What is the Biblical worldview for law enforcement type jobs and training? (Part 4)

Question: What is the Biblical view for law enforcement jobs and training? (Part 4)

My husband is on a special task force which responds to emergency crisis situations. They train regularly in defense tactics and other violent training in/with active shooter scenarios. It’s similar to other law enforcement agencies and military who train this way. What is the Biblical view for these type jobs and training? It can be gruesome and it does take a toll on a person’s view of people, compassion and mercy, etc. In a world filled with evil that seeks to run rampant, such safeguards are necessary, but I would like to know the Biblical standard for these, especially in shaping how our son views and understands his dad’s job.

Answer:  Below is a real time story of a retired police officer who worked “on the streets” for over twenty years.

Real Time

Harold*, a devoted man of God, served his career on the police force in metropolitan areas. Harold remained keenly aware of the discrepancy between the underbelly of crime and human corruption he witnessed daily–and the quality and purity of life he desired with his Heavenly Father and his family.

He knew it was going to take intentional focus to remain connected to his Heavenly Father in real time so that the crime, violence and corruption he encountered daily did not sully, enter or jade him.

Now retired, he lives with his family in a peaceful country town, and communes with his Heavenly Father while keeping spiritual watch on the wall. He did achieve his goal of staying close to God and family while keeping separate from crime and corruption.

Here’s how he did it in his words.

1. Daily cleansing

“I found it helpful to pray a cleansing prayer addressing work situations that were traumatic or crazy (for lack of a better word), like the prayer you (Crystal) had written and sent us. In fact, I used a variation of one of your prayers for years.”

Note: We now have an expanded soaking version of this multi-purposed and effective prayer. Click here for the Daily Cleanser Soak.

2. Touch

“Whenever a work situation became physical or I had to touch someone, I always prayed forbidding any defilement from transferring. I was also always aware of the light and presence of God in me. I knew that my touch would release the One who is greater. So I would strategically use touch against the demonic.”

3. Courts

“Often I would go to Father’s Heavenly Courts in prayers regarding situations in my job.”

Note: There are many accusations hurled against us and our families; these find their roots in Father’s ancient enemy, as he’s called the accuser of the brethren. Not only do law enforcement workers have to deal with the corrupt side of human nature, but the nature of their job places them in a cross-fire of accusations and judgments collectively from the public, and those who attempt to use their jobs for political purposes.

These kinds of personal and collective accusations and/or judgments cause difficulty in the life and family of those who work in these fields. The remedy is: 1. Stay close to God 2. Daily cleanse and personal repentance 3. Confidently exercise your authority 4. Don’t delay (after any necessary personal repentance) in taking any potential accusatory situation to your Heavenly Father’s Heavenly Courts.


4. Dreams

“Even now, some years later, occasionally I will have a dream that is troublesome relating to my old job. I take these as Papa’s light showing me specifics that I need cleansing in.”

Note: Pay attention to your dreams now and in the future about your job. Handle them with prayer, and ask for Father’s wisdom and revelation on anything that physically needs to be addressed.

The End


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by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

*Names have been changed.

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