Fragrance and Food (Part 2)

Another woman smelled flowers in the room when her husband practiced reading verses from the Old Testament in Hebrew.  In spite of his lack of proficiency in the Hebrew language, his desire and attempt to honor God by studying and practicing the original language unlocked the fragrance of the knowledge of Christ in their home.  His wife, who has a strong fragrance component, detected the fragrance of a variety of sweet-smelling flowers as he read!

One mature intercessor becomes extremely physically ill when she smells odors such as pesticides.  When a dwelling, piece of land, or city emits a noxious physical odor, there may well be a fragrance portal hidden beneath the stench since the enemy strategically attempts to destroy God’s original intent for land and cities as well as for people.


This explains why people with a (strong) fragrance calling have such a strong reaction to smells.  If your child reacts very strongly to a physical stench, that is an indicator that he  or she possesses a robust fragrance component.  Again, stay tuned in, acknowledge this unique facet God is revealing in your child, and bless it.  Together, parents and children can dialog about Scriptures containing fragrances.  Spices used in Ancient Israel are available for purchase through the Internet.  It may be fun to test together which smells either draw or repel the child.

That brings us to the following observation.  It appears that people with a fragrance calling often have a food calling.  This may account for a percentage of our picky eaters!  (Obviously, there will be a variety of physical factors in the mix here.)  Again, acknowledging this fragrance (and even food) design in your child’s spirit as a gift from God, blessing it, and calling it into righteous alignment can begin to unlock a desire in your child to try different, healthy foods.

(excerpt from “Spirit Components–Recognizing & Nurturing” in Perfect Peace by Crystal Wade, 2010)

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