work, as a news and features journalist, has appeared in Charisma magazine, Newsmax, and the Jerusalem Post among other publications.

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