Can’t Train THIS Dragon?

Have you tried everything to get your child to do something that must be done to no avail?

We’re talking things that must be done. Civility. Help at home. Safety. Schoolwork.

Maybe you’ve attempted to give positive feedback, to give grace and space, to cut down on the amount you require, to fill in their gaps, to learn from other wise sources in parenting, etc. Yet, at the end of the day, he or she still has an anger issue or obedience problem, etc. Your child stands the victor and you’re exhausted.

It’s as if civil war breaks out, and you have to gather enough strength to go for another round.

A few years ago a movie emerged entitled “Train Your Dragon.” I’m not advocating the movie, but here’s the clincher—You Can’t Train Your Demon.

As much as we’ve poured into nurturing them spirit first, yes, our children can pick up dark spirits as a matter of their existence (it’s in our family lines and in our world). Yes, they can pick them up from trauma. Yes, they can pick them up from social interaction. However, daily cleansing can keep them clean. Daily interactions don’t cause these types of resistance unless they are left to germinate. (Here’s a good starting point daily cleansing prayer.)

Father, grant these parents, grandparents and caregivers grace to make daily cleansing for their family a priority and a habit in the mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ amen!

Take a deep breath.

That civil war effect is what it looks like in a family to be head-butting a stronghold. A stronghold is a place of dark spirits (of whatever variety) that’s built on lies that have been ingested as truth. (49)

John and James* were brothers who barely had a civil word to say to each other. Tempers flared high over slight infringements, and when fists flew, things got ugly fast.

Even at a young age, Frank* threw a massive temper tantrum most times his mother engaged him in schoolwork. When he was allowed to do it on his own, he usually kept a level head. However, when she required that he spend supervised time in order to check his progress and to help him with any potential gaps he had, Frank went ballistic.

They’re not the only ones.

Gideon, the mighty man of God who liberated Israel from Midian, succumbed to his family stronghold. Gideon obeyed the Lord, acted under the direction of the Spirit of the Lord, and accomplished epic feats. However, the idolatry stronghold pattern trumped the pulse movement of the Spirit of the Lord, and he did not break free.

In John and James’ case, the stronghold was a combination of jealousy, unforgiveness and anger with pride.

In Frank’s case, the stronghold combination was fear and anger.

In Gideon’s case, the stronghold combination was idolatry, fear and pride.

The good news is: Once you see what it is, you’re almost out!

. . .to be continued.

by Crystal Wade, copyright 2018

*names have been changed.

About thelivinghopeblog

Crystal and Stephen Wade, owners of Hope Streams, received a commission from the Father to connect the generations to Him and to each other so that they can: Start well. Live well. Recover well. Build well. Finish well. As part of that commission, they release materials to assist people of all ages in connecting to The Perfect Parent. The couple carries the Father's passion to position the next generation to be grounded in His truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. To that end, their family launched Let’s Wade In, a media portal, which is both a community for children, tweens and teens to be mentored and a tool for parents and caregivers to anchor students in truth and love so they can fly in the Spirit. They have three wonderful sons.
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2 Responses to Can’t Train THIS Dragon?

  1. Tammy Evans says:

    Once again you “wow”me….it doesn’t fail!! This is exactly the word I needed at this very minute…I can’t thank you enough! Bless you again for all the hours you have spent in the secret place to be able to bring us incredible insight and light into these difficult days in our lives!!


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