Coffee for Real

I travel a lot for work. In the car, I try to listen to Christian music stations on the radio because I like the music and there are (usually) good encouraging messages to keep you focused on what’s real and what matters in life.

But I found myself rolling my eyes and shaking my head because some of the commercials, songs and artist interviews portray Christianity like it’s a coffee boutique. Quaint with pretty packaging, clean, and can I say it? Superficial.

Rural or Suburban?

While it’s true that Father God can find you anywhere, and different things can remind us of God, it’s been my experience that the spiritual life is frontier. More rural than suburban. It’s been my experience that it takes a pioneering spirit in your relationship with Father God.

We all have things going on in our lives. We all have experienced—or are experiencing–sorrows, griefs and wounds. No amount of Christian, Bible verse lattes (churchy sayings) are going to make it better.

These require us to be real with ourselves and with Father God.

This means we have to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty as we search for the roots–on our knees in pursuit of the heart of Father God who wants us healed and whole. Life is like the weather (not just chocolate!) and it takes a daily relationship with Father God to make it through the day.

It seems that we try to live behind a facade, pretending that life is perfect, sunshine and roses every day, if you are a Christian. But it’s not. Even when we have a relationship with Father God, there are real troubles that we face. Could we put down the facades and be real? To ourselves and to Father God. (By the way, that practice would help us be real with others, too.) (3)

The Journey of the Bean

Now, about coffee. I like it.  And yes, I occasionally go to coffee shops; most atmospheres are good there, and the smell of coffee is great.

Have you considered the journey of the coffee bean?

It’s grown in tropical “frontier” areas, picked and dried before it travels halfway around the world to get roasted, ground and bathed in hot water.

Sometimes our lives feel the same way, so we can be real (like the coffee bean!) about that and quit pretending that our lives are the perfect cup. At least not yet, for we must allow Christ to fulfill His work in our lives, to receive His forgiveness, love, re-interpretations of life in those areas of woundedness, counsel and guidance through His Word and the Holy Spirit.

It’s not church culture Father God is after—it is about the real person in real life—each of us.

Just take a look at the disciples, they were not polished men, but they were real. They learned as they went, didn’t always make the right choices, or have the right responses. But they did walk with Christ, followed, learned, adjusted, and changed the world.

Real GOOD Desires

One final thought. Part of being real is to pursue the godly desires within you. Some church culture has handed down the tradition of “the sinner worm” theology as truth.

This means—and has spoken way too loudly to our youth—that every desire is sinful, and must be crucified daily as part of our flesh.

It’s true that some of our desires are sinful in nature, and those must be crucified. However, there are other desires placed there by Father God that are not sinful–and these need to be cultivated. Let the Holy Spirit lead you in which to pursue.

Who knows? Maybe it’s a coffee shop where people can be real and experience the realness of Father God.

Prayer Response

Father, thank You for the permission to take off the facade and be real. Please shine Your soft light in and bathe me in Your love—which I open the doors in my spirit and soul to receive. Please cause me to see what You want me to see about myself and about You. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

About the Author

Stephen Wade grew up in Texas, but has traveled throughout North America in his work in insurance.  Having served as a youth pastor, he holds a deep desire to see the next generations anchored in truth and love, walking in freedom.  Stephen sees the beauty in Creation and captures it on film; he also possesses an innate ability to perceive the hidden value in aged and broken furniture, machinery, etc., and under his careful attention, restoration is worked.


About thelivinghopeblog

Crystal and Stephen Wade, owners of Hope Streams, received a commission from the Father to connect the generations to Him and to each other so that they can: Start well. Live well. Recover well. Build well. Finish well. As part of that commission, they release materials to assist people of all ages in connecting to The Perfect Parent. The couple carries the Father's passion to position the next generation to be grounded in His truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. To that end, their family launched Let’s Wade In, a media portal, which is both a community for children, tweens and teens to be mentored and a tool for parents and caregivers to anchor students in truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. They have three wonderful sons.
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2 Responses to Coffee for Real

  1. Nathan Noble says:

    Amen to this. I heard a mentor say once that we as believers don’t know how to have fun or party as much as the world, but one thing we as believers can uniquely offer is an environment where people can truly let themselves be known, including and especially their faults, and be completely loved and accepted. To “accept one another as Christ accepted” us is meant especially for the hard, difficult aspects of people and community.

    This is one thing that I think is so lacking in modern life and that most everyone longs for – to find a community where we can be honest about the good and the bad and still be accepted. Unfortunately many have found this “acceptance” in communities that enable sinful/destructive behaviors. Thus, the influence of many of the counter-Christian subcultures in our day; their power is not so much in their truth/doctrine as it is in the sense of belonging and acceptance (and therefore legitimacy) they provide to those so hungry for it.


    • Well said! The power of belonging BELONGS in Father’s house–and in that context, there’s room to heal and grow, not just enable behaviors that injure, as you said.
      We offer this as a prayer, Father, raise up the places of belonging that heal and empower on earth as it is in HEAVEN amen!


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