Whatever is Lovely

Creating Positive Flow

Isn’t it refreshing to be around a person who maintains a positive outlook?

Consider, on the other hand, how draining it is to be around a person who’s constantly speaking negatives.

Our brains are created with neuropaths of electrical charges that are connected in patterns, paths, if you will. Clusters in the brain are devoted to memories which have associations to emotion and facts.

Pixar did a great job of illustrating the way this works in their movie last summer–Inside Out.

The flow of negatives (anger, frustration, fear, etc.) is so constant in our culture–often our jobs–and many times inside ourselves.

It is difficult to respond in the positives (love, joy, kindness, etc.) when the constant in-flow is negative.¬† On top of that, constant negative in-flow reinforces those neuropaths in the brain where memories from the past linked emotions and “facts” of “This won’t work,” “There’s no way out,” etc.

FLIP that Switch

There is a way to “flip that switch.”

“Whatever is lovely. . .THINK about it.” Philippians 4:8

Taking the time to think–reflective, intentional, purposeful thinking–about what is lovely helps to build (or rebuild) neuropaths in our brains so that we can be the positive person that we want to be.

In today’s culture with the crises in the nations we face, this is so important that we take the time to grow TRUE positive, lovely thoughts so that we have TRUE lovely things to say to those who need to hear a REASON for the HOPE we have.

Whatever is lovely. . .

The colors and textures of flowers, which our kind Heavenly Father created, are lovely to the eyes.

The songs of birds in spring is lovely to the ears.

The smell of fresh, baked bread is lovely to the nose.

The man in a wheelchair who waited patiently for many self-absorbed shoppers to enter aisles at the grocery store rather than ram them with his chair. . .is lovely to behold.

The young boy who held the door for a flood of hurried people, most of whom did not say thank you, yet he still held it open. . .is lovely.

The woman who had endured so much rejection but still got out of bed every morning and let praise out of her mouth. . .is lovely.

Whatever is lovely. . .think about it.

Breathe. Think. Repeat.


Prayer Response

“Father, thank You for creating loveliness. Please micromanage my time and responsibilities so that time opens for me to spend purposeful, intentional time reflecting on lovely things. Please quiet my thoughts and slow my heart rhythms–and help me want to be still and know that You are God. Cause me to gain understanding of Your creation of lovely things which reflect Your loveliness. Help me realize how important this time and reflection is–because lovely words are what You want (and others need) to hear from my mouth, and which will shift the atmosphere around me. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.”

copyright by Crystal Wade, 2016


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