Whatever is Praiseworthy

Bee Sweet

Unlike babies, community bees, immediately start work upon birth. They are born with knowledge of how to build. Amazing!

And they immediately start production, working together in harmony, to build a structure that will house their labor of love–sweet honey. Together, they build hives formed in a most intricate manner-hexagonal shapes.

Bees work together to collect pollen. In so doing, bees release LIFE to plants and flowers which release life to people and animals.

They carry the pollen back to the hive, which they built, and start production on honey. They work hard their whole lives to produce something so sweet to the taste–which is also their sole energy and heat source.


Whatever is praiseworthy. . .think about it (Phil. 4:8).

The community effort, the harmony, the blueprints for building, the travel required, the full circle of receiving pollen and releasing life, the creation of a sweet product that feeds bees for life and yields sweetness to people is praiseworthy.

And the praise goes to our Heavenly Father, wise Creator.

His wisdom to attend to the details of such a small creature as the bee whose life is such an integral part of Creation as a whole is praiseworthy.

Bees’ work to harvest pollen which helps them produce honey and assists the life cycle of plants and flowers which nourish the stomach and eyes of His most precious Creation (children, women and men) is so good.

It is all good, with no bad.

(Excluding any potential sting, of course! Yet, that sting is praiseworthy, too. Our Heavenly Father dignifies and endows even the lowliest creature with the ability to defend itself.)

Healing Honeycombs

Consider this verse:

“Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Proverbs 16:24

The Bible is not symbolic when it comes to its poetry.

Like bees who create the hexagonal shapes to house honey, our words create.

Bones are not solid; they are like a matrix–and they respond to the frequency of word vibrations, as does all of Creation.

Positive word frequencies (I’m referring to words backed by faith, hope and love, not meaningless “positive” words) build the infrastructure inside the bones which strengthen them. Bones are the source of blood production.

Life, Scripture says, is in the blood which is formed in the bones which respond to sound frequencies (positive builds healing and strength).

Pleasant words, those truly backed by faith, hope and love (the positive force) build and heal bones. Bones build and heal blood–which release a healthy life-flow in the whole body.

Whatever is praiseworthy. . .think about it.

Be like the bees. Be sweet with words. Be healing.

Start by thinking about what is praiseworthy.

Breathe. Think. Repeat.

Ornamenetal Pear with Bee

Prayer Response

“Father, thank You for the life that the Lord Jesus Christ released to me through His blood. Thank You that grace and truth together were (and are) the words that You spoke to us through Him. I give You permission to remove the death structures that formed in my bones by words wrongly spoken to me. I ask that You would do this for others where I wrongly spoke to them. Please rebuild the life structures in my bones so that healing and life can flow in and through them, as I come today to yield to You. I want to speak words of grace and truth together, like the Lord Jesus Christ, that bring healing and life. Please, Holy Spirit, direct my thoughts to what is praiseworthy–and when I lose track, please redirect my thoughts again, so that new, healthy patterns form in my brain. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.”

copyright by Crystal Wade, 2016

About thelivinghopeblog

Crystal and Stephen Wade, owners of Hope Streams, received a commission from the Father to connect the generations to Him and to each other so that they can: Start well. Live well. Recover well. Build well. Finish well. As part of that commission, they release materials to assist people of all ages in connecting to The Perfect Parent. The couple carries the Father's passion to position the next generation to be grounded in His truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. To that end, their family launched Let’s Wade In, a media portal, which is both a community for children, tweens and teens to be mentored and a tool for parents and caregivers to anchor students in truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. They have three wonderful sons. www.hopestreams.net
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