Pulse Time – Creative Flow, part 2

Most jobs are linear.  School is linear with cyclical interactions.  Some jobs, like filming a movie, are pulse.  While each parent and child has a way God wired him or her to respond to time, each of us must interact in all the different modes of time.  It is helpful to recognize the time response God has imprinted in our spirits as well as our children’s, and to make adjustments when necessary.

Linear people need to remember that everyone else may not function as optimally on a set schedule as they do.  And, sometimes, they will have to shift into high gear to accomplish a pulse project.  Cyclical people will have to embrace some linear schedules in their lives.  An example of maximizing the cycles of the day in teaching is tying shoes!  For instance, when attempting to teach your child how to tie his or her shoes in the afternoon, you may both end the session frustrated.  Don’t view such things as failures.  Try again at a different time.  Maybe your child learns better in the morning.  Experiment, be flexible, and make adjustments until you discover how you and your children are wired and what works best in your family!

There is a time for war and a time for peace.  Both cannot be accomplished at the same time.  Nehemiah pushed the people—and some undoubtedly functioned as linear and cyclical in relation to time—into a pulse creative cycle to rebuild Jerusalem’s war-torn wall in 52 days.  When it was finished, he led the people to stop, to rest, to eat, to savor and to celebrate their progress.  The linear and cyclical people experienced a stretch to complete such a large job on such a tight schedule.  The pulse people needed to celebrate and to transition back into normal life in order to prevent burn-out.  Nehemiah successfully mentored an entire community of people to function at a higher level of intensity.  Then, he transitioned the people out of the crisis, through celebration, back into the normal flow of life.  Nehemiah was a leader extraordinaire.


Pulse-spirited children especially need guidance from their parents to moderate the intensity of their creative bursts.  Parents can help them learn to quit and to return to the project after they take a break, eat, and sleep.  When parents “legitimize” this God-given need to take care physically, even during a pulse creative burst, it will release the children from the load of intensity they carry and equip them to shift from spirit-based activity to proper care for their physical bodies.  Do not assume they will learn this without instruction.  They will not.  These children live at such an internal intensity during these pulse times that without their parents’ training them to operate in boundaries and self-control during the pulses and to stabilize after the pulses, they will burn-out, suffer depression, or even end their lives prematurely through addictions, suicide, or sickness induced from lack of proper physical care.  Also, parents need to help the pulse child transition from the completion of a big creative project by celebrating its completion, by resting afterwards, by stabilizing to a more linear schedule, then by looking ahead in anticipation to the next “pulse” God will send.  These steps are keys to preventing a child from dissolving into a time of purposelessness which leads to depression.

If your children’s spirits are pulse-based in relation to time, ask God for wisdom in how to train them to use constraints in their physical life without squelching their creative flow.  Parents need to recognize these pulse times and to help transition their children back to linear life without their sinking into depression.

Stay tuned in to your children, experiment, be flexible, and learn together what works best in your family!

(excerpt from “Spirit Components: Recognizing & Nurturing” in Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, 2010)

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Pulse Time – Creative Flow

Observations have shown that God imprinted different time responses which reflect His nature in the human spirit. They are: linear, cyclical and pulse.

Great creative geniuses throughout history most often functioned in relation to time as pulse.

Everyone has creativity; everyone has a time when they go into “pulse.” But the pulse-based high level spirit creatives who are called to release amazing gifts to the world can bottom out after a super-intense creative pulse. This is because they are so in tune and in flow with their spirit and the spirit realm that they can push too hard and find it difficult to return to a steady place where there’s room to balance out their souls and bodies again. (That’s why we need loving and perceptive parents–and if we didn’t have those, we have a loving and perceptive Heavenly Father!)

Let’s look at some profiles. And then consider our children.

David Brainerd, missionary to the Indians in North America, covered a lot of ground physically and spiritually, and died of exhaustion at age 29.  William Wilberforce, the great social justice advocate, whose life’s work completely stopped the slave trade in the United Kingdom through the legal system instead of war, suffered extreme physical pain and almost died from exhaustion due to the intense spiritual burden he bore.  Sir Isaac Newton, one of the greatest scientific minds of all time, continued to stretch his physical limits researching, developing, and writing without sleeping or eating for days after his mother’s death.  This pulse creative cycle and internal intensity, coupled with the lack of being taught the legitimacy of personal boundaries and self-control in physical areas such as resting the mind, sleep, eating, and adjusting into and out of these creative cycles, precipitated a nervous break-down for Newton.  He almost died from that extended incident.


Pulse time based people can struggle most of all if they do not understand their spirits’ God-given design.  Often with no apparent pattern, a burst of creative energy will propel them to stay up late at night and arise early, dogged to catch the wave of creativity and to finish a product (song, invention, writing, research, etc.) while they are “in the flow.”  After that specific creative burst is complete, they may collapse, exhausted from the intensity of their creativity and determination, and lack of sleep and proper nutrition.  Then, feeling without direction or purpose since completing their project with intensity (combined with exhaustion), they can fall prey to depression.  Of course, pulse time is not intended by God to end in depression.  We need understanding.

Pulse time based people parallel the Holy Spirit.  During the Old Testament, His interactions with men and women are described in the following manner, “The Spirit of the Lord came upon. . . .”  When the Holy Spirit came upon a man or woman, he or she went into a “pulse” like Elijah did when he called down fire from heaven on the altar, then killed over 400 prophets of Baal.  Then, Elijah ran some 40 miles, went into a depression when the “pulse” or Holy Spirit lifted, hid in a cave, and willed his life to end.  In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit entered in His unexpected way, as “a mighty rushing wind.”  What we need to understand is that after a pulse creative time, God grants linear time so that we can stabilize, rest, rejoice, and regroup.  Understanding that He gives this linear time as grace so we will not burn out will help avert depression.

. . .to be continued.

(excerpt from “Spirit Components-Recognizing & Nurturing” in Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, 2010)

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Untying the Knot of Sound Frustration

Jack and Jody* had a first-born son with a sound calling who approached life with intensity.  In addition, he had the intercessory calling of burden bearing.  (The birth order of first born and only child will intensify just about everything!)  They tried to keep little Billy at peace, but their best efforts seemed to fail when their second-born child consumed the remainder of their time and energy.  Billy was frequently distressed as intense sound, and keen perception of burdens agitated him, which, in turn, distressed his stressed parents.

Often, Jack and Jody told Billy stories of his infancy and young childhood, as he enjoyed them.  Invariably, these stories included mention of his intensive wiggles and loud noises.  While they did not intentionally do so, they were communicating their frustration to Billy.


When they learned that Billy had a sound and motion calling from God by design, Jack and Jody changed their approach.  In fact, the couple apologized to Billy for inadvertently speaking against the sound and motion design God had placed inside him.  Then, Jack and Jody verbally recognized, acknowledged, dedicated, blessed and released Billy’s sound and motion callings.  They were surprised to see tears glitter in his eyes.  At that moment, they understood that their ignorance and frustration had been communicated to Billy and further affected his behavior.  Since that time of blessing Billy’s God-given design, the whole family’s frustration level has subsided.  In addition, when they ask Billy to “tone it down” because “our ears are sensitive like yours,” he responds and calmly adjusts his decibel level.  This contrasts with his former habit of screaming in frustration or escalating in anger.

(excerpt from “Spirit Components–Keys to Healing and Blessing” from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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Unusual Change in Behavior

The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.  Even when we nurture our child’s spirit, stay tuned in, and deal with generational issues, sometimes our child has an unusual change in behavior for no apparent reason.

In John 13:10, Jesus said, “A person who has had a bath needs only to wash his feet; his whole body is clean.”   Jesus referred to the “bath” as receiving Him as Lord and Savior.  However, as we know, we can get dirty from going outside, so we frequently need to get cleaned up.  This principle of cleaning up after going outside applies spiritually as well. 

Social interaction can “transmit” spiritual dirt.  Also, once our home is dedicated to the Lord Jesus Christ and cleansed of anything associated with witchcraft, it is possible that some “dirt” may still come in with the groceries, mail, or an object that seems innocent.


For example, Andrew* really enjoyed a video game which his spiritually sensitive parents had approved.  They detected no witchcraft in it.  So, innocently enough, Andrew’s parents bought him a shirt which featured the “star” of that video game.  Shortly thereafter, Andrew and his siblings exhibited an unusual change in their behavior.  The children were drawn to play that game nonstop, acting pensive when their parents refused to let them.  Andrew and his siblings began to speak disrespectfully to their dad and blatantly refused to share toys with each other.

This behavior stood in contrast to their usual manner of relating.  The parents back-tracked the behavior change, and realized that this unusual pattern correlated to the shirt they purchased for Andrew (although it did not contain anything overtly sinful or occultic).  Conferring together, they privately spoke to Andrew about the meaning of idols, explaining that an idol can be anything to which we give our full attention and priorities.  The parents gently mentioned that a video game can be an idol.  They explained the change in behavior they witnessed in Andrew since purchasing the shirt.  They apologized to him for buying the shirt and threw it away, explaining to him that they had made a mistake which needed to be made right.  Together, Andrew and his parents decided to shelve that particular video game.  Quickly, Andrew and his siblings returned to normal, respectful behavior.

Another cause for a sudden change in behavior is social interaction.  Spending time at school, playing at a friend or family member’s house, going shopping, or out around people where there is social contact can sometimes transmit “dirt” to our children.  In those cases, we can ask the Lord Jesus Christ to cleanse the whole family from all social interaction, contact, and any involvement with sin and to restore peace and order to our family’s spirits and home.

* Names have been changed.

(excerpt from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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Miracle Baby!

Patti and Wade Jenkins knew they wanted more children.  When the fertility treatments worked, they were overjoyed to tell their young son Paxton that he would soon be a big brother!  However, their joy turned to dread when Patti started bleeding and continued to do so throughout the entire pregnancy.  Thankfully, Patti’s doctor, Dr. Linda Ramsey, of Evansville, Indiana, understood and incorporated the spirit teaching from the Nurturing Your Spirit DVDs by Arthur Burk into her practice.  As a believing doctor, she purposed to nurture both mother’s and baby’s whole person–spirit, soul, and body–during pregnancy.

Dr. Ramsey monitored the baby throughout Patti’s pregnancy, using sonograms.  By the end of the second trimester, she shared with Patti that the sonograms consistently showed that the infant had club feet and no sign of a nasal bone.  These features could indicate mental retardation.  In obstetric practice for over 25 years, Dr. Ramsey is a mature believer who is not quick to react or to cause alarm in her patients.  She seeks guidance from God, The Great Physician, trusting Him to lead her in treatment decisions.  Immediately after sharing the “condition” she had observed during the pregnancy, Dr. Ramsey prayed for Patti and the baby, and then called a specialist colleague who agreed to see Patti the next morning.

In shock, Patti left her appointment, went home, and called her mother Bunny Warlen who worked in California at the time.  Immediately, Bunny and a few other intercessors started crying out to the Father on behalf of the baby.  Bunny called the baby’s spirit to attention across time and space and spoke life, healing, and purpose.

The very next day, Patti underwent hours of special tests.  Both physicians and tech-assistants performed numerous scans, evaluating the baby from many different angles.  After contrasting the previous sonograms with the new images, the specialist concluded that a “shadow” caused the club feet to appear and the nasal bone to be hidden.  The new report showed absolutely no abnormalities, just a normal, healthy baby!  However, Wade, Patti, Bunny, and the intercessors received the baby’s new test results as a miracle from God!

Knowing her daughter still had several hurdles to overcome, Bunny changed plans, tied up loose ends, packed, and drove cross-country where she lived with Wade and Patti for the next five months, caring for Patti who had been placed on bed-rest and her son, five year-old Paxton.  In spite of the bed-rest, Patti experienced increasing sharp pain in her pelvic area.  At her regular appointment, four weeks before her due date, Dr. Ramsey detected no movement from the baby.  Additionally, Patti could barely walk.  “The baby’s telling us she’s in distress,” said Dr. Ramsey who checked Patti into the hospital directly from her office and scheduled an emergency C-section.

Events took an unexpected turn propelling the family into the hospital prematurely.  Yet, as they entered Patti’s room and prayed, the atmosphere exuded peace.  Wade, his mom Barb, and Paxton arrived and spoke quietly with Patti as the staff prepared for surgery.  Though she endured excruciating pain in her pelvis, Patti showed no signs of labor at all.  Bunny called the baby’s spirit to attention, “Baby Jenkins, I speak to your spirit, we are all listening to you.  You will be guiding Dr. Ramsey in the operating room, just let her know what you need.”  Shortly thereafter, Patti’s water broke, releasing a stream of blood.  Since babies trigger labor, the baby’s response proved that she heard and responded to her grandmother’s prayer and blessing.  However, the family was not out of the woods yet.

Later that day, a healthy, happy baby girl arrived in the Jenkins family.  They named her Hadley Jamison Jenkins.  At Hadley’s birth, Dr. Ramsey discovered the source of Patti’s pain. The 1/8” ridge in the baby’s skull showed where she had been wedged deeply into Patti’s cervix.  Trapped there, Hadley could not move.  Following examination of the placenta, Dr. Ramsey discovered that the umbilical cord had been bent in a stressful position where it deteriorated and subsequently shredded during the whole pregnancy.  Together with the family, Dr. Ramsey stood in amazement that Hadley received adequate nourishment, with the condition of the umbilical cord, to be born a healthy six and one-half pound baby!


Six months later, Paxton and his baby sister Hadley spent some time visiting their Grandma Bunny at her home in Kentucky.  When the phone rang, Hadley laid quietly on her back in the cradle.  Bunny received news that a project for which she had been praying (the book Pure Joy!) was “stuck in the birthing canal.”  Bunny felt impressed to garner Hadley’s prayers in addition to her own.  Walking to the cradle, Bunny explained the situation to Hadley and said, “I need you to intercede with me.”  Immediately changing from her relaxed position, Hadley vigorously kicked her legs, flung her arms, looked straight at Bunny, her face filled with joy and animation, and started giggling.  Hadley fully engaged her spirit to pray with her grandmother.  Bunny felt the spirit of agreement between them just as with any adult intercessor.  Responding to Hadley’s initiative, Bunny sang joyfully.  Together, they agreed with their spirits and prayers for the release of the joy book.

The human spirit is eternal.  Though a baby’s soul is not yet fully developed, his or her spirit is present, alive, and can be engaged to pray, to praise, and to worship the Father.  What a wondrous time!   Presently, Bunny’s phone rang again with the good news that the glitch in the book’s lay-out design had been manually fixed.  Hadley experienced a “manual birth” when she arrived by C-section.  Literally, this miracle baby helped to birth another manual.  At only six months of age, Hadley had the earned authority* to intercede with power and effectiveness, and her grandmother recognized this and engaged her spirit to implement God’s purposes!  “From the lips of children and infants you have ordained praise because of your enemies, to silence the foe and avenger” (Psalm 8:2).

*For more information concerning this concept, see Earned Authority in the Keys for Parents section.

(excerpt from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copryight 2010)

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Difference between Spirit and Soul Development

Scientific studies have shown that it is impossible for the organic brain to think or remember until six weeks after birth.  Myelination of the nerve sheaths is the technical term for the process in which the organic brain is systematically matured through the insulation of the nerves in the brain.  This process begins six weeks after birth and continues methodically until the baby reaches 24 months of age.  Both the soul and body are entirely dependent upon the organic brain.  Before myelination of the nerve sheaths, data cannot connect and flow in the organic brain; therefore, there can be no independent thinking or memories in the soul’s mind, will, and emotions until this process is complete.  This explains why learning in babyhood and the toddler years takes place rather slowly.  The soul’s development is dependent on the organic brain’s growth.

We, however, already understand that the spirit is fully present at this point.  Without an interpreter (the C.I.A.), this can be a frustrating time for a baby whose large spirit is active and aware!  They grunt, groan, cry, and laugh to communicate.  Those are the options of communication for the spirit until the soul is developed enough to “translate” for the spirit.  (These are also the only options certain handicapped people have, as well as those who have suffered strokes.  To have lost our soul translator is extremely frustrating to our spirit, not to mention the dignity-theft.)  This line of communication is absolutely fine to our Father as He established praise from the mouths of children and infants to:  “confuse his enemies, silencing the foe and avenger,” says Psalms 8:2.  The best case scenario is that we nurture our children’s spirit to the point that they can direct their soul to properly translate once it has acquired language.  (And, for those who have not gained, or have lost, their soul translator, the Holy Spirit is speaking through you in groans that are secret ops.  Your voice is heard in Heaven.)

In 1 Thessalonians 5:23, our Father presents His order for nurture, “May your whole spirit, soul, and body be kept blameless at the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.”  What scientific discovery gave us is the exclamation point to God’s depth of commitment to the nurture of the spirit!  Since the organic brain functions only modestly by the time a child is two years old, our Father created a window of opportunity (a kairos time) to nurture our children’s spirits by intentionally shutting down their soul.  Nurturing the spirit of a baby in the womb gives a ten month head-start which is a solid foundation.  It can be rigorously built on until the child is two years old.  However, we don’t want to stop there!  If our Father’s order is recognized and implemented consistently, our children will be:

  1. very spiritually sensitive
  2. secure in our Father’s great love for them
  3. at peace with themselves
  4. understanding of others
  5. strong in their boundaries
  6. confident
  7. spiritually literate
  8. possessing the aptitude to direct their soul to translate
  9. enjoying the ability to easily connect to our Father’s Spirit in the heavenly places in worship
  10. having the ability to hear His voice, and
  11. being able to act on His instructions with great faith.

We have the opportunity to invest in our children so they begin life with a healthy, vibrant spirit instead of wasting years adding to their spirit’s wounding by acting out of sinfulness, rebellion, confusion, or internal turmoil.


At this time, our child’s spirit has an immense capacity to learn and to grow in the fruit of the Spirit, the knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ’s grace and truth, the worship of our Father God, all with minimum effort.  All it takes is a willing, available parent or caregiver—the C.I.A.–to feed this incredibly hungry and open fresh spirit the truth and love of our gracious Heavenly Father.  There is no greater eternal return on investment.

(excerpt from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, copyright 2010)

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Power of Blessing with Spirit Ministry to Children in Public School

An intensely artistic person with a gift for taking physical objects and designing a spiritual flow using color, pattern, texture, lighting and space, Linda creates an experience in her public school classroom.  Linda employs all her passion and creativity to accomplish the goal of championing children.  She views herself as an undercover agent whose goal is to affirm the identity and the great destiny of each child which God assigns her.  It works!  Parents vie for their children to be assigned to her class.


(Hope Streams’ Living Water painting is original prophetic art by Linda.)

A public school teacher, Linda always loved and set boundaries for her students, never allowing them to put each other down.  However, the most momentous change in her spiritual approach to her students came the year she started incorporating the CD set Developing Your Spirit by Arthur Burk.  Quietly, she played the CDs on the lowest possible volume on her computer during class.  In addition, she played them before and after school as she crafted lesson plans or graded papers.  The room became saturated with the sound of these spirit-based blessings.  As a result of playing the CDs consistently in the classroom, Linda discovered that she had keener ability to recognize her students’ specific struggles, her patience increased noticeably, and her students’ performance on annual state-mandated assessments improved dramatically.

One year, Linda worked with a friend who crafted name blessings based on their historical meanings and the Holy Spirit’s interpretation of key Scriptures.  When she presented the name meanings in bookmark form to the class, a couple of children had questions.  Linda seized the opportunity and honored each child by reading and explaining the meaning of their name to the class.  As she had already developed a culture of team-playing, respect, and looking each other in the eye, each child’s name was read to the cheers of the class.  The children’s eyes sparkled as they discovered new facets of their unique God-given identity.  Linda allowed them to place the bookmark on their desks as they took the state-based assessment test.  That point of contact and her continuous encouragement propelled the children to achieve a higher score as a class that year in a district known for its mediocrity due to its “disadvantaged” status in the community.

Having learned the power of blessing with spirit ministry, Linda determined to employ it in her public school classroom.  Since teachers are limited in their expression of faith in the classroom, Linda resorted to another form of creativity.  When she led the Friday math competition, some students approached their turn in line shaking with anxiety.  Linda knelt down to look them in the eye, knowing that truth is communicated from eye-to-eye contact.  “Repeat after me,” Linda said to the trembling student, “I can do this.”  When she began this exercise at the beginning of the year, the anxious students responded, “But, I can’t!”  Still maintaining eye contact, Linda replied, “No, that’s not true.  Say, I can do this.”  A couple encouragements later, the student repeated “I can do this” while looking Linda in the eye.  The truth-fire in Linda ignited a flame in the child.  This is undercover blessing in action!

Invariably, those same students went on to beat their opponents.  The other students stood in amazement because the students who Linda took through this process were overtly insecure, often very small, and usually had some sort of speech or mental disability.  The other math teachers present during the competition often laughed with joy and disbelief as they witnessed those “disabled” children accomplish a seemingly impossible feat.

To Linda, however, this process is neither vague nor mysterious.  She believes in the power of truth to transform.  “I literally feel the transformation as it is happening.  I love transferring God’s love and truth from my eyes to theirs,” said Linda.  She does not even use the term, “I bless you.”  Yet, the effect of Linda’s kneeling to acknowledge and honor that child’s presence and taking the time to convey truth from her eyes to theirs is that they are blessed.  The effect of that blessing is evidenced when those children then go on to face and to beat their opponent.  That simple exercise both helps the child to perform well at the math competition and to build a memory of success which God will use throughout his or her life.

One morning while driving to school, her mind settled on the math benchmark test her three fifth-grade math classes would be taking that day.  “I speak peace and success over all these children,” spoke Linda boldly.  The atmosphere in the classroom felt significantly different that day.  Of the 70 students, 69 passed the difficult assessment.  “I knew their success had been hugely influenced by the simple blessing spoken over them,” said Linda.

(excerpt from Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, 2010)

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