What is the Biblical view for law enforcement type jobs and training? (Part 1)

Question: What is the Biblical view for law enforcement jobs and training?

My husband is on a special task force which responds to emergency crisis situations. They train regularly in defense tactics and other violent training in/with active shooter scenarios. It’s similar to other law enforcement agencies and military who train this way. What is the Biblical view for these type jobs and training? It can be gruesome and it does take a toll on a person’s view of people, compassion and mercy, etc. In a world filled with evil that seeks to run rampant, such safeguards are necessary, but I would like to know the Biblical standard for these, especially in shaping how our son views and understands his dad’s job.

Answer: Knowledge of good and evil, and the war that goes with them, was not our Heavenly Father’s original design for the earth and mankind (think Garden of Eden before The Fall). However, in His sovereign omniscience, He planned for this eventuality.

Our Heavenly Father – War and Peace

Moses led Israel in a song of praise after the Heavenly Father had dealt with the nation of Egypt, and then it’s military at the Red Sea. He sang, “The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name,” Exodus 15:3. In the King James Version, the verse reads “the Lord is a man of war.”

Our Heavenly Father is also peace. War and peace are another set of His virtues that appear to be polar opposites, but are balanced in His amazingly good character. For instance, if an emergency crisis situation occurred, your husband would spring to action as a man of war. Yet, as a good dad, with your children, he’s a man of peace.

That’s how our Heavenly Father is.

Angelic Warriors

There are angels whose calling is to war and to protect. For instance, Michael, an arch-angel or “chief (angelic) prince,” has the ability to break through resistance over nations, Daniel 10:13.

Warrior Calling

Our Heavenly Father imbued boys with a drive to protect, and while they don’t all have a warrior calling, they do have a spirit instinct which guides them physically to protect their families and territory. He also gave a drive to protect to girls for their families and/or spheres. The best examples of men in Scripture who shifted well between their worship calling and their warrior calling were military commander Joshua and King David.

Staying Clean While Walking through “Dirt”

Joshua shifted well by the investment of his priorities and time. He’d spent possibly more time than Moses at the Tabernacle, where the Glory of God dwelled, before he ever set out on a military campaign. Once he started the military operations, he followed the revealed word of God, sought personal instruction from the Heavenly Father, redirected the military and civilians to return to rest and to the presence of God (Gilgal and Shiloh) after campaigns, and took to heart the Lord’s command to have good success by focusing on His Word night and day by speaking it, meditating on it, and writing it, Joshua 1:8; 8:32.

King David had spent so much time alone as a shepherd in the desert with his Heavenly Father before Samuel anointed him king that that prioritized relationship held him together and strengthened him while he was on the run for more than a decade for his life. His history with God kept him when his occupation morphed from shepherding to warring for survival and later for victory. Our Heavenly Father marked it down on the eternal record that David is a man after His own heart—worshipper and warrior that he was. However, bloodshed did affect him, and because of the blood that was on his hands, he was not allowed to build his worshipping heart’s desire—a Temple where the Glory of God would dwell.

Law Enforcement, Solutions on the Ground

In our moment of history, lawlessness is an issue that must be faced. Our Heavenly Father always has the solutions before the problems come, and His plan to anoint and appoint certain men and women to physical occupations in law enforcement, with their personal resolve and potent angels, is part of that solution.

www.hopestreams.net (41)

These men and women, like your husband, who our Heavenly Father called and appointed to be in different fields of law enforcement, specialty task forces and/or military, with that warrior mode of operation, have a high and worthy calling. They are flowing in sync with the Father’s man of war nature in a historical season of elevated conflict, confronting the forces of darkness and evil, and enforcing peace and protection for society. Walking with Father and living with integrity in these times, as Joshua and David did in theirs, is revealing Father’s nature and enforcing His will in the heavens and on earth; further, they will receive their eternal reward.

Your son may not share the same calling, but he can definitely have respect and honor for his dad and the important work he’s doing.

Father’s Valuable Cleansing Protocol

Our Heavenly Father relayed to Moses how to cleanse and reintegrate soldiers (help them shift from war to peace) after military campaigns. In order to protect the peace and purity of the police, soldiers, and special task force operatives’ own souls, and from that place, their families’, there are some key Scriptural protocol and real time experience that is valuable to know.

. . .to be continued.


Each question is thoughtfully and prayerfully addressed. We appreciate your patience and grace with the time it takes to answer your questions. Send yours here and we’ll get it in the queue.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2019

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