Whatever is Pure

Pure Love!

As babies, our brains are wired for love writes Dr. Caroline Leaf, a specialist in neuro science. As we move through life, we “learn” negatives (fear and the like). That’s rewiring against the positive flow that our Father created as He designed our brains.

Thankfully, this is possible to change.

We can work with the way our Father created our brains to heal and restore by taking some minutes a day to remove ourselves from negative settings, words, thoughts, and to focus some minutes on positive thoughts. We can restore the “rewiring.”

Whatever is pure, think about it.

Crystal clear water flowing from a mountain spring

A newborn baby, wrapped in soft blankets and fragrant with baby lotion, soft and sweet

Pure fun–children giggling, chasing, biking over pebbled roads and grassy lowlands

Wildly diverse colors and flavors of organic fruits and vegetables

Fresh homemade bread, with no yeast, no additives or preservatives, simple and pure, permeating the house with its aroma

Snow that blankets the ground, trees, flowers, homes, life with its purity and freshness

Rain that washes away weariness and the dreariness, leaving its fresh scent behind

Father Knows Best

What our Father creates is all good, with no bad. It’s reflective of His pure character.

We are so used to the harmful side effects warnings on medicines, to the additive and preservative lists on food, to the vulgarities in television and movies.

It’s, then, a NEW thought to consider purity being the base-line–not an anomaly or an unattainable virtue.

Our Father made us to enjoy a pure relationship with Him. To feel good. To enjoy the purity of the things He’s made that are all good, with no bad side effects.

So many things we “enjoy” like salty chips with salty salsa! sweets! shopping! media! leave us feeling some good, and some bad.

Here is good news!

Our Father created us to enjoy life–to enjoy a warm relationship with Him. We can enjoy warm relationship with Him and things He’s created in purity which leaves us feeling all good (all positive) with no bad (no negatives such as guilt, regret, weighed down feelings, etc.).

So, if we want the quality of life and relationship that He wants us to have, then. . .

Whatever is pure, think about it.

Breathe. Repeat.

Purity’s freshness begins to permeate us. And spill out of us onto others.

Simple. Pure. Beautiful. All good, no bad. And all starts with “whatever is pure. . .think about it.” Philippians 4:8.

Whatever is Pure

Prayer Response

“Father, thank You for the pure love You wove into me, and Your creation. Please assist my soul want to, and follow through, with focusing on Your positive, pure character and creation. From this source of Your pure stream flowing in me, cause me and my family to have strength, like Jesus did, to stand apart from tradition, culture, and “playing” to important people, so we will have the boldness to speak to problems when necessary. We want You to form “pure religion” in us that is simple and devoted to You, separate from the culture, and helping widows and orphans. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.”

copyright by Crystal Wade, 2016

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